25. Intense Spanking Part II – My most severe punishment

 I was standing in the corner, naked, holding Mike’s belt for about 30 minutes.  This is the longest he has left me to reflect and anticipate.   I felt sadness and disappointment as I reflected and I felt anxiety over what was about to happen next.  Adding to the anxiety was that I felt this could be a litmus test for how DD is working for us.

{Quick note:  This page gets a crazy amount of views.  I think it shows up high on Google depending on what you search for.  Anyway, this is just a quick note to say I am so much more than this post may make me appear.  I encourage you to visit my About section or read my first post to about my twelfth one (my DD Contract with my husband) to understand what I am all about. }

Mike walked in.  My feelings rushed to the surface and I started crying.  Mike walked up behind me and gave me 10 warm up spankings with his hand without warning.  It surprised me because that is not our protocol.  My anxiety increased as I thought to myself, “He is already off script and it just started.  What’s next?”  I cried louder.

Mike asked me to turn and I knelt down in front of him and he asked why we were there.  I accurately stated what I had done.  As what was now a normal part of our ceremony, he then stated, “No, what brought us here was your inability to keep your commitments that you made to yourself.”  We had fallen into this routine where I would state the specific transgression and Mike would remind me that it wasn’t the specific action that was the issue.  I liked this as it kept us centered on the fact that this was about commitments I made.

This transgression clearly fell under our Intense Reward protocol, giving Mike a lot of discretion.  No limits in the prescribed number of swats or the level of force; however, the intent of an Intense Reward was that it be prolonged.  Thus, the forced that is used should be consistent with allowing a prolonged punishment experience.  I was ready for a prolonged session.

Mike lectured me and I took notice that he was very measured in choosing his words and spoke very calmly and matter-of-fact.  Contrast this to Pre-DD where he would have likely yelled things like, “How could you be so careless?  How can you be so inattentive?”  Instead, his lecture was caring and loving.  It dried up my tears as this wave of trust and love filled me up.  I felt prepared for whatever he had decided to do to me.

We had recently bought a 16-inch oak paddle that we hadn’t used yet.  I was still holding Mike’s belt and he told me to retrieve our paddle from our closet. When I silently walked to go get it, he said, “What do you say when I ask you something.”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.   “Then I need to hear that after every command I give,” he said.

“Yes, Sir” I said.   Wow.  He hadn’t done that before!  He was in full-on DD mode!

I handed him the paddle and he told me to lean over and put my elbows on the bed.

“Yes Sir.”

Whack!  The first one really stung.  The paddle covers a lot of surface area and was a new sensation for me, and a powerful one at that.    Whack! Whack! Whack!  Each one was about three seconds apart.  By the fifth or sixth one it was really stinging badly.  I was squealing “ow, ow” after each one.  Whack… all the way to ten.  Wow, that was intense!

He then sat down and called me over.

“Yes, Sir” and I quickly walked over to him and laid across his knee, still holding his belt in my hand.

He had me  count out as he spanked me by hand.  It was about medium force, but it went on and on.  I remember with each passing increment of 10 I was thinking, “Oh no, not another 10!”   The counting actually gave me something to focus on such that even though my butt felt like it was on fire, it was still tolerable.  50!

He then told me to go lay on the bed on my stomach and hand him the belt.

“Yes, Sir.”

As I waited for the first strike, I remember thinking that my ass already felt ablaze and I had never been spanked with the belt in this condition.   Smack!   Wow.  Not only did it sting like never before, but it sounded louder than usual.  He was hitting hard.  5 came in fairly quick succession and then Mike moved to the other side of the bed and did 5 more.  I started to cry again somewhere during this.  In all there were 30 swats, 15 per side.  That’s a good punishment all by itself, let alone after what I got with the paddle and his hand.   I was crying quite a bit and when he said he was done with the belt, I immediately had to rub my butt.  It felt very hot…as in temperature hot, not sexy hot!

He told me to stay there on my stomach and he would return.  As he left the room I wondered if this was the end of the punishment.

Mike returned about 10 minutes later.  He told me to get up and get the hair brush from the bathroom.

“Yes, Sir.”

