I am Jennifer, a 48-year-old mother of three, married for 25 years.

I want to share my experience that began in March 2015 that transformed my life in ways I could not have previously imagined. In summary, I found a way of living that allows me to best honor all the commitments I make to myself.   I know my path is unique and my methods are not for everyone.  I am convinced that many of the concepts of my journey will help you, even if you find different methods to apply those concepts.  Please suspend all judgement and open yourself to the possibility that you can achieve a greater satisfaction in life and in love by applying the principles I share here.  

It isn’t practical to expect someone to read every post, although, if you follow in date/number order it will tell my journey as it continues to unfold.  If you must pick and choose and you have come to my “About” section after reading only my latest post,  here are a few posts that I think sum up the most about me and my Domestic Discipline.

More about me
2. Backstory: Love Life, Every Moment, Every Day
4. The Plan: Expectations and Commitments
49. Revealing More

Journey to and through Submission
26. Submission = Transparency = Love
27. Jenny’s Doctrine of Submission
30.  I Found my Thrill…
33. Reasons=Conclusions.  Emotions=Fulfillment
136. Submitted Wife  (more specifically, what DD doesn’t mean to me)

Our Contract
12. Our Domestic Discipline Contract. (October 2015 – October 2017)
174. My DD 3.0: Domestic Discipline Contract (October 2017 – March 2019)

You’ll find I organized my posts into eight sections so you can better peruse whatever fancies you. 
1. In the beginning. . . I write of my discovery, acceptance, and implementation of Domestic Discipline.
2. Next Chapter  Shares insights leading up to our current Domestic Discipline contract.
3. Jenny’s Thoughts on Submission.  Various ramblings, (I like to believe they are eloquent ramblings) regarding my views on DD and submission. 
4. Jenny is Disciplined Yeah, for you pervs out there that just want to read accounts of a wife being disciplined.
5. Jen has Fun.  Experiences that don’t involve discipline, but often involve sex and other fun.
6. Kayla.  Posts about. . . well, you’ll just have to read to find out
7. Random Ruminations..  Various things that just didn’t fit anywhere else.
8. Dominant Insights.  Some insight into my husband.  

I am happy to respond to any emails if you prefer that over posting a comment.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well said.
    I found you and Mike yesterday. You have one more day. A lot can happen in 10 days. You have both discovered a threshold, it is yours. The genesis and drive of this experience was centered and explored for your benefit. I wonder in what ways has it changed Mike, individually. It has led you to behave in a more lovely way. This highly structured and hierarchical form of communication, first of all, is so intense it’s strangely beautiful, right; and it works. It leads a strong self confident (&occasional self doubt that all humans have from time to time) self sufficient woman to cower. To quiver. To melt. To stand down. To succumb. To respect and love, adore and rely on your husband in a visceral and covenantry way. “The two flesh shall become one”. We have a choice to believe in the being who created us. Your experiences so far unveils the (using a great word twice) “visceral” and innate response to our counterparts. It’s crazy. It’s weird. Seems immoral. My body and mind responds to and through this style or method of hierarchical relation to my beloved husband like nothing NOTHING else in life. It is the happiest time of my life. I am so glad you two have found this journey. Ours began when I was 45. 9 months after our wedding. We’ve (well I) vascilated intermittently but always return because it’s exhilarating. It repairs. Heals. Keeps me centered. Leads me to behave like a good girl and my husband is respected beyond what he’s ever encountered by anyone which catapults him to reach HIS highest potential in life. That’s very cool!
    Your boundaries with Mike extend beyond our convictions in some ways, yet in others we have not reached yet. We haven’t met my threshold. When my husband reads this entry he will know who wrote it! He read the final few entries last night and is likely preparing his mind for what is to come.
    Remain authentic. Honor the one who designed the primitive and genuine responsiveness and behavior that has led you both to a deeper place.
    Congratulations. I look forward mostly to hearing the ways you’ve grown thru the past 10 days. I also hope you share/expose some of the intricate specific details of some of the moments. For many, it may be the way to explore what’s inside their own minds/hearts- to read and say…” Yes, that’s it, that is what will help us”.
    Indeed, life is much better, untainted by sophistication Of human reasoning/rationale. I’m glad to have the role as a healthcare professional and the responsibility of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained. The leadership is necessary to deliver my services best. But oh how I love the conduit/path back to the frame of mind and role God intended for me, outside of work. Take very good care-
    fondly ~ me 6.17.16.


  2. hello , thank you for stopping by and following my blog(s) i read one of your posts and do so look forward to reading all of your blog as time permits, i look forward to getting to know you 🙂

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  3. Hello Jennifer – thanks for the’follow’ yesterday. . I like what I see here, and love your enthusiasm.
    Something you didn’t know, but I too have a D/s ‘adult’ blog– https://bluebump.wordpress.com/

    The blog has a different tone than yours, some of my fiction pieces are there, and some are rather dark, but I was compelled to write them..
    I don’t include it in the blogroll because I want to keep it separate from my main thing which is meant for anyone & everyone, and a D/s blog is not..
    Also I don’t tend to it much as I’ve backed away somewhat from D/s–it just wasn’t happening for me after a time. and didn’t want to be constantly thinking about it anymore.
    And I have no idea what ‘bluebump’ means, it popped into my head from nowhere, really, a mystery… . haha

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    1. Am I missing something ? I couldn’t see any ‘Like’ buttons, nor the Follow, for that I dug down to find a list of my followers, where there is a ‘follow back’ button


          1. Odd. I’ve had that happen to me in some pages I visit and I just chalk it up to glitch. Sometimes I’ve found that WordPress doesn’t recognize I am logged in. logging out and back in, then revisiting the page in question will sometimes make the like and follow appear. Hope u figure it out!


  4. Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for the like at my blog, which is how I wound up here. I poked around here and was wondering, would y’all be amenable to a private discussion on (among other things) contracts and marriage issues? It could be short and narrow or it could be long and wide-ranging, just depends.

    I’m artisanaltoad at the gmail or you could leave a comment on my blog and I’ll catch your email and respond. I don’t know how y’all deal with your blogging, but I’m only interested in the discussion is Mike’s part of it. Anything you want to say that he approves of is fine.

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