133. Intense Punishment

Laying in bed the other day, sore nipples and butt, with a lingering soapy taste in my mouth, I had the “WAID” thought.  The thought of “What Am I Doing?”   I’ve had this thought a few times.   I believe occasional doubt is healthy.  Doubt is simply a lack of knowledge.   Often this is momentary, and the knowledge can be found in a short conversation with yourself.  Other times it may take a bit more than a moment of reflection, but for me, any doubts about DD have always been self affirming regarding my choice to live this lifestyle.   My doubts have always led to a deeper appreciation for what DD has done for me and my family.   WAID never lasts more than a few minutes, and it was no different this time.

The punishments I was reflecting on were from that day and the day before.  Part of myRewardsfor what my actions that I shared in the prior post.

I’ve shared a couple of the more severe punishments I’ve received, and there haven’t been many.  Although I didn’t use my safe word, this punishment topped any I had before, even the one I shared in 24. Intense Spanking , although I didn’t er had to use a safe word this time.  As our son J is home, the punishments were done throughout the day while he was at school or in the evening after he was asleep.

As I think about it, this one wasn’t the worst in terms of pain.  It was the worst in terms of overall discomfort.  In some ways, lingering discomfort or anticipation of what is to come is worst than a moment of acute pain.

I am not that good at sharing punishment stories.  It isn’t my “thing.”  I’d much rather be waxing philosophical about events in my life than sharing the specific details.   (you can find my favorite “waxing philosophical” posts in my Shortcuts).   Mike says it is because just stating what happens in my life is a very vulnerable thing to do, as it leaves more to interpretation of the reader, and those interpretations may be unfavorable.  A very interesting comment that I want to explore further, but I’ll wait to ponder that one for another post.  So with that ,here’s the punishment I received.

Mike started me off with a mouth soaping, figuring it was appropriate for me opening my mouth and sharing what I shared with my friends.  For a soaping, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue.  Mike rubs an already wet and lathered bar of soap all over my tongue.  I then open wide and he rubs it all around the roof of my mouth, cheeks, and scrapes it across my teeth.  He then has me bite down on the bar to hold it in place in my mouth.

He then used a lot of our new implements from our recent Joy Box additions.   With soap in my mouth, he used our new cupping system on my breasts.  He applied some oil to my breasts, attached some small nipple clamps to my nipples, then applied the cups.  They provide a lot of suction on the breasts.  In the short run you don’t really feel much, but it gets increasingly uncomfortable overtime.  More blood rushes to the breast and they get a pinkish-purple like hue.  He then had me stand in the corner with my hands clasped behind my head.  I was then spanked as I stood there, first by hand, then with various paddles and straps.  Mike inserted a butt plug in me and left me in the corner for an hour.  By far the worst part was holding the soap in my mouth and standing in one place.  By the end of the hour I was a drooling mess and my jaw was sore.

He then walked me to the shower and using the hand nozzle he sprayed me down with cold water to clear the suds and drool from my face, chest, stomach, and legs.   He pulled the cups off my breasts and replaced the small nipple clamps with another pair that are far more intense and he adjusted them to be extremely tight.  He had me lay down on my stomach on the bathroom floor and got out the new cleansing system he ordered.  This was my first enema.

I anticipated it would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t anticipate the degree of the pressure and cramping.  Mike made me hold it in for five minutes, but it felt like much more.  He spanked me a few more times and then allowed me to get on the pot and get it out.   After I was done, he repeated the enema and spanking.  Then he did a third enema and had me hold it in for even longer before expelling.  He then finally removed the nipple clamps, but the respite for my nipples was short.

Mike got our nipple suckers, applied them to my nipples and pumped, and pumped some more.  He pumped more than I thought they could even be pumped.  I’ve never seen my nipples get so big.  He returned to me to the corner where I stood again with hands clasped behind my head.  Mike told me I was not to leave the corner for any reason else more punishment.  Well, I soon learned that the effects of an enema can last awhile and it wasn’t long before I just had to use the toilet.  I was clenching and holding as long as I could, and just about the time I was ready to give in and leave the corner (I wasn’t about to make a mess of things. I’ll take the added punishment), Mike entered the room.   I didn’t say anything as I am not to speak unless spoken to, but luckily Mike asked me how I was doing.  I told him I needed to go and thankfully he let me.