He followed me in the bathroom and when I handed him the brush he told me to bend over and grab my ankles.

“Yes, Sir.”

The hair brush was my least favorite implement.  It really seemed to concentrate the smack in a very small area.  Mike knew I disliked it the most (or, to say it more positively, I liked it the least).

He told me he was going to give me 15 pretty hard ones and if I let go of my ankles he would start over. That was a new twist on a spanking, but I was in no mood to give him kudo’s for creativity.  I remember thinking to myself, “What was that safe word again?”  It is “Hold on” for a pause, “Mercy” to stop!

Thwack! Thwack, Thwack!  Thwack!  Mike counted out four quick ones.  I almost lost my grip but held firm.  Thwack, Twack, Thwack… and at seven I just couldn’t hold on.

Mike said, “We’ll, start again.”

“Yes, Sir, but hold on Sir.”   I needed to catch my breath and let my butt recover.   This was the first time I ever used a safe word.

I took some deep breathes and perhaps after a minute I told him I was ready.  Again four quick ones.  From the sounds they made it seemed like they weren’t quite as hard as before, but from the sensation, they actually hurt worse.  I held firmly and luckily he paused for a bit before giving the next set.   Again four quick ones.  I yelled out like I had never done before.  “Aaaaah, Aaaah,” but still held.  Then the next set.  Damn it, I lost my grip after a few more.

Mike calmly said, “We’ll, start again.”

“Yes, Sir, but Hold Sir.”

I needed to do something if I was going to make it to 15.  I asked Mike if I could wet a washcloth and bite down on it.  Thankfully he agreed. My face was burning too as I had been crying hard and also trying to keep my screams in as much as possible.  The wet washcloth felt good in my mouth.

Okay, ready!   Thwack.  He did 5 in quick succession.  He eased up a tad but it still hurt like hell.  5 more….I was still holding my ankles.  Okay, just 5 more and we’re done.   Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack…. I made it!

He then said, “Follow me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

We went over to the chair and once again he had me lay across his knees.  I thought to myself, “This isn’t over yet?”  He still had the brush in his hand.  I was pretty sure I would be saying the safe word after the first swat.  Luckily, he put the brush down.

He gave me another thirty, maybe more, by hand. As he had more control over the intensity and in the placement, he was able to soften up when I would jump or squeal, and then hit harder and harder until I jumped or squealed again.  Hand spanking can be so much more thoughtful than any implement.  I definitely prefer the hand!

He paused for a minute and rubbed my butt.  He then reached over for the brush.  My tongue went towards the roof of my mouth as I took a deep breath and started to say, “Nnn.”   Luckily I stopped myself.  I almost said, “No!”   That would have only earned more spankings.  Luckily it came out more like a squeal than the beginning of the word “No.”

He spanked me semi-lightly with the brush, at least compared to what he did in the bathroom.  Still, at about 10 or so I just couldn’t take it and once again called “Hold on.”

I was crying quite a bit but it didn’t deter him.  Mike said he wanted to get to 20 and we’d hold for a minute and proceed.  My ass was really on fire.  I didn’t think I could take even one more.  Eventually he proceeded and about four or five in I once again had to call for a pause.   He waited a few minutes again, and on the third go he finished what remained.  Thank you Safe Words!

I think he sensed I couldn’t take much more.  He told me to stand in the corner and he would be back.

I stood in the corner thinking surely this was almost done.  Emotionally I was a bit shaken but was also feeling pride for Mike.  He showed he was truly listening to my feedback as he had amped things up a bit as I had asked and more importantly, he remained calm throughout.  But make no mistake, my ass also hurt.  The sting was not fading.

I was looking forward to the end of this Reward Ceremony where we would embrace and all would be forgiven and life would resume with complete closure regarding my actions.  Chalk another one up to the benefits of DD!

Mike returned and instead of hugging me he told me to again bend over and put my elbows on the bed.  Holy crap!  This was going to continue?  I really wanted to ask him how much longer, but that is against our rules and I didn’t want to add to whatever he still had in mind.  I remember I started to cry again.

