348. Blogo, Blogi, Blog-blog. A (semi) Self-indulgent Fourth Anniversary Post


At the risk of morphing into a vanilla blog (come on, not a chance!),  it just dawned on me I am approaching the FOURTH anniversary of this blog.   I already ignored a much more important anniversary — my FIFTH anniversary of Domestic Discipline in my marriage was officially March 17, 2020.   The good news for you in that, in so doing, you didn’t have to read a self-indulgent reflective post about my wonderful journey over five amazing years and blah, blah, blah.   Come on Jen, just tell us about your last spanking or some kinky sex!

I did promise at the end of the prior post that I would share a bit of kinky storytime in providing an update on our various relationships that make up our “Circle of Trust.”   Unfortunately, I changed my mind and that should be my NEXT post. 

For this one, you’ll just have to deal with self-indulgent, “Look at me!” regarding my blog.  But it isn’t ALL about me.  I also want to give thanks to top commentors and referrers to my blog.   That’s it!  It’s a Thank You post!  Not self-indulgent at all.    I’ll never understand or fall into the “Look at me! culture that is starved for constant attention and validation.  (Ignore my past post inconveniently titled
326.  Look at me!  Validate me!).  Ahem.

I did an “Anniversary” post before in Post 241. Blogoversary and 134. 1yr Blogiversary, leading to the very important question that divides this world.  Is it “Blogoversary” or “Blogiversary?”   Or the more controversial, Blogaversary?

APRIL 23, 2016
My first post And the next day I made 11 posts IN ONE DAY.   Yeah, where did THAT Jenny go?   I was totally on fire to pour out my story.   Honestly, I saw this blog as “finished” once I posted my contract.  I was like, “And that’s how we adopted Domestic Discipline.  Thank you, and have a nice day!  The End.”  

Unfortunately for you, I continued, thus some of you have fallen down the DD Jenny rabbit hole of kinky debauchery.   If you’re going to go down a hole, that’s a pretty good one to go down.  (That’s what she said!)

So — as of just a few minutes before posting this — I stand at 1.3 million views from 250,000 visitors.   And almost every day over the last week has been a record day in views for me – topping over 3,000 per day.  I can only guess that Covid-fever has led to people hungry for entertainment and titillation.   Too bad they aren’t finding much of either of those things from me.   Maybe a little titillating?   If you’ve come here seeking titillation, don’t forget to do some titillation with whomever you’re with.  As the song goes, “If you can’t titillate the one you love, then titillate the one your with”  Or something like that.

As for geography, the top country for all time visitors is the sexually-repressed-closeted kink-capital of the world, the U.S.A. with 912k (Yeehaw  ‘Merica!).  U.K. next at 86, Canada 64k, India at 25k and Germany and Australia 23k.     To readers in those countries, here’s my way of saying hi, phonetically speaking — Ello! Ood day, eh.  Namaste’.  Ha-low, and Good-Eye, Might!

Djibouti has 43 all time.  Not all that noteworthy but I like saying “Djibouti” and thus had to include their stat.   Djibouti.  There, I just had to say it again.   It’s hard to say it without smiling.   I think with all the depressing news lately, the newscasters should end every segment with, “Djibouti!”

Viewer numbers from the Falkland Islands equal almost 5% of their population!   Either I am on my way to being the Submissive/Falkland Islands version of Jerry Lewis/France or there is one islander in serious need of of a spanking.  (I assume the latter).

WordPress shows who your top referrers are, I assume based on clicking on a link from their page/site that sends viewers to my blog.  I have to give special thanks to one that over the last week has sent over 1,000 viewers my way. . .

Strict Julie Spanks!  A long time BlogSpot blogger who is both spanker and spankee and has over 10 million views.  Check her out!

And other notable sources of viewers came from Kinkly (awesome site where, look at me, I was ranked like #360-something out of 500 “top sex bloggers”),  My Bottom Smarts (a cornucopia of content and links to spank related content), and fellow WordPress bloggers  Collared Michael and Sayid’s Girl, and last, but not least, Sub-Missy.

I believe the importance of kink-related blogs isn’t just to tickle some prurient interest but to let those with such interests know that they are not alone.  Such thoughts are normal, and there are healthy ways to explore the immense pleasures that are locked within those interests.   So thank you, not just to those who sent viewers my way, but to all who decide to share sexually-oriented topics in their blogs.

And I want to take the opportunity to send whatever traffic I can one of my favorite places to go and read her take on sexuality, politics, dating, or whatever else strikes her fancy – Go Eat a CarrotPlease check her out.

Speaking of sharing, I want to give thanks to the brave souls who frequently comment on my posts.   I love the element of interaction that replying to comments provide.  Top stalkers…er, top commenters are Collared Michael, Naughty Nora, and Kdaddy.

Since it was first posted, post 25.  Intense Spanking Part II gets 3x the views than the next most popular page, 133. Intense Punishment.  Maybe the word “intense” has something to do with it?    People don’t just want to read about spanking or punishment unless it was “intense!”  Maybe?    Third most popular goes to, 247. Hey, my husband spanks me!.  Fourth and fifth go to the first and second versions of my contract.     I love that the contract is a popular topic as I believe it is the foundation for success in implementing a Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

Thank you to all who read this, whether you just accidentally stumbled on it and are now queasy with no plans on returning, or are one of the cool and smart people who read it regularly, or if you are someone in-between.  I started this blog for me, almost like self-therapy.  I didn’t even consider whether it would resonate with anyone.  Nice to know that it has.  I guess I underestimated the kinky vibe that is just below the veneer of so many people all over the world.  Just remember, everyone’s kink is disgusting, except your own. 

