It’s been awhile since I reflected on my submission. My submission has been on auto-pilot for at least a year, if not longer. Effortless. Routine. A reflex that is a part of me and my every day life. I believe that has contributed to my posting malaise.

At first, I wasn’t going to bother to blog about what I shared in Post 354. So much so that I had made a post (Post 353) that occurred after that first incident and I made no mention of the punishment. I was that bla​sé about it. It wasn’t until the second incident chronicled in my prior post that I felt like sharing any of it.

I was at a point where I was overly self-conscious about my DD. I stated this before. It was like I needed to isolate it and protect it by not sharing something that I know some people find abhorrent. Funny thing is I didn’t feel that way about any other aspect of my lifestyle. The free-wheeling sex and stuff, no problem! But my husband spanking my hiney… well, that’s just too much!

Then I published #353. I felt a rush. A sensation I hadn’t felt from blogging in a long time. And I realized it really excites me to share those stories. I immediately recognized that feeling as a feeling I get anytime I feel exposed. AND I LOVE THAT FEELING.

It very much relates to my exhibitionist thrill. I’ve shared this thrill in several posts, but simply, I love the uncomfortable feeling of putting something out there for people to see and judge. It goes back to… well, come on now, if you are a long time reader you know what I am going to say. No ramble from Jen is complete without it. . . It goes back to vulnerability!

I love feeling vulnerable. Of the many posts on that topic, I like my first one the best. Short and to the point, unlike most of my posts). Sharing what I view as the most-generally-understood-to–be-socially- unacceptable aspects of my life is very vulnerable inducing! Thus as soon as I hit “Publish” I got this hit of dopamine or whatever “feel good” endorphins the body creates. Me like!

And it has lit a flame in my belly that I haven’t felt in some time regarding blogging. I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s time to open the kimono more frequently and share what’s going on in my life. Even if no one reads it, just putting it out there feels exhilarating again.

I don’t have any issues with how I was disciplined. I felt it was 100% deserved and appropriate. I anticipated worse, physically speaking. Emotionally? Well, maybe I got more than I expected, but I still believe Mike was spot on.

It is easy to question whether the discipline is effective. After all, it recurred in a matter of weeks and there have been multiple recurrences in the past. Since when is discipline ever a one-time cure-all? It isn’t, even in DD.

Having consequences for my actions, consequences that my husband has to deliver, is at the core of my submission and at the core of what has made me be the wife, mother, lover, friend, daughter, sister, and person I want to be. And while I hate to make such a bold prediction, I am highly confident that this particular issue will not recur. It’s in the vault!

One area of reflection regarding this last incident is whether spanking is as effective as it once was, or if the non-spanking discipline is more effective? Difficult for me to judge. I think it varies which is why varying or mixing the type of discipline I receive works best for me. However, I leave that up to Mike as that is his responsibility. We still have regularly weekly Maintenance to stay calibrated, but it is ultimately his role to determine what is best – and over five years of doing this I don’t take exception to ANYTHING he has ever prescribed.

Another area to reflect on is simply my journey. I love having this blog to go back to and I re-read my first dozen or so posts every so often. They still ring as true for me today as they did then. And for those newer readers of my blog who seemed a bit surprised that I am subject to the kind of discipline I shared in the last two posts — I encourage you to read those posts as well. I think they answer a lot of questions as to “Why?” My shortcuts can quickly get you to Post #1

This gets a bit esoteric, but I am keenly aware that full awareness is never possible (or maybe it is, but you’ll never be aware of it, thus the psychological conundrum regarding “awareness”) .

Point is, my perceptions about my own life and about my DD may never fully reflect “reality.” Sensations, thoughts, memories, images, desires, and emotions are constantly changing and superseding each other. Therefore, in times of self reflection I try to not just think through how it is I interpret my life and actions. It’s important for me also do a different type of self reflection. . . seeing myself through others.

It is through seeing myself through others that I believe I get a more accurate assessment of my life. By the way, others do not include faceless online trolls or even friendly blog followers. Those are all curious “outside” references, but should never define us. No, “others” are simply the people I have invited into my life. Mike and Kayla of course, but also my kids, extended family that I frequently interact with, our Circle of Trust, and friends. This even includes some online friendships.

I like that phrase…”those who I have invited into my life.” Much better than “family and friends.” It is the best way to think about the people you surround yourself with. It reminds you that YOU invite them into your life. Just as you may push others away (hopefully the toxic ones), you invite these people to stay (hopefully the health ones). THEY often can define you better than you can define yourself.