He told me to count but didn’t say what number we would stop at.  He gave me thirty with the belt.  I don’t know how I took them all without asking for a pause.  Just five or six in and my ass was in flames again.  The last three or four were exceptionally hard.  I was crying pretty hard and saying, “I am sorry, I am sorry.”  I had hoped that perhaps the hard ending was Mike’s exclamation point to signify the end.

Mike then held me.  “Ah,” I thought, “the beginning of After Care.”  But, he just kept holding me as I cried into his chest.  Our procedure is for him to say “all is forgiven” and then I say it back and that’s the end of it – but he remained silent.

He then said that I had a writing assignment.  We had never specified writing lines as a punishment, but, Mike did have full discretion.  He had me write 100 lines of, “I will meet my commitments that I make to myself.”  The first five words had to be in one color ink, the next five in another.  I had to start each line with a different color than the line before, and of course, penmanship mattered.   Mike said I would get three spankings per the number of color errors and the number of lines that are the least bit messy.  He said I must sit in his office and write these.  We walked down the hall to his home office.  Again, the feeling of walking through the house naked was very odd.  At least his chair was comfortable on my bottom.  He said I was to bring it to him when I was done.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, by the way,” he said, “I’ll give you 90 minutes, so just under a minute per line. For every minute you go over 90, that’s another spanking.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I did some quick math and figured that is 54 seconds a line.  I wrote my first line…45 seconds.  Okay, I got this as I should get faster as I went.  As I kept writing, I kept looking at the time.  No sweat, I got this.  Damn, made a mistake. After every few lines I would do a calculation and each time I’d conclude I had plenty of time, but crap, another mistake.  Why did he put a time on it?  It isn’t that the time was unreasonable, but I kept focusing on the time instead of my writing causing me to make mistakes.

Okay, finished with time to spare. I got up to take him my pages and accepted that I had a few mistakes.  Mike was in the living room so once again walk through the house naked…and Mike didn’t have the blinds closed.  I walked briskly and handed him the papers and then walked to the nearest window and closed the blinds.  I then positioned myself in the room out of view of other windows.

Mike got a pen and started making marks on the paper.

Mike said, “6 color mistakes and 8 messy lines.  14 mistakes, times 3. That’s 42 spankings.  And right here will do.  Lean over and put your hands on the couch.”

“Yes, Sir.”

At least Mike walked over and closed another set of nearby blinds.  He then had me count off as he used his hand to deliver the 42.  It didn’t take long for my ass to start burning.  Once again I started squealing, “Ah!” and “Oh!” and “Ouch!” louder and louder.  Near the end I had to once again call “hold on.”    He waited a minute or two and resumed when I was ready.  He finished the last 10 or so and I swear the last 4 or 5 were the hardest he had ever spanked me before with his hand.

Mike then told me to go to our room and he would be there soon.   “Yes, Sir.”

I went to the room and stood in the corner.  I was starting to get mad.  This had to end soon.  It had been going on for hours and enough if enough. I also had to pee but if Mike comes in the room and I am not in the corner, then that could mean more spankings.  I would hold it.

Mike came in about 20 minutes later.  I asked him if I could pee.  He said no.   WTF!  Instead, he once again just spanked me with his hand as I stood in the corner.   I thought he might spank the pee out of me.  He gave me about 15 good ones and then said I could go and when I was done I was to bring the paddle, stand next to him and bend over and grab my ankles.   Double WTF!  When would this end?

I cried as I went to the bathroom and was crying as I returned, bent over, and grabbed my ankles.  He then gave me the hardest swat ever.  It made me scream louder than I ever had before and I also let go of my ankles, but then almost immediately came another whack, and then another, and another.  I flinched my whole body and turned by butt away from him and he reached around and got me with one more.  I finally got out a “Hold on! Hold on!” and he stopped.  I was really upset.  These hurt badly.

Mike didn’t hesitate and said, “Lay down on the bed on your stomach and I’ll be back in a bit to continue.”  I hesitated and he repeated himself, more sternly.

“Yes, Sir” I feebly said as I did as he asked.

I was sobbing heavily.  I felt defeated.

He came back in the room about ten minutes later.  He grabbed his belt and without saying a word started spanking me again.  About six or so strikes in I finally yelled,

“Mercy.”  I couldn’t take it.

