233. Meet the Nudies


Last weekend, T1 and E invited us over to meet her cousin’s family.  Her cousin was traveling through town on their way to visit other family and decided to stop in for day and overnight with E.   Like many of her family, they are practicing nudists, and yes, the gathering would be clothing optional for us.

We looked forward to meeting some of E’s family.    We thought it would be a good opportunity to see how J would respond in a more controlled “naked” environment before we think about immersing him in it at the resort.  This was also our first opportunity to introduce Kayla as our girlfriend to someone we were meeting for the first time.  This would be more than just a reveal of our bodies!

BTW – while E prefers the term naturist, I have been sticking to nudist lately, not out of disrespect to E, but because I keep saying naturalist instead of naturist.   It isn’t like E hates the term nudist – and she said some in her family use it freely – she just prefers to say naturist.

A little background on her cousins — They have a small farm.  As they put it, it is remote enough they can do all their “livin’ and farmin’ naked”, while still having the amenities offered by being close enough to a decent sized town.  They pretty much live 24×7 sans clothing.  The kids are a 17-year-old boy, and 15 and 10-year-old girls. 

We talked to J in advance and explained things.  He was quite giddy about it and in his egocentric ways said with some excitement,  “You mean they can see my penis?”   Even though we made it clear everyone would be naked, he showed no interest nor commented about what he might see.  We still made it a point to remind him he knows that commenting on people’s appearance isn’t nice, and that this doesn’t change just because someone is naked.   His response was a, “No, duh, I already know that.”

He did ask why.  We explained it is how some people choose to be, and more specifically, how many people in E’s family choose to be.  We are showing our support by being naked as well.  He then asked if he needed to get naked now and was a bit disappointed when we said no.  Yep, we knew he would be okay with this.  

I had to call E to discuss the logistics of exactly how do we get naked?  Do we first introduce ourselves then excuse ourselves to disrobe?  Do we just start shedding our clothes at the door?  What’s the protocol?  

She assured us the protocol is that there is none.  We do what is comfortable.  If we see people when we walk in, sure, introduce ourselves first.  If we don’t see people, feel free to disrobe at the door – she has a dresser by the door to store clothes.

We get there—  meet T2, E, and her cousin and the cousin’s husband in her front living room – they are naked.   J’s immediate response is, “can I take my clothes off now, can I, can I?”  Oblivious to the fact T2, E, and these strangers are naked – he just wants to get naked.  We introduce ourselves and chit-chat a bit as I helped J get undressed.  He was so excited and even said, “I can’t believe this.  This is like a dream and I like it.”  While we knew we would be okay with it, he was a bit over exuberant and we hoped he calmed down about it soon (he did).

E eventually says, “Why don’t you guys get comfortable and come and meet the kids.”  That was our cue to get naked.   We then walked into the family room and the two teenagers were sitting on the couch, playing a video game.  They immediately paused their game and stood up and introduced themselves.  Soon the 10-year-old came into the room and introduced herself.   Yes, everyone was naked. 

I was struck by how engaging they were.  Eye contact, conversant… interested in getting to know us and easily talked about themselves when asked questions.  I use to work in a middle school and a high school – getting kids to make eye contact or carry on meaningful discussion is not easy.  These kids were pros at it — they were comfortable and they made us comfortable.

When we introduced Kayla as our girlfriend, almost no one questioned it.  Perhaps it just sounded like “girl who is a friend” versus girlfriend, or perhaps they knew it may not be polite to ask for clarification or maybe T2 and E already told them.  But the younger girl asked Kayla “So you’re their…girlfriend?”   Kayla simply said, “Yes, I am.”   And that was it.  The girl was satisfied and moved on, perhaps oblivious to the full implications. 

As the visit progressed I was touched by how all three of the kids engaged with J – asking him about himself, what he liked to do, etc.  They weren’t fazed by his disability.  When J mentioned a game he liked to play, the older boy immediately turned off his game and put in the one J liked.  He and J then played it for a while, exchanging tips.  While it was clear the boy knew everything J told him, he would still respond with a “Wow, that’s cool” instead of a “yeah, everyone knows that,” which some kids may have said.   

