354. a spanking STORY ?!

Hello there. I will save you all the, “but stuff.” As in, “Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, but. . .” So let’s get right into it.

I must confess that when I wrote my last post I omitted something – an “extended” punishment I received that ran from June 30 to July 14. I didn’t plan on sharing this, but given that it ended up having a Part II, and more importantly, a need for a classic Jen-needs-to-reflect-and-write-about-her-reflections, I decided I must come clean and share.

Hey, it was time I threw you pervs a bone anyway. I am sure you are tired of reading mundane boring stuff about blabbity-blab-blab. We all know Angela certainly was (see the comments on my last post). To her credit, It’s been a long time since I shared details on some salacious discipline. So I am going to give you the first of back-to-back posts on some disciplining I received. Maybe Angela will return to reading my blog? LOL!

I made a stupid and careless mistake in responding to an email I received from a follower of this blog. I’ve shared before that I have strict rules from Mike as to what I can and can not share. In part because Mike is uber-concerned about online privacy and second, he has a wife who is a chronic over sharer!

It’s a miracle Mike allowed me to blog in the first place, but clearly, not only did he do so, but over time he has become more comfortable with our lifestyle such that his concerns about our privacy has diminished – slightly! “Plausible deniability,” as Mike calls it. Most of the names of our COT are the correct first names, but some have been altered. And I stick to initials when it comes to kids names, even those that are legally adults. Mike has allowed a few exceptions for a few select people I communicate with via email. The problem with exception, as I’ve learned, is that I have to stay aware of who I am communicating with. Is this someone I am approved to share such-and-such with?

I’ve made mistakes before. I am pretty sure somewhere in the bowels of my blog there is a post about being disciplined over a “data breach.” It’s been a very long time, but, it happened again. I included some personal information in an email to the wrong person. I had been emailing them for a while and in my mind they were on my “approved” list to share what it was I happened to share. One thing I learned is that I truly need to keep a written “approved list” else this may happen again.

It was an honest mistake, so much that I didn’t even realize I did it until Mike read my email. Thus he was disappointed on many levels. This is a topic he is very sensitive to and that we have discussed many times and for which I’ve been disciplined for violating in the past. Additionally, he had to find it. He doesn’t check my email and online activity often, as he prefers not to spend time doing so. Thus he feels like his trust in me was misplaced. Yeah, all around not a good thing.

It was varied and lengthy. It started with a hard spanking by hand.  Each individual hand spanking doesn’t pack the wallop of say a paddle, but they have their own unique cumulative effect.  And each stroke can have a more pinpoint accuracy, such that when done, every inch of my backside is red, and red it was. I would guess 200 or so spankings, maybe more? He then gave me a very long corner time of almost an hour. 

At the end of corner time he took me into the bathroom and gave me a mouth soaping in front of the mirror. Soap in mouth, he had me lean over on the sink as he spanked me with a hairbrush. He kept reminding me to keep my head up and look in the mirror as he spanked me. It’s always more humbling for me when I have to look at myself while being spanked, and my butt was already very sensitive from the extreme hand spanking. And yes, the rinsing of the mouth include more than just water.  

He then put an anal plug in me and had me sit and write 50 lines of  “It is Jennifer’s expressed and unqualified intent to be accountable to Michael for any and all of her behaviors.”   That’s a line from our contract.   He then had me write the definition of “reverence” 15 times, as shown here.   I had to do this every day for almost two weeks! I’ve never written so much by hand in my life!

And as part of my line-writing discipline, I was spanked via paddle for any mistakes or sloppy lines in my writing. Now, an anal plug by itself is not so much a punishment, but considering I had to sit with it in for as long as it takes to perfectly write the lines. It is a best distracting, at worst, uncomfortable after thirty minutes or so. Add in my very sore and sensitive bottom from all the spanking, and concerns that every writing mistake meant more spankings. I probably ended up with about 60 or 70 more with his belt.

Unlike most punishments that end with an “All is forgiven,” and that is that, this one was going to be what we refer to as an “extended punishment.” It would go on for as long as Mike determined. I wouldn’t be repeatedly spanked. That part of basically over. But I was still under various restrictions until he decided to lift them.

