5 thoughts on “55. Agreement vs. Acceptance: A Spanking disagreement”

  1. Of course you can disagree with him, and still be submissive. You are still you, after all. The only difference for me, as a slave, is that i actively seek to align my perspective with my Masters as often as i can. As far as the punishment-it seems like there was a communication breakdown. It happens. i totally get where you kept processing the same information like that. It might have been better if he had used different words at that point, because, frankly-the onus is on him to communicate in a way that is clear to you. Your job is to make a good faith effort to understand what he is saying. Maybe if a similar situation comes up, you can ask to take a moment apart before it really escalates. Otherwise, you will begin to resent being punished, and that doesn’t meet any of the goals either of you have set up for your lives. Often, dominant types feel that we are more submissive when nude, so that may have been why he wanted you undressed. You may want to ask about that, because it might help you understand where he is coming from rather than feeling overly exposed, which is what it sounds like to me. i’m glad you take time to talk about the little bumps in the road. Most of all, i’m glad you are both happy.

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  2. Also wanted to say since I was sleep blogging before.
    Doms make mistakes all the time. Hopefully Mike will allow you explain and understand your perspective.

    As for the sex in the prior post, it’s your blog Jenny, don’t feel obligated to your readers in any way that makes you write about your personal life if you’re uncomfortable. It’s YOUR blog, write what you want, I’ll keep reading no matter what the topic… except kale… or anything good for you.


  3. “Not sure what the Submissive Rules Committee would think about that, but for me, I believe I can be submissive and not agree with something as long as I still accept it. Acceptance is not agreement.”<<<<<<THIS!

    Yep, I totally agree!


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