324. My husband reads my emails!


Mike was reading my blog, something he occasionally does.  BTW, he has access to all my accounts – email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.  It’s been that way since the start of our DD.  He doesn’t check them often and probably checks my emails more than anything else.   

It just dawned on me we have never stipulated this in our contract.  Is that a loophole for me to change all my passwords?   My butt thinks not.   

I think I would lose an appeal to the D2C3.   You know, the Domestic Discipline Contractual Compliance Committee.  I thought of consulting the D2C3 presiding judge, the Honorable Judy Back (of course, we know her better by her nickname Honor Back).  I decided against it as I really don’t mind this rule.  I’d rather save submitting a formal D2C3 request for something really big.    

Is there a point, Jen?   

Why yes there is.  Mike teased me that I couldn’t do a short post about a topic if my life depended on it.  He’s probably right, but maybe I could if the stakes were avoiding a red bottom!  So, was this short enough?   

No?  Shorter still?  Okay, I’ll give it another try on my next post. 

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17 thoughts on “324. My husband reads my emails!”

  1. In the context of your lifestyle, I get and understand it; the retired systems engineer and computer security expert in me cringes; my wife knows a great deal about me… doesn’t know my passwords to any of my devices. I’m the in-house tech support (naturally) so sometimes I need her to unlock stuff so I can fix something… and I don’t wanna know what her passwords are; I will make her insane making her unlock stuff. Professional ethics and all that but if she wanted to see my email, sure, I have nothing to hide – she even reads my blog and sometimes even as I’m writing it.

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        1. But i must prove myself once again capable of brevity. I think it’s in me. Maybe. I just have to stop thinking if just “one more thought.” Oh, and then just another, and another. I am sure it’s not hard to do. I need to try and think through what i am trying to convey and how i could convey it in say, fewer, more compelling and declarative words . I dunno why, but sometimes i am compelled to share the “why” instead of just sharing the “what.” It’s like i want people to understand and appreciate you thought process, even if they disagree with my conclusion. Yeah, that’s it. See, it’s simple really. No need to go on and on about it. But for some reason i do keep going on and in. It’s like this one time, where . . . . . .

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          1. Honestly I think we figure out how we are doing with free form writing and I like your style. The next post can just be “post” 😂 We would get in So Much Trouble together lol


          2. Being snarky is always a risk, albeit a fun one. Never quite sure if it will cross the line between fun and foolish. If fun, we all laugh, if foolish, my bottom will become red. Hum…i call that a “win-win”. Hee hee

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      1. I think as a dutiful member of the jury, I would have to ask the judge if we could view the intended bottom, the technique of the Spanker AND witness a few swats before I could vote 😈😈


        1. I object on the grounds it may prejudice the jury! However, we will agree to allow said jury to experience a few swats on their own bottoms to fully understand the technique of the Spanker. As for viewing the ultimate intended target, sure, no objection. {queue music, begin jury spanking scene}. That’s how things roll at the D2C3!

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