Peel off that veneer and live your kink!  


Post 349. Immersion Wrap Up

17 thoughts on “348. Blogo, Blogi, Blog-blog. A (semi) Self-indulgent Fourth Anniversary Post”

  1. Fun Fact: Djibouti was the title of one of Elmore Leonard’s books. 😉

    I came to visit because kdaddy23 recommended I check out your blog. Happy Blogiversary (yes, with an i — because anniversary is spelled ann-i-versary). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You do realize there is help for perverted people like you? With the advancment of medications and new techniques in cognitive therapy, deviants like yourself can live a normal life free of your sick sexual perversions. Just do a search on google and you will find all the information you’ll need. I know your disease is telling you you are not sick, however, that is how these sicknesses trick you into believing you are “OK”.The journey to wholeness will be difficult, but end is worth oll the time and herculean effort. Good luck in your recovery.


    1. I know attempting to destroy others happiness through name calling and derision so that you can then introduce your own “right” way to be makes you feel better about your lot in life. Sorry my wholeness threatens and intimidates you so much that you feel the need to invalidate it. There are lots of therapies out there to help empty people, even spiteful and self righteous people. It’s a Herculean effort, but well worth it. Good luck in your journey.


  3. well done- Jenny- I love the reference to pervs, all the time! I’m not sure who you include- I met a boy on holiday last year who had knocked about three items off my bucket list of experiences within four hours of setting eyes on him- and he was cute- so maybe we could subcatagorise “pervs”. Love you as ever- chelle x

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    1. Thank u. Too many labels already exist and are so subjective, so I wouldn’t try to create a bunch of categories. Perversion is in the eye of the beholder. And for my eye, far too many normal and healthy sexual exploration get labeled as perverted. My use of the term is to simply own and take control of the meaning of the term versus letting the term define and control us. So, three bucket list items in four hours?? Impressive. Inquiring minds want to know more!


      1. As ever, beautiful eloquent response, Jenny. So you’ve invited me to kiss and tell.. On the assumption that one category of perv who homes in on your writings are female thrill seekers with an eye out for a bit of risk and a bit of danger- it is worth a quick scribble. This was in a hotel with outdoor disco area in Ibiza. I looked the part having cultivated a false tan in Madrid, got an amazing red one-piece swimming costume, laced with an Italian fashion house’s pink casual shoes- €300, sparkled with classy but cheap silver jewellery. All in a nice protected *****hotel atmosphere, to the extent that if a boy with dreamy but slightly psycho eyes does hit on you- it is probably safe! Whether accessories and holiday gear looks best on a bedroom floor or on a carefully made-up girl- I don’t know- but fortunately after a poolside drink and a stroll upstairs and four hours of mortal combat; the only thing that ripped, torn or stained until unwashable was my dignity. His body was a seven but an interesting one, nice skin and no tattoos- I’m an old fashioned girl, albeit one who rewards male cuteness allowing her hair to be pulled and consenting to lick a man’s rectum. I’m moderately uncomfortable with anal, and for a cracked-up rogue, he was gentle with lubrication- however, I didn’t expect round two would involve penetration by bathroom freebies- remember those little bottles of conditioner. Maybe it wasn’t serious about knocking things off a bucket list- but one notch on my bed will always be cherished and represents a definite anonymous male perv who would love your site.


        1. Wow! Love your description. Glad I asked!! I need to go cool off now, lol! And what woman doesn’t go for the boy with dreamy but slightly psycho eyes! I never imagined penetration by bathroom freebies would make someone’s bucket list! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s just so specific! hee-hee.

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          1. Jenny you are so kind to reply. I do think my ass is in good shape, because I’m a bit of a marathon and trail runner- and the hard work pays off socially I suppose ;. However, now you’ve given me positive reinforcement- maybe I should try to write a little ‘spicey’ stuff myself- you’ve really inspired me. Thanks for coming through your ‘quiet’ period ready to tell us more about what’s going on- I’m such a fan!!!

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  4. Wow those are impressive stats but testament to the work and effort you have put into your blog and your audience over the years. I know that you blog for yourself, as many of us do, but to realise that you provide somewhere for others to come, read, reflect and learn is also important. Thank you very much for the mention here and I am glad that we are able to cross reference at time to time and highlight the work of others. Speaking of which, there are some great shares in here which I must go and check out. Happy Blogiversary Jenny.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Djibouti to you too!! Kind of cool that people are finding you through my blog. And it’s nice to be recognized for having a big mouth… lol. But those are some serious numbers—more than 3000 a day. My high is almost there but not quite. And 1.3 million views is also impressive. It is curious that we both started about the same time. You beat me by a few months but I’m approaching four years blogging too.
    At any rate I’m rambling. Happy blogoversary!! And a happy Djibouti to you!! Stay well.

    Liked by 1 person

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