162. Domestic Discipline Sympatico?


I’ve written about my “unquestionable” acceptance of Mike’s authority.  It’s been a journey to achieve that level of acceptance, especially when it was never part of the original plan.  If you’ve read my early posts, you’ll know my DD started out as MY DD — my submission on my terms, Jenny style!

As our DD evolved and I encouraged Mike to use more and more discretion in creating rules and administering punishments, I would use our Maintenance Sessions as a time to discuss my observations, concerns, or need for clarification regarding his actions.  Such discussions helped synchronize our individual needs and expectations.  As our DD further evolved, I found myself with fewer and fewer concerns, and thus asking for less and less clarification.  It has reached a point where I truly have no reservations or concerns about his actions.  I accept them without question.

I like to think it is because Mike and I are so in sync with what he wants as my Dominant and what I need as his submissive.  I believe we achieved this because of the way we approached our DD and also because of our individual personalities.  We have achieved DD Simpatico.

In fairy tales, … okay, make that, in very kinky fairy tales, that would be the end of the story.  BUT….  This is real life!    Full of ups and downs, with needs and emotions that ebb and flow like the tide.  A tide that sometimes brings with it a hurricane or two.   

Mike has come up with a variety of rules that are all his own.  Mostly minor things and I accept them all without reservation.   About a week ago I mentioned I should start drinking more water and thus Mike obliged with a new rule for me – I can only drink water until he says otherwise.  No coffee, no soda, no tea.  Just water.   

I am not a huge coffee drinker — Most mornings will have a cup or two, but sometimes none.  I love my iced tea and sodas….certain foods just call for certain drinks.  Water, while good for me, is no fun!   But alas, as I wrote in my prior post and the preamble to this one, I have reached a point of unquestionable obedience to Mike.  Sympatico! 

Kayla and I were having lunch at a restaurant and I ordered water to drink and Kayla ordered iced tea.  I don’t know what it was but this strange feeling came over me.  Part frustration, part disgust, part indignation… can’t really put a finger on it, but whatever it was, it woke the rebel in me.  

I recall thinking, “I am a good submissive…heck, I am a great submissive.”  I even thought aloud as I told Kayla,  “A good submissive won’t question her Dom even when she may disagree.  A great submissive won’t even disagree, thus has nothing to question, and I’ve been a great submissive”

Now, before you object to that statement, let me clarify.  I said it as hyperbole in a moment of frustration.   Questioning your Dom in a respectful and orderly manner is not a weakness.  It is a strength to be commended.  But in that moment, I was clearly wanting to glorify my past performance as justification for my impending bad behavior.

As the waitress came to take my order I proudly added, “And I’ll have a tea to drink.”  I looked squarely at Kayla with a proud resolve.  Kayla said, “Is that a good idea?” to which I replied with a full sense of entitlement, “I don’t feel like having water. I am having tea.”
Kayla’s reaction was a nice, “Do you want to talk about it?”  I told her there was nothing to talk about.  I understood the implications of my actions and didn’t expect her to cover for me.  She reminded me several times before the tea arrived that I could change my order.  I did not.

I took a few sips of my tea and realized the satisfaction I got from ordering it did not carry over to actually drinking it.  It was very unsatisfying and I ended up not drinking any more of it and went back to water.  

I told Kayla I would confess to Mike.  It wasn’t that I wanted to spare her from having to tattle, but that I knew I just needed to own up to it.

I told Mike once he got home from work.  He told me to undress and he had me stand in the corner with a bit gag on.  He said he would come back in after dinner and make periodic “adjustments” until J was asleep and he could fully deal with this.   He left the room, and told J that mom wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going to be at dinner.

I remained calm as I stood in the corner for over an hour.  I was disappointed with myself but not upset in any way.  I reconciled it in my mind as this momentary “break” that served a purpose to release whatever negative energy had built up in me.  I no longer felt that energy, so it was hard for me to even relate to what it was I was feeling at the time.   I just know I needed to “erupt” and having done so, was feeling happy with things.   I didn’t think much about the punishment to come, as I felt whatever it was I deserved it and was already accepting of it in advance.

What followed were a series of “adjustments” as he would periodically return to the room.  A soaping here, a spanking there, butt plug, nipple suckers, nipple clamps, tack bra, you name it.  By the time J was asleep, Mike had pulled out most of the arsenal of stuff we own.   As I know you all seem to like to read about punishments, I’ll share the details of the punishment as best as I recall, but will do that in another post as it will be lengthy.   Just what you pervs like!