Mike asked me to stand and he held me tightly.  He gave me warm words of encouragement and told me how much he loved me.   He said, “This ends any physical rewards, but this Reward Ceremony is not quite complete.”

He said I was to remain naked for about the next 24 hours and no talking or using my phone, the computer, or television.  Just a quiet day of reflection as we did our weekend chores.  And yes, we could close all the blinds.

So, we went about the rest of our evening fairly normally, except the naked part.  It is so weird to cook, eat, clean, or basically do anything without clothes on.  Even just walking feels odd.   And it didn’t help to have to sit down with no clothing to add some comfort to a very tender ass.

My nakedness was a constant reminder of my transgression and it served to keep the mood pretty solemn and reflective.  But it also was a bit of a fun way to end the Reward as I know it turned Mike on to constantly see me naked, and to tell the truth, it turned me on a bit too.   Just before dinner time Mike came to me and hugged me, and said, “All is forgiven.”   “All is forgiven” I replied.  And with that I went and got dressed.

It was over.

As I reflected on the day, and also we later discussed at the next Maintenance Session, I felt the punishment Mike handed out was perfect in many ways.  I had told him I wanted to find my limit, and he found it.  I told him I wanted him to be sterner, and he was.  He also showed some creativity in coming up with things.  But most importantly, DD allowed us to quickly address the situation and then get past it.  No lingering resentments, no bad feelings.

Just short of twenty four hours of atonement that ended in complete forgiveness and a deeper commitment to myself to be more aware of my surroundings and attentive to my belongings.  What a difference DD has made! 

P.S.  This post gets like 4x as many views as my next most popular post (My Contract).  And I find it odd that Part I gets only about 10% the views as this post??   If you like these kind of things, go to my home page and select the “Jenny is Disciplined” section.  If you want to learn more about my journey, I suggest you start from Post 1

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32 thoughts on “25. Intense Spanking Part II – My most severe punishment”

  1. I am ashamed you are a woman that would agree to this behavior. This is not a marriage it is not love. You have been enslaved & tortured into submission. You are indeed another reason why woman all over the world are abused & murdered everyday. He is cruel & abusive & that is not love. I hope you do not have children,slavery is not lawful. You both make me sick.,he should be arrested & you next intensive therapy. Get professional help! I pray you do not have children.


    1. Sorry, your prayers were not answered. I have three children. Sorry you are blind to the wider reality of life and love. I am not the “reason” for any of those horrible things, no more, or less, than you are.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi jenn-While waiting for my next Jenn fix(I know you have a life) re-rereading your posts. Amazing how much more I get from them. Wondering about your Sir, still pretty new at this type of punishment. Did he have to compose himself. After all it is the love of his life he is correcting. Know he is the best Dom now but did he ever want to throw the towel in on this part of DD. Been awhile since we heard from Mike-how is he doing? Post from Doms like Mike POV are hard to come by. Thanks


    1. Hello! I can’t believe I’ve been away this long. Hope to post soon. You just may have given me fodder for a future post! Speaking for him, I think it never reached “throw in the towel” level of frustration, guilt, worry, or whatever. But definitely reached an, “is this really okay” level many times. Not just with him, but with me as well. We never looked at doubts as bad things, but as simply meaning something was telling us we needed to re-assess and communicate. That re-assessment doesn’t mean we were doing anything wrong, per se, but that we needed to reaffirm and restate what was right for each of us. From my perspective, Mike has really grown into his Dom role where it is more instinctive, less mechanical, and our dynamic is much more based on his needs and desires than on mine. As you may recall, for a long time our dynamic was about my desire to submit, not his desire to dominate. Thanks for re-reading and sticking with me.


  3. what?!?
    ok, so i am currently in a d/s relationship, but the dominant type in my ordinary life abd a switch at heart. only mentioned this to set up the context from which my reply comes for. so, if on top of being robbed my dom also punished me or actually tried to i would consider him completely failing me and would be forced to dump him, unless a lot of apologising on his part. and yes, i do love him a lot, he’s my dream come true, but i would see such behaviour as betrayal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely understand that. I guess i would feel the same had i felt it was punishment for being robbed. It never crossed my mind to think of it that way. It was punishment for my lack of attentiveness. The fact I was robbed was incidental. At least that’s how i perceived it. Just shows you so much in life is how we perceive things. Had I a perceived it as punishment for being robbed, I would have strongly objected. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective.


