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130. Growing our Joy Box. XXX-mas in April.

We are growing our collection of toys and other adult oriented accouterments.  Similar to last year’s
XXX-mas in July, we just went on a shopping spree.   Although we just ordered the stuff and it is still March, they won’t arrive until April. 

Mike bought a large armoire to store our adult playthings.  We put it at the back of our walk in closet, far from where kids or guests would venture.  Plus, it locks!   It easily stored all our existing toys.  Murphy’s Law says your sex toys must expand to the space you allocate for them.  Thus, we had no choice.  We had to buy more.  Um, well, maybe that’s not Murphy’s Law, but it’s Jenny’s!  

I shared in an earlier post that we bought Kayla a large locking chest as a “welcome” gift that is used to store some toys she picked out for herself.   Well, now she has our old chest plus that first one, and we have our new armoire to fill.

We refer to the armoire and the chests not as our Toy Box, but as our Joy Box!

note – prior to our DD lifestyle, we didn’t own any toys.  Oh how that has changed!

Mike really splurged and set a $1,500 budget!  The way it worked is each of us (Mike, me, and Kayla) would create our own lists.  There was an “A” list where we could identify $400 in stuff we wanted.  We then each had a “B” list identifying another $300 in spending.  I know that is $700 each, but we wouldn’t necessarily get everything on our “B” list.  That would be up to group discussion.  That’s a lot of stuff!   Mike wanted to make this an “event” versus just slowly adding to our fun.  

Mike had each of us do our own searches and develop our own shopping lists. And not only were we to include the price, but also the website we found them on.  In addition, we had to write the reason why we were interested in the item and whether they were for use on ourselves, others, or to be used by all three of us.   

We then sat down and shared our lists.   If there were duplicates or triplicates on our “A” list, one person had to leave it on their list and the other(s) got to remove it.  If you removed an item from your “A” list you could then move up an item from your “B” list to keep your “A” list budget of $300.   Following?   Yeah, a little confusing, but it worked well.  Once all three “A” lists were complete, we had $1,200 of the $1,500 spent and we all still had stuff on our “B” lists.  

Mike then said that either Kayla or me would get all the remaining $300 to spend.  Who would get that money would depend on the outcome of a contest!  

It was a spanking contest, but Mike was not the spanker.  I would spank Kayla and she would spank me, and whomever called “red” first would be the loser.    We would start with a round of one swat, then a round of two consecutive swats, then three, etc.  It really tested exactly how badly we wanted what was on our list.

Kayla and I saw this as a fun competition and both playfully taunted the other that they would give up first.  The swats started and they were all extremely hard.  Kayla was putting all she had into each swat of my behind, and I too was not holding back on her. After just the first round where we each just got one swat, I knew this contest was not likely to go many rounds.   At the end of round 4, I couldn’t answer the bell for round 5.  I caved first.  

My excuse was that it was less about not being able to tolerate the pain and more about the fact the pain surpassed the desire to get what was on my list.  I already have a lot toys, I don’t need my butt beat to earn a few more.  

$1,540.  Okay, a little over budget but Mike approved.  If you are interested, most of the stuff came from either Tabu Toys or Extreme Restraints.    Yes, unlike our XXX-Mas in July list, which was heavily slanted towards spanking implements, this list had a bit more BDSM slant. Okay, maybe more than a bit. 

Here’s what we got from the list of each person:

Cock ring, penis pump, cupping system, pinwheel, and violet wand.

We have a cock ring and we love it, and I wanted another.  It’s amazing how they can make a hard on a metal rod hard on.  As for the pump, it was more a curiosity and gives something for me and for Kayla to use on him, to the extent he allows it.  I’ve always wanted a pinwheel as the sensations should be wonderful.   The cupping system is part of my love of breast and nipple stimulation (stimulation as in “pain”, but the nice kind of pain).  And the system works on the vagina or clit, which should be interesting.  I really got it for the breasts and a little apprehensive about the other, but you have to experiment!  

The item I am most excited about is the violet wand.  It is expensive but I hope is worth it.  

Faux leather zip up dress, open cup bustier, chrome collar/bracelets/ankle shackles, single choker, locking wrist/ankle spreader bar, bed restraints, 2 sets of anal beads, and flogger.

Her list was definitely the BDSM list.  The outfits were no surprise and I can’t wait to see her in them.  The matching chrome “jewelry” will be fun while the spreader bar was a surprise to me, but a pleasant one.  She has always admitted she likes being restrained and that contraption is very restraining.  While a newbie to anal sex, she has become fond of anal play and thus wanted some beads.   The sweetest thing was the choker.  It is something she wants to wear in public.  It is subtle enough that vanilla folks might think it was suggestive, but more than likely wouldn’t even give it a second thought.  Anyone into kink would know what it represented.  

Oh, and I want to mention that Kayla will look so good in those outfits.  Not that she needed to, but Kayla has lost ten pounds since moving in with us. She wanted to become more fit and basically just started eating healthier and adding some light exercising.  She wanted to look as good as she feels.   To me her positive feelings were already making her look more beautiful than ever, and now her physique matches those improved feelings.  Self-confidence is a great aphrodisiac and her self-confidence about her insides and her outsides is off the charts.      

O-ring gag, gag with nipple clamps, pleasure tape, rope, snap hooks, gels, strap on, cleansing system.

Yep, also a BDSM slant to it!  He really likes using the gags on us and will now have two new gags at his disposal.  The pleasure tape and rope means more restraints.  The big eye opener to me was the strap on and the cleansing system, both of which he said were not for him but for me and Kayla.

Mike said he wants to have me and Kayla use the strap-on on each other.  I don’t have any qualms about it, but it just surprised me as he hadn’t expressed an interest in that before.   I asked him about that and he said that he never really thought of it but when he came across it online he immediately thought, “yes, I want to see that in use.”

As for the cleansing system, he felt it would make the hygiene process easier and more thorough, while at the same time he could explore enema’s as punishment.   This was not a surprise as he had voiced this before.  Remember, we share our dreams and desires, especially the naughty ones.  Unlike the wand, this is one item I am not looking forward to.  Therefore, it means I also look forward to it.  Such is the dichotomy of being a submissive.

It will be a fun Spring and Summer!

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