372. Kayla Shufflebottom

It’s official. Kayla has changed her name. It is now officially Kayla Shufflebottom!

Just kidding. That’s not OUR last name.

Yes, Kayla has officially and formally changed her last name to match ours. I first wrote of this back in March.

It took a little longer than expected because of Covid related delays. Also, it is a little more involved when changing your name due to something other than marriage or divorce. You actually have to file a petition… a suit… to the court. And she had to appear before a judge and explain her reasoning. It was entirely possible for the judge to say no, but we were told typically the judges are concerned about illegitimate reasons, such as trying to hide ones identify, masquerade as someone they are not, or just otherwise create a presumption they are someone they are not.

So I guess that means I am stuck with her in my life. Lol.

Seriously though, we have had many conversations where we (both me and Mike) have wanted to better understand her feelings about us. We are secure in our feelings about her! We love her, and we want her as a permanent part of our lives. But, that’s us . What about her?

What would motivate a now, 26 year-old, bright, financially independent, educated, young woman to hitch herself to a couple practically twice her age?

I guess it’s not much different than what would motivate a 25+ year married couple to hitch themselves to a woman half their age. Love is a strange thing!

Hey, look at that. I wrote a post in under 1,400 words!


20 thoughts on “372. Kayla Shufflebottom”

    1. Yes! We are so thrilled with the bold and beautiful demonstration of commitment and connection. It has prompted questions from friends and coworkers and she proudly explains the truth. While fairly well known among her closest of friends, most people had no idea that “we” are three.

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      1. Ha. I knew what you meant, but also, a ski trip would make for a good celebratory event. But no, we don’t have an event in mind. We had a “Relationship Bonding” ceremony in October 2018, referenced in https://ddjennifer.wordpress.com/2018/10/12/283-we-are-three-and-a-wedding/. We feel it’s adequately known among friends, family, and coworkers that a second event seems a bit self indulgent, and impractical given Covid.

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          1. Oh. Yes, I just didn’t think if it in terms of ceremony. I made a special dinner for the three of us, her favorite – a family recipe of homemade spaghetti and homemade sauce. Not very ceremonial, but I wanted to at least show her some recognition for the huge decision she made to honor us and our relationship.
            Thank you for your well wishes!

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