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21. Hubby read my posts / ouch!

Mike read all my posts for the first time yesterday.  I had been sharing the basics of what I was posting, but this was the first time he actually read them.

He was happy with what I’ve posted and also happy that it made me happy.  So, happy, happy, happy!   However, I did get a spanking for using the occasional cuss word!  Ouch!  I didn’t object, but I certainly have something to talk about that at our next Maintenance Session. (See post My Approach to My DD Contract for detail on the purpose our Maintenance Sessions).

Yes, I agreed to “No cussing” in my contract.  This was due to the fact I found myself cussing more and more and it was becoming a bad habit that needed to be broken.  I occasionally would let a few expletives loose around our son because cussing was becoming more of an automatic response to certain situations.  I wanted Mike’s help in breaking me of this, but I figured my blog was different.

My defense is that sometimes I was blogging about my state of mind at a particular point in time, or a thought that was going through my head at that time, or, something I actually did say.  So either my use of a cuss word was “necessary” to succinctly get a reader to understand my state of mind, or I was sharing a thought I had at the time, or, was simply factually reporting a time when I used a cuss word.

We’ll see what he says next week, and Mike, if you are reading this, you now know one of the things I’d like to respectfully discuss.  Unless he allows some leeway, it’s a cuss-free zone from here.  &#%*&!!!

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