I am Jennifer, a 52-year-old mother of three, married for 30 years.  If you want to know more, scroll down to A LOT ABOUT ME.

I want to share my experience that began in March 2015 that transformed my life in ways I could not have previously imagined. I found a way of living that allows me to best honor all the commitments I make to myself.

My path is my own, but I am convinced that many of the concepts of my journey can help others.  Please suspend judgment and open yourself to the possibility that you can achieve greater satisfaction in life and in love by applying my principles in your own way.  

It isn’t practical to read every post.  If you must pick and choose and you have come to my “About” section after reading only my latest post, VISIT MY SHORTCUTS.   There you will find a selection of posts which sum up the most about me and my Domestic Discipline journey.

I am happy to respond to emails!


A LOT ABOUT ME  (as of November 2021)
I feel more connected to readers if I can give them a bit more to connect with, and as you’ll learn, I tend to be an over-sharer.  Not sure where to start in figuring out if my blog is for you?   Read my first post, and you should be able to figure it out within the first few posts.

I am 52.  A stay-at-home mom.  I typically go by Jenny, although my mom always calls me Jennifer.  My siblings, cousin’s and their kids all call me Sadie – a nickname I picked up as a baby that stuck.  Around the start of middle school I decided I didn’t want to be called Sadie.  At that point, I became Jenny to my friends, but the family mostly stuck with Sadie.   

We live in Texas.  We were both raised here, but we are not your stereotypical Texan.  In fact, like most stereotypes, most people in Texas aren’t like your stereotypical Texan.  Not to say that there still aren’t plenty out there.  I digress. . . 

My dad died in 2018, mom is still going strong in her 80’s.  Well, as strong as you could hope for.  Her health is good but the expected decline has been evident, but thankfully slow.

My dad was raised in a “traditional” (or “backwards” if we are being blunt) family.  Men are men, long live the patriarchy, which includes being a carousing, drinking, gambling, tough-guy.  He was not unfamiliar with the county jail.  He mellowed a bit starting around when I was 8 or so, then made a lot of major changes in his life when I was about 13.  My mom actually left him at one point and then took him back.  He gave up smoking, drinking, and carousing about.  He did retain his gambling vice, albeit more as a controlled hobby versus an addiction.

As far as parenting styles, I recall that my dad was always present for me, but wasn’t for my siblings ( I am the youngest).  I think it was more about timing.  While he hadn’t yet given up all his vices when I came along, I think he realized he missed a lot in the lives of my siblings.  I was his last chance at fatherhood redemption.   That’s how I now see it – of course, when I was little I just saw it as a fact that “I was his favorite.”   Despite his shortcomings, and despite the fact I was very aware of those shortcomings, I always felt love, warmth, support, and caring from and towards him.  I know my mom had a lot to do with that.

Mom made sure I didn’t worry about him or her and reassured me that his problems were not my problems.  She didn’t state it that way.  In fact, I can’t really explain how she stated it, but somehow she always made me feel that way.  I never felt responsible for him, or for my mom’s happiness.  That allowed me to have a great relationship with my dad.   He may not have fully deserved it at the time, but I am grateful for my mom’s approach to things.  

I have one brother and two sisters.  I am the youngest.   I’ve posted a bit about my sisters since I have told them of my “new” lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is the basis of this blog!  (Post 116, Post 121, Post 136).  I am very close to them.  My brother lives in another state.  He comes home at least once a year, if not twice (pre-Covid).  

Physically, well, I am a brunette,  5’7”, and now between 127-129 pounds.  Measurements?  Well, my bust is a 38DD.  I would like to be a 36D, or even 36C.  Gravity is not our friend!!  I have given thought to breast reduction.  I think being naked a lot is why – plus as self-confident as I am,  I admit it has an impact on me to see perky Kayla every day and frequently seeing Donna, who is just a few years younger than me and nowhere near as saggy as me.  (Who are they, you ask? Read my blog to find out).

I am not overly self-conscious about it, but it nags at me just a little.  And it isn’t just looks, it’s comfort!  I would be more comfortable if they were smaller.  And of course, I think Mike would enjoy a ‘nicer rack.” Mike is supportive of the idea.  Perhaps soon.

Let’s see, what else?  One tattoo and I got my nipples pierced in mid-2016 and let the piercing close in early 2019.  Pubes?  Just depends, whatever my husband fancies at the time….bare, trimmed, full.  It varies.   Shoe size?  Now come on, that’s just too personal.   Ha!  Okay, that’s enough.  

