291. The Holidays – New Year’s Eve


This is the third and final post catching you up on my holidays.  And it is just in time as it is actually New Year’s Eve!

I’ve shared with you a bit about my Thanksgiving and Christmas following the death of my father.  Now, it’s on to New Year’s!!

T2 and G had to get back to California, and we decided to spend New Year’s Eve at T2’s and E’s place, much to J’s delight.

J really loves their emerging farm.  There is still a lot of work to do at their new place, but it is slowly coming together.  They got a pet pig!  As in, yes, a pet.  It’s amazing.  They are as smart, maybe smarter, than most dogs.  It roams the house just like a dog would.  J loves it.   And of course, J gets to see his girlfriend, L.

They still sort of dating, to whatever extent that word has meaning for young ‘uns these days.  I mean, apparently L had a sort of boyfriend at school, but just someone she would go to movies with and hold hands.  They apparently did kiss as well, so yeah, I’d call that dating, but, they don’t.  It’s odd to hear 11-13-year-olds talking about “not being exclusive” but that’s how they talk about it.  Like, “Yeah, I like him okay, and we have fun together, but it’s not like there is any obligation to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”   All of that contrasted with the fact that L does call J her boyfriend.  Wow, a little poly girl in the making.  Just kidding! 

Really, it is fascinating.   Of course, they shun any labels.  To them, it isn’t being poly or being anything.  It is simply “being.”  They don’t see it as a big deal, or any sized deal.  It simply isn’t a deal.  It just is.  Maybe we can learn something from that?

And J is fine with that.  He isn’t the least bit jealous and was quite logical about it.  “She lives far away and has a social life at school.  Of course, she will meet boys she likes to hang out with.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like hanging out with me when we get the chance.  At the point she doesn’t want to hang with me, she won’t hang with me, no different than me with her.”   I was startled to hear him say that.  Or in their vernacular, “I am shook.”   Not in a negative way, just in a surprising way, a pleasantly surprised way. 

New Year’s Eve will be at J’s and E’s, along with E’s cousin, her husband, their three kids (aka, The Nudies), and J.  Apparently the three cousin’s kids have invited some friends over as well.  Not sure how many.  And yeah, given the extended guest list we had to ask about attire.  We were told it is the same as always.  At both J’s and E’s as well as at her cousin’s, it is always “clothing optional.”  So we trust that whatever other friends they will have there are duly advised.

It’s been rainy here, so no fireworks ban where J & E live.  They apparently stocked up along with E’s cousin to put on quite the private fireworks show.   Plus all the smaller stuff that goes with it.  Hum, maybe sparklers and nudity aren’t such a good idea?   Plus, it’s supposed to be cold outside.   

Flying sparks and near freezing temps aren’t a place for our kibbles and bits.  I guess we will find out who the die-hard nudists are in the family!

Happy 2019!

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12 thoughts on “291. The Holidays – New Year’s Eve”

  1. You need a great big hug for all you have been thru. How is your health-the surgery did not happen? Jenny-you are one great lady who has always spoke her truth. Always know who you are from MOM to Sub, you are real and that V word. Enjoy tonight and remember how far you have come-esp from last new years eve punishment. Wishing you the best vanilla andi

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    1. Thank you. The surgery did not happen. I’ll write about that at some point. And wow, i completely forgot about the goings on this time last year! Gee, thanks for reminding me. jk. Thank u for your kind words!

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    1. I was never into wearing aprons until i became a nudist! Aprons are a must when cooking in the buff, FYI, while we are disrobing once inside, everyone is wearing jackets and pants outside. So, no burnt nips nor frozen bits! Happy New Year!

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      1. Whew! That’s a relief! Amazon has some great vintage style aprons you would love! Search vintage apron! I just got a black ruffle one, like a fancy maid! The others on my wishlist are more 50s style


          1. Thanks for the tip. Very much needed. I need a style that reflects the apron may be all that the person is wearing! I need good side boob coverage and a higher neck line. My big boobs tend to pull down on the apron i have, exposing too much cleavage. I can’t believe i never looked online and just bought what i found at the store. Thanks to you i already have seen so many that look perfect. And Mike has approved the purchase, so tomorrow there will be some serious online apron shopping!

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