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51. Olympic Post: Gold, Brazilian, Cunnilingus?

Hodgepodge of things to share and catch you up on.

Olympic Gold.  Five Acts of Service update. 
There was some suspense. Mike first listed the following:   1. organizing his clothes in the closet and dresser.  2. Ironing all his clothes, even his casual stuff.  3. Polishing his shoes.  4. Cleaning/maintaining the cars.  5. Having warm towels ready for him when he got out of the shower.

Technically, all five of those were on my list, but my list had 2&3 combined as one item, so there was still one more thing on my list that he hadn’t mentioned.  I let him know this, so, we had to go to the Rules Committee (aka Mike) for his interpretation.   Fortunately he simply said he needed to come up with one more – and he did.  He included me nicely displaying two sets of clothes from which he can choose to wear each morning. That means I was 5 for 5!  I nailed the challenge.

Winning the challenge kept my virtual emotional gas tank on full.  I continue to be high energy and full of vigor.  I am enjoying my deeper service to Mike, and I know he is enjoying it too.  If my challenge was an Olympic event, then I got the gold!

Brazil.  Brazilian update.
Speaking of Olympics, I got my first Brazilian wax over the weekend and we did the full “Hollywood” treatment.   Mike and I spent an evening with John and Donna where Donna gave me a Brazilian while the guys watched.  Overall it wasn’t too bad except for a few “pulls” that really hurt.  Don’t get me wrong, all of it hurts, but it isn’t excruciating.  Maybe a 5 on a scale of 10, except for a few that maybe registered an 8 – but whatever amount of pain you have doesn’t linger.  I did have slight redness in one spot that had a burning sensation linger for a bit, but it quickly went away after applying lotion.

And we did the backside too.   Yep, got the butthole all smooth too!  That really had no feeling, I assume a combination of a lot less sensitive and not many hairs.

The process of getting it done could be a challenge to one’s modesty, except I have none.  I got a thrill out of giving them all an intimate glimpse at the kibbles and bits.  It wasn’t overly sexual, at least in my mind, as my focus was on what Donna was doing and making sure it wasn’t going to hurt too much.  However, it did turn sexual.

Cunning Linguist.
I don’t believe I mentioned this before but Donna speaks three languages.  English, of course, but also Spanish and Portuguese.   Yes, my Rio Olympic theme continues as Portuguese is the official language of Brazil – however, she is actually part Portuguese as her mother emigrated from Portugal.  Donna picked up Spanish as it is useful in these parts (I am in Texas, which I don’t think I mentioned before either).  None of this is relevant to this story, but I was trying to think of a cute way to introduce what happened at my waxing.  Suffice to say, Donna is crafty, and she speaks three languages, thus, she is a cunning linguist.

My wax was basically done.  She was just getting a few strays hairs here and there.  Mike and John were getting up real close and personal and pointing out a stray one here or there.  I swear there were none left and they were just getting a thrill out of “inspecting” me so closely.  Donna would rub and even spread my folds and say, “There isn’t any hair, it’s all smooth everywhere.”   Mike and John would insist I needed one more dab of wax here or there.  Finally Donna said, “Not only do I not see any, but I don’t feel any.  She is as smooth as silk.”  When they kept insisting, in a joking way, that there was more, she shockingly said, “Let’s have my tongue be the test.  If my tongue can’t feel it, then it ain’t there.”  And with that she proceeding to go down on me!

I mentioned before that I have always been attracted to Donna.  She told me she had never been with another woman before.  I had several experiences during my college daze, I mean, days.   Anyway, she professed just not being interested in women – so it came as a shock to me, but a pleasurable one.  The guys clearly enjoyed the extra show.  My waxing apparently was just the warm up act.

Donna stayed down on me all the way through climax.  Sorry for not giving a blow by blow, or in this case, a lick by lick, but this post is getting long and I still have much more to share.  Suffice to say Donna has to be the best waxer on this planet!

More to Come/Cum?
Afterwards she did give me a little kiss as she got up and said, “Yep, clean as whistle.  Anyone doubt that?”

My mind raced for moment. It was like she was inviting either Mike or John to check – with their tongues.  I’ve shared before that Mike and I have had sex in the same room with John and Donna having sex, but we have never swapped.  The closest was that John did feel my breasts before and Mike has felt Donna’s, but it was more of a curiosity, clinical type feel than a sexual one.    Mike said, “I’ll take your word for it Donna but if I find a stray hair tonight, we’ll be back.”   With that, Mike turned to John.  It was if Mike was giving him permission to do his own check.

I was ready (and I am ready) to submit to whatever Mike allows.  As I think back on it, it is interesting that I never thought about this could mean John would be going down on me, or that this was clearly a big time sexual act that I would be doing with someone other than Mike.  I remember thinking, “I am game if Mike is game.”  My mind was focused on pleasing Mike and submitting to whatever he wanted me to submit to.  Period.

Now, the tormentor in me wants to end this post here and leave you with a cliffhanger.  I would do that if I had something salacious to end with.  However, it was not to be.  John simply said, “I’ll take Donna’s word for it as well.”

Post Script
Mike asked me later what I would have done if John wanted to “check” for himself.  I told Mike I would have responded in any way Mike wanted.  If he did not object, I would not object.  So naturally, I asked him the same question.  Mike said he probably would have let him go down on me.

Our discussion led to his blunt question of, “Do you want us to have sex with them?”  I answered as any good submissive would, but more importantly, I really meant it.  I am perfectly fine with us doing that if he wants that experience for us.  I have no reservations or hesitations.  I love the idea of it, but idea and action are two different things as Mike and I have mentioned many times before when sharing our sexual fantasies.  I am willing to go through with it if I knew he wanted that.  I told him my submission to him is total, as is my commitment and love.  Nothing would change that, and if we did this and he decided never to do it again, so be it.  Of course we may find we really enjoy it.  Either way, I would have no ill feelings about it.  It may seem nonchalant, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Mike didn’t want a “submissive” answer and he kept pressing.  I then told him yes, I would be willing to do this not IF he would enjoy it but because I think it IS something he would enjoy and I will enjoy it primarily because of that.  In addition, we both love sex and I know we both will enjoy anything that “gets us off” sexually as long as we are in it together.  I told him my bigger concern is whether it is what John and Donna would want, especially Donna.  I wouldn’t want her to have to just go along with it.  As wild as John and Donna are together (way wilder than Mike and I), that doesn’t mean this would be their thing.  However, both Mike and I agree the sexual atmosphere when we are with them is always teasing at us and it seems inevitable that we will end up doing much more with them.  Mike said we needed to have this blunt talk with them.  Mike is going to talk to John and I will talk with Donna.  We’ll see where that leads.

Given what has already happened, I don’t believe this will be like the Olympics such that this opportunity will only present itself once every four years!   Konnichiwa!

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