Two things I forgot to include the last post.. . .

I meant to close out the cliffhanger from Post 360. Finger Spankin’ Good. Did I choose Dick & Belt, or did I take the out Mike offered me?

I only had moments to formulate a response. I quickly assessed all the pros and cons and —- I took the out!

I can get dick any time, and as for the belt, as much as I accept spankings, guess what? They hurt! So given the opportunity, I’ll opt-out. I was already spanked a bit and I think my orgasm also contributed to my dick-free mood. Plus, I wanted to make a point that, as much as I appreciated the “deviation from the norm,” (aka “the nice finger fuck”), I strive to keep sex and discipline separate.

And that’s the perfect segue. . . .

I encourage you to check out Kinkly and subscribe! tI’s one of my favorite sites. Their Sex Blogger Directory is a great resource for finding blogs that relate to your tastes and desires.

I’ve been listed in their Superheroes List in the past. Something like #360-ish out of 500. Nice to be listed! They are currently taking votes for their updated list.

You can Vote Here.
Sort alphabetically and look for Domestic Discipline, Jenny Style

If you have a blog you’d like to be listed, you can be added to Kinkly’s list by going here.

Whether you give me a nod or not, I encourage you to check out Kinkly if you’re a reading perv or register your site if you’re a kink-related blogger-perv, like me.

Post 363. Irrative Process Part 1 Why I Submit


  1. I tried to go and vote but I cannot find DDJennifer on list. Should I be looking for something else?

    On a side note you should know you and your blog has changed my life. I love to write now because of you, my husband and I’d domestic disapline life is so much more.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much for voting and your comments. It’s heartwarming to know that I’ve helped in some way. Good luck in your continued journeys!
      As for voting, sort alphabetically and you’ll find me under Domestic Discipline, Jenny Style.
      And i just realized i was listed #110 last year! Oh my!
      Thanks again, and here’s the link again. https://www.kinkly.com/top-sex-bloggers


    2. I ended up typing in ddjennifer into the search engine and it brought up her blog with a vote button.

      The link in the post is actually to the 2019 post by Kinkly, but the link in Jennifer’s comment is to the 2020 post.

      However it was still hard to find her blog, thus it was easier for me to just search for the name and then thankfully the vote button was right there!


  2. Being spanked hurts… well, who knew? Keeping sex and discipline separate… I find that interesting and I’m gonna ask: How’s that really working for you and more so when, as far as I can tell – and you know I know jack shit about this – that the discipline encompasses every aspect of your life, including sex. Maybe you’ve explained this before and I just missed it but why is it so important for you to put distance between the two things and two things that are integral to you?

    Sometimes in these things, it’s not what you do – or don’t do – that has importance: It’s why and if no one else wants to know why, I do… because I’m just curious like that.


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