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290. The Holidays – Christmas


This is my attempt to catch up on some things I would have posted about during my respite.  Minus the spankings, blow jobs, sex with friends, and that kind of stuff.   Just mostly G-rated going on’s in an otherwise X-rated lifestyle.  (Actually, I think NC-17 is more appropriate than X, but, whatever).

I wrote about my Thanksgiving on my prior post.  Now, on to Christmas!  Before I get into that, I realize with so many posts so close together, it may be easy to miss something very important to me.  My dad passed away.  If you missed that post, you can read it here. 

Traditionally we would get together Christmas Eve at Mike’s parents and Christmas Day at mine.  With Mike’s parents passing last year, and with my dad’s passing, it’s clear new traditions are in order.  (His mom passed away almost exactly one year before my dad).

Mike’s siblings still make it a point to get together on holidays.  This year, one of his nieces actually played host.  She’s got a nice house that could accommodate everyone and we had a nice dinner and present exchange with Mike’s side of the family.

Our own house was full much of the time.  T1 and E stayed several days with us so as not to have to drive back and forth (they live about 2.5 hours away).  And T2 and his girlfriend, G, came in from California and also stayed with us.  It was great having a full house.  And yes, much of the time we were all nude.  We have fully embraced a nudist lifestyle and it is our default.   

Christmas morning was the eight of us… me, Mike, Kayla, T1 & E, T2 & G, and J.   Late afternoon we all went over to my mom’s and joined up with my siblings and their kids. 

It has been several years since so many of us were together.  My brother doesn’t always come down for Christmas, and as the nieces and nephews are older, have their own families, and have spread out geographically,  they don’t always get together for Christmas.  However this year my dad’s passing had everyone focused on being with my mom.  It was really great, and it wasn’t lost on anyone that it may be the last time so many of us are together at the same time.  

The “next generation” — my kids and their cousins – is getting older, having their own families, their own in-laws, and forming their own traditions.  It’s not realistic to expect them to attend every “Christmas as my mom’s.”   That’s just how families evolve.     We all sensed this.  And with my dad’s passing, we also sensed how precious every moment is.  We all appreciated every moment of this very special Christmas.