You likely can’t read every post (but if you do, follow in date/number order it will tell my journey as it continues to unfold).  Here are posts I selected that best sum up me and my Domestic Discipline.

1.  Domestic Discipline convert  – My first post!  

2. Backstory: Love Life, Every Moment, Every Day
4. The Plan: Expectations and Commitments
49. Revealing More
120. Is this submissive a feminist?

26. Submission = Transparency = Love

27. Jenny’s Doctrine of Submission
30.  I Found my Thrill…
33. Reasons=Conclusions.  Emotions=Fulfillment
136. Submitted Wife  (talks about fairness and what DD doesn’t mean to me)
158.  Simple Tips / My Golden Rule of DD
178.  Embracing Shame
189. Happiness, Pleasure, Love, Intimacy, Sex
200.  Balloons and Submission?
202.  Weighty Subject (of Fairness)
246.  Subconsciousness of Wrong
260.  Equity vs. Equality  (more about fairness)
263.  He wants me to do what?  (address limits to what I must do)
277.  Understanding myself and my submission

12. Our Domestic Discipline Contract.
 (October 2015 – October 2017)
174. My DD 3.0: Domestic Discipline Contract (October 2017 – March 2019)

FINDING MY HAPPINESS (hint: it includes a lot of vulnerability)
30.  I Found my Thrill…
67. An Esoteric Ramble
68. reblog: To fall in love with anyone, do this
129. Submissive ramble: Vulnerability. Respect or Love?
134. Vulnerable to you / 1 yr blogiversary
189. Happiness, Pleasure, Love, Intimacy, Sex: Jenny rambles
192. Vanquishing Negativity
228. Addicted to Vulnerability (psst..and a spanking story)

230. My Happiness Formula

Eight sections so you can better peruse whatever fancies you.
1. Beginning  My discovery, acceptance, and implementation of DD.
2. Contract   Insights and copies of our past and present DD Contract.
3. Musings   Various ramblings, (eloquent ramblings IMHO) on DD and submission.
4. Discipline   For pervs out there who just want to read about a wife being disciplined.
5. Sexcapades   Experiences that involve sex and other fun.
6. Kayla   Posts about. . . well, you’ll just have to read to find out about her.
. Matt   Posts about. . . well, you’ll just have to read to find out about him.
8. Random   Various things that just didn’t fit anywhere else.
9. Dominant   Some insight into my husband.

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