When I was done he removed the suckers and ran the pinwheel hard over my very large nipples for what seemed like a long time, but probably wasn’t. He then went back to the put the cups and applied them to my breasts.   Mike decided to break in another new toy, the anal beads.  I’ve never used anal beads before.  It is one of those progressive sets, and he put all but the last one inside me.  Thankfully even the largest one isn’t crazy big.  Big enough for sure and I was glad he didn’t insert that one, but this set of beads is what I would call an intermediate set.  Whatever you call it, it still call it uncomfortable to have them in for an extended time.  He then had me stand in the corner again and he left, returning in about 45 minutes.

He removed the cups and again added the suckers.  He ordered me on all fours and he played awhile with the beads, pulling them out, inserting them, pulling out, inserting. He took my hand and helped me to my feet and walked me over to a chair.  He sat down, put me over his knee, and spanked me by hand for what seemed like forever – had to be over 100 of various intensities.

He then did another enema and this time when he took the tube out, I was surprised as I immediately felt a butt plug being inserted.  Mike grabbed the bar of soap and administered another mouth soaping.  I was then walked over to the shower.  He told me to stand in the shower with my hands clasped behind my head, bar of soap in my mouth, with a rectum full of warm water.  Mike told me not to leave the tub and he would be back “at some point.”   He came in a few times to check on me and each time he didn’t say a word and then left.  At some point I just couldn’t hold it any longer.  I pushed the plug and water out.  At least after several enemas it was basically just water.

Once I expelled the water, my mind became more aware of my painful nipples. They were burning.   I was so uncomfortable that I started to cry.   Not from any specific pain, but just because I felt miserable, both emotionally and physically.   Expelled water from my ass, terrible soap in my mouth and soapy drool all down my body, nipples on fire, a sore bottom from the spankings, a bit crampy from the enemas, and a sore sphincter from all the clenching.

Mike returned and said, “I’ll be right back.”  He left and returned very shortly with Kayla.  He told Kayla to remove the suckers, clean me up, and dry me off.   He watched as she showered and then dried me off.  “Almost done,” he said.

With Kayla there, he had me state what I did to earn this “reward.”  He then gave a lecture.  He does this sometimes, usually near the end of a punishment.  It’s his way of recapping the events that brought on the punishment, making sure they remained top of mind.  He then told Kayla to get the prison strap and the cane.  He walked me over to the bed and  had me lay down on my stomach.   He then took the strap from Kayla and struck me, then handed it back to Kayla and took the cane and struck me, and then alternated back and forth for I think just five strikes with each item.  It wasn’t many, but they were very hard and were more than enough.  I cried, which again is uncommon for me, but it happens.

We then had ourclosing ceremonycomplete with aftercare, with one caveat.  Mike said we would repeat our entire morning again tomorrow PLUS that night and the next I would spend thirty minutes in the corner with the clamps on, followed by a spanking before bedtime.  Only then would the punishment be fully over.  As bad as the punishment itself was, the anticipation of knowing it would be repeated was just as bad.  Anticipation of a punishment, especially one this long and intense, is a punishment itself.

And when it was all finally over, it was truly over.  What I did was fully behind us, like always.  No lingering resentments.  All is forgiven.  Oh, and Mike added, “You know, if you just would have asked me beforehand, I am pretty sure I would have been fine with you telling your friends whatever you felt comfortable sharing with them.”

NEXT:  Post 134. Vulnerable to my readers / 1yr blogiversary 

38 thoughts on “133. Intense Punishment”

  1. I am new to idea of spanking as discipline. I am using it as discipline for things such as cussing, anger, lying, looking lustfully as another person and so on. I am doing self spanking as a specified number of lashes per incident. Done daily with today being 425 lashes as the purpose is to inflict pain no pleasure for myself or a partner. I am seeking a wife/partner to administer my punishments, daily. THEY ARE NOT FOR FUN. In fact there is very severe repercussions for me if she were to believe I am finding them sexually stimulating or anything but discipline. Also if I do not show improvement with lower numbers. I am looking to alter my behavior in a way I have failed to do in many years and many other methods. I will be very fussy in accepting any one and they must be local.