Based on their perspectives, I am as happy, healthy, confident, secure, and fulfilled as I perceive myself to be! It feels to me that there is nothing in existence that can EVER mount a meaningful challenge to that perception.

Until. . .

P.S. Hey English police, is it “those who I have invited into my life” or “those whom I have invited into my life?” I think I got it right re “who” versus “whom” but I could be wrong. Feel free to school me!


  1. Vulnerable—perhaps it really is the exhibitionism that turns you on! Can you imagine posting pics? None with faces, so plausible deniability would remain…
    I know I love that aspect of my blogging!

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      1. I’ve read every post of yours. I don’t think I can remember any pics that might be you in any of them… Of course you may just be incredibly gifted at this plausible deniability thing. But I do remember you saying that Mike wouldn’t allow any pics to be posted.


  2. I love this post, and am pleased you have got that spark back. I have the same feeling towards vulnerability as you, but the bigger spikes come through with sharing my voice. (I loathe my voice, the ultimate humiliation)

    I am never sure with who vs whom, and find this helps (thank you grammarly): “When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”’ or “’she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom.” Sorry not to be able to school you, but i shall follow the comments with interest as it foxes me too. N x

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  3. I love reading all you write. I’m happy to hear blogging and pushing the “publish now” button is bringing a thrill again! I hope you get only good, and not harsh, comments! ❤️

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  4. “Those who” sounds right although the sentence works without it – “those I have invited into my life.” My 8th grade English teacher would tell us, “When in doubt, leave it out… and then see if the sentence makes sense without it.” “Whom” is probably the correct usage; she also told us that if it doesn’t look or sound right, it probably is right but I’ll leave that to the real grammar police…

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  5. We have been out of dd for about 5 years. Not by choice just we were still too new and life got really hard and it fell apart. I started yearning for spanking in my life again in oct of 2019. Weird right?! Went searching and found some of your earliest posts. Read some of earlier spanking, contract posts then I skipped ahead, stumbling on a COT post. It was like wait! Wait! Wait! How did she get here. Your blog especially, needs to be read from beginning to present time. It is an evolution and not just independent events. That’s what I did, stopped reading that COT 0post and read chronologically.
    The beauty of this dynamic is it is personally bespoke. No two are alike. Even you and Kaylas aren’t alike. What is too much for one is not enough for another. As long as there is full consent and that is already detailed in your contracts.
    My husband and I have talked and agree this is desperately needed in our life again. I’m thinking to use you first contract as a template to start.
    Anyway thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. Yeah, my COT is a bit like Game of Thrones, but not quite as many characters to follow. OMG. Just thought if the perfect porn movie title – Game if Moans! I digress.
      Anyways, yes, no two alike and no “wrong” way if it fulfills consenting adults. I love it whenever someone uses my contract as a reference point to their own. I am very proud of our Agreement and the entire contracting process. I believe it is what set us up for the success we’ve had. Good luck and I would love to read your contract when you complete it, if it’s something you can share. Tip: check with him before sharing. Lol!

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    2. I did the same thing! I started at the beginning and then started to skip around based on if the title sounded salacious but then hit the one about the party at your neighbor’s house and literally stopped reading immediately and went back to where I left off in the beginning and spent the majority of 3 days reading everything like a creeper voyeur..
      your progression was amazing and how wonderful that you stayed open to the next experience.
      I am happy to see you writing again Jen.

      Ps. I swear I’m not dangerous! Lol, just a bored, voyeuristic housewife.

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      1. Oh, a BVH, huh. I think there’s a bit of BVH in all of us – even some of the male readers, lol! Thank you for reading. And now I know when I reference putting something salacious out there for “you pervs out there,” that Prissy Missy is one of them! Just kidding (maybe not). I mean, come on, I thought everyone was here for my heartfelt personal revelations about the deeper meaning of submitting to ones husband. Well, now I know otherwise! Not that it will stop me from mundane posts, but i will try to throw in a disciplining or two here and there. I would toss in some sexcapades as well, but Covid has put our COT on hiatus. But there is a new wrinkle I will soon post about! Anyways….thanks again for following and reading my posts!


  6. My favorite line in this post is “those who I have invited into my life” (and, I’m no English police so someone else will have to weigh in on that). I’m glad you are finding a thrill in blogging again!

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