MIKE (and marriage)
Mike is 53 and grew up the youngest of four, just like me.

We have been married for 30 years.  We knew each other in high school and dated a bit in our teens.  We ran around with a slightly different crowd, which made it difficult for us relationship-wise.  We were always friendly to each other though, and there was some overlap in our social circle.  I dated a couple of his friends, and he even dated one of mine. We stayed in touch after high school and well, the rest is history!

Mike is 6’0″, and 200-205 pounds.  He has amazing hazel eyes that are sometimes more blue than green, and sometimes more green than blue, depending on what he wears.  And as he says, he isn’t bald, but he is bald-ing.  I lovingly joke that there is not much “i-n-g” left on his head.  

In reading my blog you will find he is the most amazing man and husband I could ever wish for.  Gentle, thoughtful, and always willing to entertain the crazy whims of his wife. 

I have many posts where you can learn about her.  Kayla is 27.  I have had the pleasure of seeing her grow from a child into an amazing young woman.  She moved in with us at the end of 2016, and despite her youth is an integral part of our household as a friend, lover, and fellow submissive.   We had an official “bonding” ceremony where we publicly let be known than “We are Three” in October of 2018.   She recently filed papers to legally change her last name to match ours.   “We” are most definitely “Three.”
She is very bright, got her masters degree and started a full time job in mid-2019 and is thriving in adulthood!  She is 5’4″, brunette, brown eyes, lovely figure. Young and firm, the opposite of me!   Well, I am young at heart.  That counts!


  • T1, the eldest child, is 32.  He is technically my step-son but he is my son in every way that matters.  He got married to E in October 2018.  I am a grandma now as they had their first baby in October 2021.   T1 has a great job and E is a fantastic human being – a modern-day hippie, or make that, “bohemian.”  T1 has always been adventurous and free-spirited, but E is even more so. – a very artistic free spirit with an incredible sense of self.  T1 and E purchased a house on a farm and live about three hours from us.  Thanks to E, we are now nudists!
  • T2, the middle child, is 25.  He graduated from college in 2018 with an engineering degree and got a great job out of state (in California).  His girlfriend went out there with him and they got married in mid-2021.  Pre-Covid he came home for the holidays and perhaps one or two other times throughout the year.
  • J is 21 and graduated high school in Spring of 2019.  He has special needs and years of therapies of all kinds have paid off.  While impaired cognitively, emotionally, and physically, he grew tremendously over the last 5-6 years – adding hope for his future.  He has become more independent and pretty much lives full time on T1 and E’s farm where he has many jobs from beekeeper to overall animal care.  He’s become quite the farmhand and they enjoy having him around.

John and Donna.  They are our neighbors and much more.  I first wrote about them in Post 20.  Meet the Neighbors.

My two sisters, which I refer to creatively as “my two sisters” or “Sister 1” or “Sister 2.”   Typically my only mention of them is when they are lovingly quizzing me on WTF I am thinking for being a submissive.  Such as 116, 121, or 166

And there is Matt.   A divorced friend of Mike’s that I kind of dated for a bit.  Mike has been added to our “Circle of Trust” (COT) — that is, he participates in some of our sexual adventures.  Well, he is still in our COT, but, I no longer go out on dates with him.

And I also occasionally blog about my “lunch bunch,” a group of friends, (222, 267) former co-workers and schoolmates, with whom I get together now and then for, you guessed it – lunch!

Oh, and there are thenudies.”  My affectionate name for my daughter-in-law’s cousin’s family, who live next door to my son and daughter-in-law.

And then Jaime and Chelsea, and TJ and Kim.  I have become a kink vortex!  Welcome to my vortex!

Oh, and if you haven’t been able to discern what my blog is about, it’s about my discovering Domestic Discipline, integrating it into my marriage, and my evolution as a submissive wife.

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  1. Thank you for liking my post and following me.
    Your blog is so interesting and I hope you don’t mind me stalking your posts. 🙂


  2. As ever, I am in awe at the joy and love that pours forth from your blog. Life is rough at times for everyone, but your truth speaks volumes about the possibilities when you open up to your true self.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Those words mean a lot. I believe I normally exude joy and love as a default to my personality. It is reaffirming to hear that this comes through my writing.


