381. One eternity later

Wow. Two days in a row of posting. I am on a roll!


My last post was March 17, yes?

What’s that you say?

Uh-huh. Yes. March 17. You can check it for yourself.


You mean. . .

It was March 17, 2021? Are you sure?

Really? Double check that.

No way.


. . .

. . .

. . .

Well, where the f have I been?

At this point, I guess no need to pick up where I left off going over the changes we made to our Agreement. That’s old news.

Will I be posting regularly?
I don’t know, although I don’t plan on waiting until March 2023 to post again. I mentioned before I feel like my life reached a point it was unblogworthy. But a year worth of unblogworthiness? I guess so.

As I’ve stated before, our DD and exploration stopped evolving and reached it’s “perfect place” in our hearts and minds. Besides, how many times can you read of my latest punishment, sexual romp, or esoteric rant?

Oh, that many times!! Really? Well I’ll be darned. Maybe I should have kept blogging!

Here are some highlights of the last year which I will post about in more detail in coming posts.

  • Covid
    We’ve remained Covid-free, but our middle son, T2, who lives in CA was not so fortunate. While his case was mild, his wife’s was quite severe. She thought she was going to die and more than a year later, still has issues with what they call Long Covid.
  • Oh yeah, T2 got married! And it is a bit untraditional!
  • And T1 and my daughter-in-law had a baby! So I am a grandma
  • And if all goes as planned, Kayla will be pregnant this summer/early fall. Yawn. Wait. What?
  • We’ve had two different houseguests for extended periods. Who and why did these women stay with us?
  • My marriage is as strong as ever and I feel as fulfilled and purposeful as ever! Life is good.

Let’s see. Which of those sound the most interesting? Probably none of them. Maybe I will just talk politics instead?

Such a tease.

Thanks for sticking with me. More to come.

Next: 382. Baby makes four?

13 thoughts on “381. One eternity later”

  1. So glad you’re back – and largely thriving! Before you get into what you’ve been up to I’d be very interested in your take on Harry and Megan leaving the Royal Family – maybe an entry on that first?

    Kidding, of course, on tenterhooks for details of your exploits, especially your mysterious houseguests!


    1. Thank you. Not so hard on us, but def hard on her and T2. Apparently she is incrementally showing fewer issues. She is in a Long COVID study and getting help. It’s hasn’t been debilitating but has been a nuisance and challenging at times.


    1. Would love to know what everyone is up to. Can you let me know what their blogs are, and thankyou for you reply xx


  2. HI Jen

    Great to see you back, seriously missed your adventures, looking forward to the future, stay well and safe.


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