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41. Christmas in July. . . make that XXX-mas in July!)

Mike and I have picked up a few sex toys over the last year or so, but we are now going to be upgrading both our quality and quantity of assorted goodies.

Mike gave me a list of the types of things he wanted me to pick out.   He gave me a $500 budget and a list of categories and he left it up to me to choose the specific items that filled that category.  He wants me to have them all ordered by the end of the week.  What fun!!  

  • 1 full sized vibrator
  • 1 pocket sized vibrator
  • 1 dildo
  • 2 anal plugs
  • 2 new spanking implements, one firm (like wood), one flexible (like leather)
  • 1 pair of nipple clamps with chain
  • 1 other nipple-oriented toy
  • 1 set of cuffs/restraints
  • 2 types of cock rings
  • 2 other items of my choosing
  • If money left over, any additional items of my choosing.

I’ve been online going to a lot of sites trying to find the most interesting items, as well as reading a lot of reviews.  I have already ordered several but still have a ways to go.  I can’t wait to surprise him with what I am ordering.

Once I finished my order, I’ll come back to this post and add in the specific items I bought.

Oh, and we made room for these items by buying two new end tables for our bedroom that have nice sized compartments and locks!

The fun of shopping and the anticipation of it all is very stimulating!!

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