I was just coming to the end of Ju-NO and looking forward to being allowed to orgasm on July 2.. Mike told me in June that I could look forward to “free reign” over my orgasms for some period of time once they were to resume on July 2. Well, as luck would have it, this transgression threw a wrench in that bliss!

Initially, Mike did not alter the O-plan and he indeed allowed me to orgasm on July 2. Despite my transgression, he initially said I would keep my “free reign” for the time being. Well, after two days he decided otherwise (which was four orgasms – it would have been more, but the punishment didn’t have me fully in the mood). I was back on “no-O.” While I had to edge many times a day at his command, he added in another level of discipline as punishment for my transgression. He never touched me or had sex with me, nor did Kayla – AND – I had to sleep in the spare room.  A banishment of sorts. Isolation is torture!  I would cry myself to sleep at night — and my bedtime was early meaning Mike and Kayla would stay up without me. 

He put me on a two week restriction from the internet, including my phone.  He kept my phone and if someone called, such as my sister, he would often let it go to voicemail and then let me call her back when he was off work and he would stand next to me.  At the end of each call he would spank me again saying my behavior caused him to have to babysit me and I needed to be spanked for causing him that inconvenience. 

The hardest part was being on a “talking restriction” in that I could not speak unless spoken to by him or by Kayla.  If I did, I would be spanked.  And it happened a lot to the point that Mike decided I needed to keep something in my mouth.  There were many hours in the day where I either a ball gag or pacifier in my mouth, or even tape over my mouth. (We have a lot of pacifiers re Kayla’s ddlg). He even had me keep my thumb in my mouth at times.  

Finally, it was over.  And all was forgiven.  This punishment took a lot out of me – but it also put a lot into me.  What it took out was temporary, and what it put in was, hopefully, permanent.  I was more resolved and focused on following all my rules, especially my email/online rules. A commitment that I upheld for a total of about two weeks, and then… oops! Damn it.

And THAT will be for my next post.

NEXT: 355. A Matter of (Spanking) Business

19 thoughts on “354. a spanking STORY ?!”

  1. I find it weird to relate to these multi-part extended punishments. Being “banished” from your husband’s bed? Crying every night? I know your whole blog is about how you enjoy this life, but I find it hard to reconcile.
    At what point does a punishment going on and on become counterproductive? And did it fix your behavior? Apparently not (I have not read your next post yet). I just wonder what you think about punishment that lasts weeks and separates you from Mike. How bad must it suck before it goes too far, or has that almost never happened? Is there some mistake so serious that the DD Dynamic could not handle it in the dynamic itself? You always seem consenting but it is hard to relate to, even having read your past posts. Good luck.
    PS Paisley’s comment was interesting about that fake blog. I guess we have to assume you are real. I hope so! 🙂

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    1. It’s hard to fully describe a day in my life, including a day (or weeks) of an extended punishment. It’s easy to take what I describe and assume it goes on 24×7. It doesn’t. Even during this last punishment my days were 50 minutes of normal (normal to me) and 10 minutes dealing with the TOH. And I didn’t cry every night, nor was I banished the entire period. I guess i omitted that detail. The longest part was simply the internet restriction.
      As for “fixing” the behavior. Certainly it doesn’t “cure” it, but as with all my discipline, I know it has greatly improved my behavior. As I’ve stated many times, collectively it had made me the person I want to be, for me, for my husband, and for all the people I love. It’s easy to question any specific punishment or part of a punishment and say, “How did that help?” But that is not the point. You can’t quantify the effectiveness of any one thing, but I can certainly quantify what DD has done for me….and it’s all good!
      I believe there is a point it can be counter productive. That’s what our Maintenance sessions are intended to avoid. Five years in and, so far, so good. But to your point, is there some event that could cause the dynamic to collapse? I imagine so, no different from their being events that cause ANY relationship to collapse. But that’s no reason not to embrace what fulfills everyone in that relationship.
      I am totally consenting and at ANY moment could withdraw that consent. But thus far I have never even considered it.
      As for my realness or lack thereof, I can only say that some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty! Seriously though, anonymity is a double edged sword. Lots of positives, but never a way to fully authenticate yourself. I think that’s part of why I tried to connect more to a select few via email, much to the detriment of my derrière!


