A comment on a prior post had me reflecting and recognizing that my blog provides you a limited glimpse into my life. A glimpse ONLY into the things I choose to share.

I believe the reason I tend to be wordy in my posts is that I don’t like to leave too much to your interpretation. A good writer would leave you more to interpret and personalize. But my goal isn’t good writing. (Hey, I heard that. Who said, “Well, Jen, mission accomplished.”). I mean, I try to be entertaining, but in the end, I want to convey MY experience, MY thoughts, MY emotions, MY reasoning, MY motivation, and MY conclusions. Pretty selfish, but hey, it’s my blog!

Further, I tend to share things that I find interesting, a new revelation that surprises me or makes me think. Writing also helps me collect and reconcile my thoughts, thus, I often write about things that require some deeper thinking and emotional exploration.


My approach means mundane day-to-day things never get shared. The consequence of this is you are left to assume my entire days are filled with slave-like living conditions, threats of punishment, and being a sexual toy subject to sadistic whims of my husband.

That’s NOT an accurate portrayal of my entire life. That’s more like my Tuesday’s.

Just kidding.

Seriously, so much of my day is pretty “normal.” It’s just the backdrop is very unique. Yes, I defer a lot to my husband and demonstrate a continued reverence and respect towards him (at least that’s my goal). And yes, we consider ourselves to be in a plural marriage, with Kayla our wife. But even that is mostly just normal relationship stuff on any given day. Talk of our days, talk of current events, talk of our plans for tomorrow or the weekend, family news, etc. Pretty normal.

Yes, that “normality” can be broken by a spanking if one of us earns one. But I haven’t been spanked in over six weeks, other than Maintenance. I’ve been a good girl! So it’s not all spanking and wild sex (but there is some of that!).

So to that commenter a few posts back, and to anyone else who may think otherwise, I want to express my immense satisfaction, fulfillment, and sense of purpose and excitement I get from my daily life. I love the dynamic that we’ve created in my household!

I will concede that, almost six years into DD and almost five years into my blog, that my posts often lack the sense of excitement found in earlier posts. That’s simply because there is less unknown, less ground to explore, and less uncharted waters. The unknown brings a level of energy and excitement that can’t be replicated once things are more known. There is less to explore, less uncharted waters, but that doesn’t mean I am any less fulfilled.

I am also less in awe of myself as I was in my early days of this journey. I mean, how long can you remain in awe of your daily life? Eventually, it becomes routine, so much so that in some ways I no longer remember life pre-DD.

I hope no one reads into my posts that I have become saddened or worried or less fulfilled in my life. I HAVE NOT. Life is just on an even keel, with occasional “pops” of incremental change or surprises, like the Orgasm Control. Honestly, can you imagine what my life would be if I continued on the same trajectory of exploration and change that went on the first 2-3 years? Well, of course you can, because you are a sex hungry kinkster!


We will soon start work on “renegotiating” our Agreement. We always start off saying we should simplify it. We don’t need all the detail we initially put into it, detail that helped us make sure our intentions were clear. But I suspect a repeat of what happens when we intend to simplify it. We end up enjoy the detail as it helps reinforce all the things we want from our dynamic. So unless something changes, we probably will trim off very little and even add to it. We shall see!

Whatever the outcome of the new contract, I know I owe so much to my decision back in 2015 to embark on this journey to shake up my life and look for ways to find greater fulfillment in every moment, every day.

Oh, speaking of coming soon, I don’t think I ever shared with you what happened when I came without permission. I mentioned it at the end of my Nov 7 post. I am overdue with rewarding my readers with what they really want to read — spank-filled sexually charged stories! Maybe next post, if you insist.

NEXT: 374. Uh-Oh-gasm: Orgasm Control / lack thereof


  1. As someone who talks about our D/s life in a podcast people tend to assume the same of us, that our life is filled with non-stop D/s and S/M. Oh how I wish it were like that but life happens as we put it, work has to be done, bills paid, and meals cooked, in addition to the laundry and other normal routines of life.
    They only see that peek, that snapshot in time that we share. To us it is also a matter of holding onto a part of us that is just us, that personal part that we share with no one other than what goes on within these four walls.

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  2. A friend who knew about our poly family said to me, “Man… you must be having orgies every damned day!’ I laughed and said, “Not even; what goes on every day is stuff that’s actually pretty boring, you know, raising kids, working, shopping – normal stuff.” Even when I write about bisexuality, the parts I don’t write about – what a bi guy like myself does every day – can be pretty boring and routine – get up, wash up, make coffee and tea, go shopping, cleaning my bathroom…

    Yeah. That’s about it. Were I to write about my day, most days would only be two paragraphs long.

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  3. I love whatever you share with us! The boring and the mundane as well as the excitement and “depravity” lol. Just keep on doing you!!

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  4. I love this post. I’ve been asked too if my whole life is all about DD and being spanked. I have wrote about our “normal” life a couple of times, and they are the least read messages on my blog. This one may be your least read too. Lol. But you spoke well about it here. Keep blogging about the awe-moments, and the not-so-awe ones too! Have an amazing day! Marie

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  5. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think your thoughts here reflect all us PE and kinky bloggers alike. Or at least, I feel like I could have written this post myself.
    Writing about what’s happening on our D/s front is in no way a representation of the whole picture. I feel sometimes when I post about our negotiations or the new decisions we make that people think our relationship was struggling. No, we’re just always in a state of flux as people.

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  6. Hey…your Tuesdays sound pretty darn good to me! Seriously though, I have loved following your journey the last four years (that I’ve been on WordPress). That you are living a fulfilling life is AWESOME. Keep on doing you, dd jenny 🙂

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