The youngest girl was very outgoing and energetic.  She showed off her dancing skills as she pirouetted and spun with pride.  When J and the other boy were playing their video game, the older girl came and sat with us “adults” for a while, again, easily engaging in conversation.  

At one point the younger girl wanted to go exploring in the back yard and quickly bolted out the back door.  Her mom calmly said, “Remember what we talked about, you need to come back in and  put clothes on.”   The girl came back in and got dressed and even asked J if he wanted to join her in looking around.  

I thought that was so nice and was one of many examples where she did her best to include J in something she was doing.  While he declined that offer, he later played some board games with her.  I was so impressed with the kids.  And when the topic turned to the nudist lifestyle, I was again impressed by how they responded to our questions.  They have absolutely no reservations about their lifestyle.  

It was such a beautiful afternoon and evening.  I don’t have any other word for it than beautiful.  Watching the family interact and how the kids interacted with each other and with the adults was so amazing.  I literally teared up as it was emotional to watch.  

It was EXTREMELY helpful to talk with E and her cousin about the lifestyle.  We all learned a lot.  Even though I consider myself a very open and accepting person, we all make assumptions about certain things.  And if something is very foreign to you, those assumptions tend to be very wrong.   There is the human nature to think, “Those people… oh, of course we ALL know those people are ALWAYS like…”  

Whatever the group, nudist or not, people are, well, people.  They come with all sorts of beliefs and preferences.  We got some insight into the various approaches different family members take regarding their nudism.  Simply put, nudist comes with a range of ideas as to what being naked means to them and how they go about it.   Duh!   I felt bad for even thinking otherwise.  I know this sounds like I am stating the obvious, but again, human nature is what it is and I needed to be reminded of this.   

In the words of E’s cousin, they are more “free range” regarding their nudity and that of their kids.  They don’t do anything to dissuade it other than in the clothing required public.  At home they can go days without putting on clothes.

Even if they or their kids have friends over.  They said this can sometimes be hard as there are friends whose parents won’t allow them to visit, but surprisingly they said it often isn’t an issue.  Sometimes visitors stay clothed, or, their child may choose to be clothed if their friend is, even though others in the family are naked.  There have been a few times, with the parents permission, their friend get naked too. 

If it is real important to their child to have a friend over and have everyone clothed, they simply can ask and the family is supportive.  The kids are very open about their family and while it isn’t the first thing they tell people, they don’t hide it either.  The kids all told us that all their friends know they are nudists. 

E’s cousins are the same regarding their friends or family that visit.  Visitors know to expect the family will be naked.  They’ve had some people choose not to visit, and others who not only do so, but partake in being nude.  They told us we would be surprised by the number of people they have introduced into the lifestyle over the years.   Not necessarily a full 24×7 adoption, but a lot of their friends have gone on trips with them to a nude beach or resort.  There is a high curiosity factor and even if they don’t make it a lifestyle, they have fun and enjoy it part-time or at least want to try it once.  

I was so impressed, as was Mike and Kayla.  And J had a great time.   The kids were the most amazing kids I ever met, although to impress a mom, it helps if you are nice to her child – and they were extremely nice to J.  J’s quirks can be annoying or unsettling, but these kids were immune to it.  They simply rejoiced in who he was.   Truly amazing. “Normal” kids just don’t do that.   I’ll take these “abnormal” kids any day!

J wanted to know if he could be naked at home.  We anticipated he might ask this but hadn’t fully decided.  We all like the idea of it, but aren’t sure we want to make it our lifestyle.   I am more for it than Mike, but Mike is the decider on this.  Sure Kayla and I are naked whenever J is at school, but that’s different.   At this point Mike has left it as a “no,” and explained to J that this was in support of E and her cousin’s preferences and that for now we will keep our clothes on at home.

