137. Spanked over a new Maintenance Spanking


Over the last few months I have had few, but harsher, punishments, as I have done an excellent job of adhering to my Duties and Obligations with a few big exceptions which I’ve posted about. Mike decided it would be helpful if we instituted an extra Maintenance Session that he will call for at his discretion.  If he feels they are needed they will be on Thursday evenings.  

It will be an abbreviated version of our Sunday Maintenance.  I don’t present my journal or masturbate, and it is not as reflective as the Sunday routine.  One other difference is that Mike said I will be caned versus the hand spankings that are part of the Sunday routine.   It starts with a caning, there is brief dialogue where he may ask me some questions and/or lecture, then a final caning.  He said it would be as many and with whatever intensity he thinks I need.   He said he would let me know each Thursday around dinner time as to whether we will have a session that evening.

Mike said he hoped this extra session would provide me added focus and also serve as an additional release.  Perhaps it will avoid the need for me to ask for a spanking which I’ve done a few times when I’ve gone a lengthy period of time without a punishment.    

Bratting or Distraction?
The wondering and anticipation during the day on Thursday is a punishment by itself.   First off, the cane is my least favorite spanking implement, and Mike knows it.   This has a potential for putting me in a conundrum.  Will this motivate me to “brat” or have some minor infraction so that I am spanked Monday through Wednesday such that Mike feels the Thursday session isn’t necessary?   Of course, there is always the risk I still get the Thursday maintenance regardless of my behavior for the week.   I don’t believe I would intentionally “brat.”  I’ve never done it before.  I think getting a spanking under false pretenses would be unfulfilling.  

I also wonder if the anticipation could be a mental distraction such that I don’t correctly execute my Duties and Obligations.   Ug!   I would much rather just make it an automatic Thursday session versus it being at Mike’s discretion.

I got spanked!
Normally when Mike makes a “proclamation” he does not solicit questions from me.  He simply asks if I understood what he stated.  This time, after he announced his decision to hold these sessions, he specifically said, “Do you have any questions?”  I didn’t hesitate and I asked him if he could just make these automatic.   

He then told me to bend over and he administered an Immediate Spanking.  After the first round of spankings he asked me why I earned this.  I figured it was because I questioned him, but I didn’t understand why I was spanked because, after all, he asked me if I had questions.  Because I didn’t correctly state why I was spanked, I received the customary second round of spankings and then he explained.  Yes, he asked me if I had questions, but my response to him wasn’t a question.  It was a request.  We have an agreement that when I ask questions they are only for clarity as to what is being requested of me.  If I want to question why or suggest an alternative, I am to do that only at a Maintenance Session.  In my haste, I questioned him in an unacceptable manner.

This event to me is further evidence of Mike’s evolution as a Dom.  Not too long ago I think he would have missed the nuance of a question that is a point of clarify versus one that is a request.  Or, if he did catch it, in the past he might have overlooked it — Not any more!  He’s the Dom and expects certain behaviors of me.   This is another example of the clear evolution of my DD.  He isn’t just enforcing my explicit expectations of myself regarding specific behaviors that I prescribed.  Instead,  he is enforcing both of our expectations that I be submissive to him.    

It may be surprising but this excites me!  Okay, not right at first, but it didn’t take long to excite me.   I admit, in the moment my first thought was “Really, you’re spanking me for that?”  To my credit, even though I thought that, I still didn’t hesitate to accept the spanking.  And, it didn’t take long into the spanking for my thoughts in my mind to change from “Really?” to “Thank you!”   And my next thought was, “Does this mean I don’t get a Maintenance caning this Thursday?”   

I thought that, but I knew better than to verbalize it!   We shall see this Thursday!

NEXT:  138. Party Time. The Naked Bench.




12 thoughts on “137. Spanked over a new Maintenance Spanking”

  1. I have studied the psychology of punishment. Full or partial nudity has been used to induce submission for hundreds of years. My husband will call me from work and tells me he expects to find me on my hands and needs in my tiny maid’s uniform scrubbing the kitchen floor. He asks for everything he needs giving me a chance to say a lot of Yes Sirs and him to say a lot of Good Girls. Dressing the part makes a woman feel the part. Whether it’s a servant or a good girl who does what she’s told or just the property of her husband and master happy to sit at his feet and she should be happy to serve her sovereign.
    They can also be very humbling if you don’t hide your lifestyle (we don’t) or have other DD couple friends (we do). When asked about my attire I say, “I’m an obedient wife and this is how my husband dresses me.” One more thing, small offences like talking back or forgetting to ask to leave the room
    are for over the knee. Larger ones should have the wife grabbing her ankles and a paddle. She should always be sent to the corner to think about what she’s done. And HOH doesn’t get to be angry anymore!


  2. I have to say, the leather strap is my least favorite. We have this awful tool that is a wooden handle with two long rawhide type leather straps, like 2 or more feet long and 4 inches wide.. I despise it.

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      1. I don’t think it’s a tawse, as it is not split at the end, just two straps connected at the non business end by a wooden handle.


          1. Yes! We are more “mainstream DD” so to speak, lol, so I do not enjoy the spanking part at all. I like good girl spankings or sexy spankings but not discipline spankings. But I enjoy the feel of leather as long as it is not too forcefully applied! lol I like the sting that turns into a warm, that lasts and lasts. Just not when its a blister that turns into a fire! lol

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  3. Yikes…the cane! My least favorite implement as well. I love that your Dom caught the nuance in the question. This has occasionally happened with my Daddy and it blows me away when he busts me for something that I didn’t even realize I had done. It may sound funny, but it makes me feel special that he is paying that close of attention…even if it results in a spanking 🙂

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