  4. Hi Jennifer –
    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have decided to read from the start to the end, in order.
    I got to this one and it brought to mind “what’s the difference in DD or abuse?” After much contemplation, I have decided it is two fold: 1) willingness. You are willing (even desirable) of correction. Whereas abuse is not. And 2) safe words. You have them, know when to (or not!) use them, and not afraid to use them., AND they are respected! Whereas abuse has none of that.

    I welcome more readings about your journey and more enlightenment on my part about this new way, that my husband/I have also embarked upon.

    Thank you for your wisdom and paving the way!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for your nice comments and sharing your insights. I love the word you used…”willingness.” It is better than even “acceptance.” I don’t just accept discipline from my husband, I want it, I need it, and I am willing to be subject to it and actively participated in forming what we agree is acceptable and reasonable for us. None of that sounds anything like abuse. Good luck with your journey and i hope you continue to find my blog insightful.


  5. What struck me the most was the way it ended and that might be something I could do with my S. It was so loving and to say ‘I forgive you’ from both of you was amazing. A very good read and very sexy. Excellent read.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My word what an amazing yet severe punishment, but wow I admire how much you took, you’re lucky you can pause during punishments, I’m not allowed, sometimes if I’ve been really bad, I can’t use the safe word either. He will pu ish me until he feels I have learnt from my mistakes. I’m going to follow you now though plus read more blogs as your writing is excellent. I like to write everything down as it happened and feel you do the same as I felt I was there going through it, it seems so realistic. Well done sweetheart but be good until your ass has healed lol xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you. i am not sure how to best react to the “no safe words.” I don’t agree with that for me anyway, and it concerns me for anyone else. Even though I trust my husband and know his intentions are always loving, he can still exceed my threshold and thus needs to know when that has occurred. It sounds like it works for you thus far, but still, it concerns me. Thank you again for your positive comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Like ur hubby, Master knows me well and how my body reacts, so he would never go past that point. Maybe if it got too bad, i could say it, he may stop or not, depending on the infraction. But it works well for us. Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Jenny, I admire your sense to be a sub, I am currently starting a DD relationship with my other half, I’m fully committed for him it’s been a transition to want to do this, at times he’s fully committed others days go by with nothing. Any suggestions for me? Thank you for your help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No simple nuggets of wisdom. Just communicate communicate communicate. I know it must be hard when people aren’t on the same page, whether it is about DD or any aspect of life. Here’s a nugget that works for me — Before letting him know how it makes you feel, ask him how it makes him feel. Depending on how in touch he is with his emotions, it may require more digging on your part. If that is too ambiguous a question, then ask him what he likes and enjoys about DD. If still not getting an answer, then pick some things…”do you like it when I do x?” “Do you like it when you do y?” Find out where his satisfaction comes from. You’ll automatically want to do more of those things for him and less of the things he isn’t that crazy about. Maybe that will help build some consistency from him. Just try to keep one thing in mind if he continues to resist — His resistance is likely coming from a loving place, so don’t get frustrated. If he feels you are being impatient or attaches anything negative to your behavior, instead of being defensive, just keep reassuring him your impatience (or whatever negative behavior he attaches to this) is also from a loving place — you are eager to be accountable to him in meaningful and wonderful ways. Let him know it hurts you when he rejects that accountability and you simply want to understand why he is rejecting that. Maybe he just doesn’t want it as a 24×7 thing and you need to negotiate something. Anyway, I know that’s a lot and I don’t know enough to know if that was even helpful. Good luck. you can always email me. em is on About page. thank you!

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  8. Jenny, I admire your sense to be a sub, I am currently starting a DD relationship with my other half, I’m fully committed for him it’s been a transition to want to do this, at times he’s fully committed others days go by with nothing. Any suggestions for me? Thank you for your help.

    Liked by 1 person

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