As for my post-analysis reflection, I’ll also save that for that next post.  As always, it’s all good, it’s all positive, it’s all sympatico!

NEXT:  163 Domestic Discipline Antipatico?



16 thoughts on “162. Domestic Discipline Sympatico?”

  1. I find it odd, maybe even wrong would be a better word, that you say everything is sympatico with you and Mike, yet your actions regarding his new rule clearly say otherwise. Maybe your subconscious (see what I did there?) knows better. If in fact everything truly was compatible or going along well the way you and Mike expect and want it to, then you’d have no problem whatsoever drinking (and ordering) water because a really good submissive wants exactly what pleases her Dominant. A better idea would have been to talk this over with Mike and tell him that yes, you do need to drink more water and you always appreciate him looking out for your best interests and health, and that you would like to drink coffee (which is mostly water) in the morning, tea (which is mostly water) with dinner and water at all other times. He could have required you to commence always carrying a bottle of water and to drink so many ounces each day. It’s one thing to be domineering and another to be a caring considerate Dominant. As his lover, partner, companion, and yes, submissive, why can’t you question and discuss new rules which you may disagree slightly with? But if it is a hard and fast rule which you agreed to honor, it seems to me as if you two are not in fact really sympatico if such rule-breaking occurs. I mean no offense by this observation, because I too am a bad rule breaker in our household!

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    1. I can question and discuss rules at our Maintenance Sessions. And it isn’t realistic to expect “perfection” regarding submissiveness. We can be “sympatico” overall, even if there are moments of “antipatico.”

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  2. You need to release periodically. You did. There are consequences but the consequences of not maintaining (and acting on) human nature periodically are far worse. That you let that release valve off and then followed through as you did prevented negativity from accumulating as you correctly observed.

    Well done ma’am.

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  3. What good does a punishment do when it stops being a consequence? Maybe it’s just me but any punishment that doesn’t serve as an object lesson is useless; it’s just punishing someone because it can be done and the human mind is capable of editing out the pain and discomfort to the point where it’s not even annoying or bothersome – and more so when you know in advance that some form of punishment is coming and you’re ready for it.

    What I find interesting is that you don’t like being punished – and, really, who does? – but in reading quite a few of your blogs, you don’t seem to have a problem doing something that you know will get you punished in some way. Do you feel justified in doing the right thing that’s called for in a particular moment even if it results in a punishment… or does it bug you that you did the right thing for the moment and now you’re miffed at yourself for being disobedient and not really looking forward to paying the piper?

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  4. Okay, question. Do the punishments serve a purpose if they don’t upset you? I mean, if you are all good and fine with whatever he does, then why would he punish? To me, punishments serve as a guilt release, a deterrent, and a payment for my disobedience. It doesn’t seem like you had guilt, and was it a deterrent? Just trying to understand.

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    1. Fantastic question. To clarify, I don’t like be punished. However, in this case I so clearly understood what I was doing was going to get me punished and I did it anyway. From the start of my actions I was “ready” for the punishment mentally. I concede that clearly the knowledge that a punishment would come failed as a deterrent in this case. But the guilt along with the thought that the punishment may be mitigated is what caused there to be no joy in drinking the tea – and I stopped after just a few sips. I am not pleased with my actions, but I fully accept the consequences as fair and just – even though I don’t enjoy those consequences. Hope that clarifies things a bit. And, once I post about the punishment, you will find it upset me plenty! But those moments of pain and discomfort were comforted by my understanding that the punishment was earned and was appropriate.


      1. That makes sense. In the moment, doing what you wanted to do was more important than the knowledge that you would be punished for it, but the joy you might have found in the tea was offset by the fact that you would have to pay for it, in more than money? Is that what it was like? Sometimes I sass J knowing that I will get spanked for it, but in the moment, I just don’t care. Moments like that are becoming more rare, as I dislike the break in closeness and the frustration such actions cause him, but I still find myself doing it sometimes.

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  5. Iced tea in exchange for ‘adjustments’. Seems like a win-win for you. I find it amusing that you continue to find ways of defying Mike for your own good and as a way of grounding your negative energy.

    And yes, pervy details would be great. Can never get enough of those. 🙂

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