  2. Oof. The spanking is bad enough (I don’t know how you can stand it, I have a really low threshold for impact) but the isolation and not being able to speak unless spoken to is awful. 😦 Makes me feel sad.

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    1. Thank you. I think the key is for the spanker to adjust to the threshold of the spankee. The goal isn’t to strike with a given amount of force, but to strike with the appropriate amount of force based on the impact it has on the person being spanked. So it’s hard to accurately describe the force of a particular spanking I get, other than to compare it to my typical spankings. “Harder than usual” or “very hard” might actually be pretty tame for some people if they were to experience it. Then again, it may be more than others can tolerate.
      I am totally with you re the isolation and speaking thing just being sad. It’s a second-by-second reminder that I am on restriction/being disciplined as I have to always be aware and pause before I inappropriately speak. That constant awareness is mentally challenging as well. I prefer physical punishments to the various mental ones as at least the end rather quickly.
      And I stand for it because, after a spanking, sitting hurts to much… lol! Some bad spanking humor! Thank you for the comment!

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  3. Intense punishment certainly. But all within the scope of your contract and lifestyle. The teaser suggesting that you broke the same rules again two weeks later is mind boggling. Jennifer I can’t understand that…😜😜😜

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  4. I read your blog for understanding, and how it can apply to my life. This is your blog, your life. You write for you.

    Yes, this is what I like to read and think about. It’s the intimate, personal DD for me. I’m sure all your readers, read for different reasons.

    Im humbled by your notice of my post.

    Theres much we can all learn from others. But it has to be shared to learn. And you do get an A+ Gor that

    Thank you Jennifer

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    1. Thank you. And i am sincere in saying I loved your comment. It was so pure and honest and to the point. Not that I plan to only focus on the discipline I receive, but I get that it is a part of my life and a huge part of my dynamic. I should share more than I have been the last year or so. Not necessarily for the readers, but for myself. More in that in some coming posts! Thanks again! Happy you stuck around!


  5. A cautionary tale. I had a blog from roughly 2012-2014/15 on my exploration of dd. At that time this topic caused an explosion of blogs. Everyone sharing, learning. It was an incredible community. There was a very popular blog by R and another one by S . They became good friends in that time. Started emailing each other, then calling. Eventually R visited the other and stayed in her home for a few days. Within a week it all fell apart. It was discovered R was a total fraud. Was not married, had no children, everything she had shared publicly and privately was fake. It fractured the community. It was creepy and scary. I stopped blogging. So yeah, be careful.

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    1. You nailed it re Mike’s nightmare scenario. Well, in his scenario the ending is more horrific than just someone being a fake. Either way, I totally get the need to cautious and as Mike constantly asks me, “What’s the upside?” We have plenty of friends, so email exchanges is one thing, but beyond that? He feels the whole online world has little it could add to my/our life…but lots to subtract.


      1. For me it was just discovering she was a total fake. For others, long story but she had access to financial info. Anyway, many of us always kept it separate. There was our real life and then our blog life and rarely would the two meet.
        I like the way Mike breaks things down. Thank you and Mike for sharing. Looking forward to your next post.

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  6. May I ask what kind of aftercare u recieve? With my daddy dom i need upwards of 3 hours, even for just 30min of punishment [hence years of anxiety that can get triggered… and yet dd/lg is my happy place hee hee]. Do u and Mike do aftercare?

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    1. Yes. I should write about that anytime I share a punishment as it is so important. For me, it doesn’t take much. Even if he is not done with all the discipline, such as an extended punishment like this one, once the main spanking is done there is always aftercare. It typically amounts to him holding me and speaking reassuring words, but mostly just a very long embrace. We almost always do this standing up. In a typical spanking it ends with us both saying “All is forgiven.” That always marks the end of a punishment. In this case, that phrase didn’t come for almost two weeks.
      Also, sometimes I feel a need for a little more aftercare which could simply be cuddling up next to him on the couch or even just holding his hand. The soft touching of skin to skin is the key.
      Thank you for asking! It is such an important part of discipline!

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