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I noticed you liked one of my posts awhile back and have come to read your site. I am in awe, forgive me as it’s mostly because I’m so new at the D/s, I hope to be where you are some day with DD. I look forward to poking around your archives and reading more. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the compliment. Curious what are the things about which you are most in awe? I am always interested in peoples reactions as I never know what they may find amazing versus what they may find repulsive. I am open to feedback and insights of either kind. Hope to hear from you. You can always comment or email me (email address in About). Thanks again.


  4. Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for the like at my blog, which is how I wound up here. I poked around here and was wondering, would y’all be amenable to a private discussion on (among other things) contracts and marriage issues? It could be short and narrow or it could be long and wide-ranging, just depends.

    I’m artisanaltoad at the gmail or you could leave a comment on my blog and I’ll catch your email and respond. I don’t know how y’all deal with your blogging, but I’m only interested in the discussion is Mike’s part of it. Anything you want to say that he approves of is fine.

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    1. Sure. You can email me and I will share with Mike. Taysteetexan @ yahoo. I should put my email somewhere on my blog! Look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hello Jennifer – thanks for the’follow’ yesterday. . I like what I see here, and love your enthusiasm.
    Something you didn’t know, but I too have a D/s ‘adult’ blog– https://bluebump.wordpress.com/

    The blog has a different tone than yours, some of my fiction pieces are there, and some are rather dark, but I was compelled to write them..
    I don’t include it in the blogroll because I want to keep it separate from my main thing which is meant for anyone & everyone, and a D/s blog is not..
    Also I don’t tend to it much as I’ve backed away somewhat from D/s–it just wasn’t happening for me after a time. and didn’t want to be constantly thinking about it anymore.
    And I have no idea what ‘bluebump’ means, it popped into my head from nowhere, really, a mystery… . haha

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    1. Am I missing something ? I couldn’t see any ‘Like’ buttons, nor the Follow, for that I dug down to find a list of my followers, where there is a ‘follow back’ button


          1. Odd. I’ve had that happen to me in some pages I visit and I just chalk it up to glitch. Sometimes I’ve found that WordPress doesn’t recognize I am logged in. logging out and back in, then revisiting the page in question will sometimes make the like and follow appear. Hope u figure it out!


  6. hello , thank you for stopping by and following my blog(s) i read one of your posts and do so look forward to reading all of your blog as time permits, i look forward to getting to know you 🙂

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  7. Well said.
    I found you and Mike yesterday. You have one more day. A lot can happen in 10 days. You have both discovered a threshold, it is yours. The genesis and drive of this experience was centered and explored for your benefit. I wonder in what ways has it changed Mike, individually. It has led you to behave in a more lovely way. This highly structured and hierarchical form of communication, first of all, is so intense it’s strangely beautiful, right; and it works. It leads a strong self confident (&occasional self doubt that all humans have from time to time) self sufficient woman to cower. To quiver. To melt. To stand down. To succumb. To respect and love, adore and rely on your husband in a visceral and covenantry way. “The two flesh shall become one”. We have a choice to believe in the being who created us. Your experiences so far unveils the (using a great word twice) “visceral” and innate response to our counterparts. It’s crazy. It’s weird. Seems immoral. My body and mind responds to and through this style or method of hierarchical relation to my beloved husband like nothing NOTHING else in life. It is the happiest time of my life. I am so glad you two have found this journey. Ours began when I was 45. 9 months after our wedding. We’ve (well I) vascilated intermittently but always return because it’s exhilarating. It repairs. Heals. Keeps me centered. Leads me to behave like a good girl and my husband is respected beyond what he’s ever encountered by anyone which catapults him to reach HIS highest potential in life. That’s very cool!
    Your boundaries with Mike extend beyond our convictions in some ways, yet in others we have not reached yet. We haven’t met my threshold. When my husband reads this entry he will know who wrote it! He read the final few entries last night and is likely preparing his mind for what is to come.
    Remain authentic. Honor the one who designed the primitive and genuine responsiveness and behavior that has led you both to a deeper place.
    Congratulations. I look forward mostly to hearing the ways you’ve grown thru the past 10 days. I also hope you share/expose some of the intricate specific details of some of the moments. For many, it may be the way to explore what’s inside their own minds/hearts- to read and say…” Yes, that’s it, that is what will help us”.
    Indeed, life is much better, untainted by sophistication Of human reasoning/rationale. I’m glad to have the role as a healthcare professional and the responsibility of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained. The leadership is necessary to deliver my services best. But oh how I love the conduit/path back to the frame of mind and role God intended for me, outside of work. Take very good care-
    fondly ~ me 6.17.16.


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