12 thoughts on “121. Questioning my Kink – 20 Questions from Sis”

    1. There questions were more around submission in general than spanking in particular – and yes, the triad thing was subject to the most questions. I didn’t list everything they asked. Many of their questions re submission are things I’ve posted about before (what is means to me, what I get out of it, etc). I didn’t cover that in an attempt to not be too redundant with past rambles and rants.


  1. I admire your willingness to share with your sisters. I would not be so brave. I keep my chastity cage a secret from my family and friends. I believe I would be thought much less of were the secret known. I am in a position of authority at work and I honk that would be undermined.


  2. “Well isn’t this all so nice for Mike? (said sarcastically)”

    24/7 works both ways, and with two of you, that’s 24/7 squared. Mike gets out what he puts into it. No effort, no nicey-nice rewards for good behavior.

    “What if people at Mike’s work found out?”

    Back in 2010, I was at work, and my wife and my poly partner (until 2012) came in together. They took great pleasure in kissing me one after the other. My boss noticed, and after they left, he asked—somewhat incredulously and with a jealous tone—’Do both of them belong to you?’.

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