Okay, enough nude talk.  Let’s talk DD and D/s and something kinky.  While the nude lifestyle is interesting to me, I don’t consider it kink.  Especially after experiencing it “in action” so to speak — it was very non sexual.  So much so that even calling it non-sexual is too sexual of term to use.   It was just beautiful.  It was…just human.  I wish I could come up with better words to explain it.

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23 thoughts on “233. Meet the Nudies”

  1. More as to my reply to Nora above – I think it’s awesome you had this lovely experience. I envy you, Jen. I don’t think I could ever be comfortable enough to disrobe in public, unless maybe at a kink club. I also wonder that people who are naturists don’t become aroused at the sight of others’ nudity? I guess they are simply not affected that way by something which has become common-place to them…?

    I am just filled with such a warm happy feeling at how everyone treated your son J. If only all of society was so open and accepting!

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    1. Yeah, we asked about arousal, especially for men when their arousal is, let’s just say, evident! ha. Simply put, erections happen, but apparently aren’t common place. Sometimes it could be overt sexual stimuli or just a reaction to something non sexual. The protocol is for the man to cover himself. From what E said, people who are sexually turned on by it tend to be uncomfortable in the lifestyle and also quickly get shunned and ran off. And yes, how they treated J was amazing. And it was amazing how he behaved — his anxiety was low and he had a lot of fun. I’ve mentioned before he is like a sponge and amplifier, sucking up whatever energy is in the room and projecting it 10-fold. Clearly, the vibes that family put out were all positive. I know they are a sample size of one, and they even said that naturist are just people and come with all types of likes and dislikes and approaches to nudism. Not everyone is like them. But I am glad they are like they are — and if they are representative of the rest of E’s family, it will be a great vacation, nude or otherwise!

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      1. If you are all going on vacation with E and her family and all be naked or nude will you and Kayla still get spanked there? How will you all handle then seeing buries on your and Kayla’s ass and breasts?


  2. I honestly cannot even imagine this! Don’t get me wrong, I love being naked…but, being naked is a very sensual experience for me. Are you having sensual feelings at all when you are naked around others (I don’t mean Mike and Kayla, but for instance…E’s family)? I apologize in advance for the naive question…just such a foreign concept to me 🙂

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    1. No. It is odd, and a bit surprising. When I first started going naked around the house as part of our DD, there was always a tinge of sensuality, even if I was just alone. Over time that faded, but I thought it was always there. Truth is, it isn’t, and wasn’t even remotely there when I was at T2’s. I know it must be hard to separate nudity with sex, even just a tinge of sensuousness. But it’s just not there. I think it is influenced by the context of it, both who the people are in relation to me, and the setting we are in. And for people who grew up this way, it is simply influenced by the fact that the only connection nudity to add to anything was comfort, freedom, oneness, openness. I truly sensed they were completely blind to any sexual connotations. Blind in that they didn’t “see it” (feel it), but not blind in their awareness that others may see it that way. While I’ve had my own personal interest in being naked, I never imagined a lifestyle like theirs. It is foreign to me too, but, I am adapting (maybe adopting?? I dunno — maybe just “visiting” here and there). Will see.


  3. I admire your bravery. Or maybe it’s just honesty. I’m certain my children would not be as accepting of my kink.


    1. I think two things made it easy. 1. A history of being open and honest about most things. For instance, my kids new that I had “experimented” in college re girls So while still a surprise, it wasn’t completely foreign to them. 2. We didn’t give details. Never mentioned discipline or specifically use terms like D/s or DD. The inferences were clear, but we believe they really don’t want to entertain in their minds what exactly is being inferred. Not that they can’t accept it, but, it just isn’t something you want to think about regarding your parents. I know I would never entertain thoughts of what kind of things my parents are in to. I don’t care, I don’t want to know!! We get the sense our kids are the same way. Thus, we’ve told them enough so they could understand the change in roles in the household, and understand Kayla’s position in the household. That’s it — that’s plenty!

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      1. I’ve always been honest with my kids too. But I don’t think they want or need to know that their father’s penis is caged nor that it is no longer his! lol.


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