  2. Its seems to me There should be no safe word allowed for the person being punished. You and Kayla having safe words is a jock. These safe words defeat the purpose of being punished. The two of you should have no say in the way your owner Mike punishes you. I am sorry if this upsets anyone that is not my purpose. If you so called cheat words works for you more power to you all


    1. It doesn’t upset me. It’s okay to disagree without being upset or offended. WE feel safe words are appropriate. Mike doesn’t want to inadvertently go too far. How best can he determine when a limit has been reached? I don’t want him guessing. In fact, it often works the opposite way you think. Sometimes he feels a limit has been reached, only for us to say that it has not and that we would use a safe word if it has.
      The other benefit of safe words is that it helps find your limits. All of us feel safe to explore and push our limits because we know safe words will be used once the limit is breeched. Absent safe words, few would feel comfortable exploring and testing their limits.
      Overall, I believe safe words are a huge positive and part of keeping things safe, sane, and consensual.


  3. We know several couples who live a D/s relationship but I have to say, he sounds like he’s almost at the edge of harming you. Hopefully, you’re getting something out of this besides pain?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand the concern but, nah, not even close to harm. It’s all good. This post by itself may come across a bit more intense than how things were at that time. Have to take it in context of our overall journey up to that point. Again, understand why you might perceive otherwise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Foxy has several slaves that she enjoys disciplining and it’s always fun when she puts on her thigh-high leather boots and bustier to correct them. But with her it’s more of a mind game with the flogger and nipple clamps.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. There were moments of reading that I wondered if you would survive. I’m not sure I could. But other parts I found myself getting aroused. All except the soap in the mouth bit.

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  4. Wow that was a good mouthsoaping what bar soap brand do you use? I also saw the rinseing with pee comment with is that like and how does that go? Mouthsoaping is my main kink and it goes along with spankings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dove. Luckily we don’t like the heavy perfumed soaps! I am sure there are other soaps that taste far worse than Dove. As for “how does that go?” What do you mean? Oh, details, I am sure. Ug, here is that vulnerability thing. Okay, so, yeah, he will pee in my mouth, so yeah, I take it directly from the source. Swish it, gargle,spit,repeat, until the soap is out. So,there you have it!

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  5. Yup, enema is pretty harsh. At least he used warm water. Soap makes it a LOT worse, as does cold water. Cold soapy water is SO SO hard to hold in. As is coating the butt plug with an irritant. I can handle icyhot, although it is harsh… but coating it with capsaican makes me CRAZY. I scream and it makes me feel panicked. There are no safe words with my corrections, as He says the point is to make me give up control and accept.. so I have to endure. Consentual nonconsent.. However, he does read my body signals and pushes it to the point where I give up control but not to the point of torture. Anyway, babbling… but I understand how the punishment can be prolonged discomfort and be worse than intense pain. I’m glad its all over, that’s my favorite part, when everything is over, the slate is wiped clean and all is good.

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    1. yeah, Mike has read that soap or cold water can be worse. I sense he is saving those so that he can escalate the level of discomfort for repeated offenses. I know he is aware of things like icy hot or ginger root too. Maybe someday, but he will get no encouragement from me on that! And yes, the “clean slate / all is good” is the best part, and contrasts with “vanilla” life where resentments could linger. Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Wow! Super intense! I understand the need to consider your path, the little bits of doubt that creep in when enduring a punishment… I hope you are feeling okay now, and I hope the punishment was effective in the way that you don’t repeat the offense 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you. I appreciate that and also find it interesting. It infers that perhaps I should be more negative? I admit that there are negative moments, negative thoughts, etc., but they don’t last as the overall impact of my DD is so overwhelmingly positive and fulfilling. How can I ever be negative about that! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. LOL…didn’t mean to infer that you should or might have a negative attitude…just giving you a compliment on your great attitude about discipline 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I know you didn’t mean that. My sarcasm likely didn’t come through in my comment. I was just being silly. Thanks again for the comment! I should have just graciously accepted the compliment versus getting snarky.

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  7. Sometimes our mouths seem to have a life of their own! This level of punishment would seriously make me fight to control my mouth though.

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