337. Outsourcing Domestic Discipline



In the last five months

  • I turned 50!
  • Kayla turned 25
  • We celebrated a two year anniversary of sorts with Kayla.  It’s been two years since we had a public celebration and recognition of her place in our plural marriage.
  • I started working part-time
  • What’s the latest with our various friends in our Circle of Trust? (COT)?
  • Lots of sex

Hum?  Which would most readers want me to elaborate on?

How about, “None of the above?”    Actually, this is a bit of catching up with one couple in our COT, Jaime and Chelsea.  I wrote this post months ago that I thought I posted, but it was still in my drafts.  So I am going to resurrect it and post it now.  Thus, I still have plenty of fodder for my next post regarding goings-on during my blogging hiatus.


With a bit of an empty nest, I thought I’d have more time to blog, not less.  Volunteering, picking up extra household duties (Kayla now works full time), a bit of being lazy and using my free time to watch tv instead of blog, and yes, even BOWLING!  The three of us joined a bowling league!   I bet you didn’t know I was a jock!  To the extent that a bowler can claim that moniker, ha!


Before diving into my latest update on my life of whimsy and wonder, I thought I’d share two things I am enjoying online.

    https://goeatacarrot.com/.    Check her out.   Read about her theories and experiences with dating, sex, love, and relationships (not necessarily in that order)!  A blend of humor, politics, and sexuality!    Love her!
    https://sisters-in-submission.mn.co/A women’s only online community connecting women who want to dig deeper into what submission means for them.  The site is well organized and the community is great and supportive of everyone, from those considering submission to those who are full-on slaves, and many in-between.A lot of the post are at the more extreme end of “women are holes” so, be prepared!   But, there are more moderate and mild submissives on there.  From my experience, everyone is supportive of other’s views, but if misogyny is not your thing, skip it.  If it sounds interesting and you are female, check it out.

End of Public Service Announcement!

I thought I’d expand on something I brought up in a previous post regarding Mike’s relationship with Jaime and Chelsea.

As a quick recap regarding Jaime and Chelsea (if you want the details, read Post 308):

  • So that you don’t live your life thinking it is Jay-me, it is pronounced Hi-me.  Spanish for James.   This is important because to this day I think of Hermoine Granger as “Her-Moyn” and notHer-mi-o-ney.”   I digress
  • Kayla met Chelsea in college about two years ago. Kayla was a grad student, Chelsea an undergrad.  They are basically the same age though.  This is new for Kayla as for her entire life her closest friends were also much older than her.
  • Jaime & Chelsea have been married six years.  They got married as soon as Chelsea got out of high school.  She was 18, Jaime was 22.
  • Chelsea grew up in a family that practiced corporal punishment/domestic discipline.  Spanking was a family tradition and something she was eager to leave.
  • After several years of marriage, Chelsea began craving more leadership and discipline from Jaime, including domestic discipline.   Jaime resisted.
  • After befriending Kayla, Chelsea’s need for submission reached a tipping point where she had to get Jaime on board.  It didn’t take too much effort this time and Jaime agreed to a DD dynamic — with some help from us, namely Mike. 
  • Mike has become the de facto DD coach for Jaime.   Mike administered many of the initial punishments and basically oversaw many more to help Jaime find his way as a Head of Household.  
  • Jaime looks up to Mike and is amazed at how Chelsea’s behavior, mood, and personality has changed for the better and how much happier she is.  He credits Mike with those changes. 
  • Chelsea has a crush on Mike and, as revealed in a prior post, has performed oral sex on Mike, with Jaime’s blessing.   

Sounds like a happy ending (lol!).   All parties do appear to be happy, but things have evolved differently than any of us has anticipated.   Jaime recently told Mike that he not only appreciates all the help Mike gives, but he really “gets off” on watching Mike spank her.  What has evolved is that Jaime has basically “outsourced” his DD to Mike.  Mike is Chelsea’s disciplinarian.   There is a weekly meeting, typically at their place, but sometimes at ours, that serve as Chelsea’s Maintenance Session.  

This odd arrangement has been working.  All three parties seem to find it fulfilling.  I don’t question it as I feel no need to do so.  I feel I have no standing to complain if it works for them and doesn’t interfere in my household dynamic.  Mike has asked me my opinion and I honestly give it.  I find it odd, but I can accept odd.  Heck, just look at my lifestyle.  What I do is odd, thus an “oddity” factor certainly can’t be my criteria to complain.   And honestly, I only had one concern. 

The only thing that bothers me is when we have to change our schedule to accommodate them.  They are our friends and I thoroughly enjoy the thought of Mike helping them as he does.  It really tingles me in the right places to think of him as this DD-Jedi of sorts.  But, changing our plans to accommodate them?  Sorry, I don’t like it.  I am happy to accommodate a friend when something unexpected occurs – but this is a weekly thing.   I shared my concern and Mike said he would strive to “work them in” on our schedule, not theirs.  And thus far it’s worked out!  See, I told you I have a voice in my marriage!  I get to provide feedback whenever my husband wants to spank someone else’s wife!  Who could ask for more?  lol. 

Oh, and there was one other concern I had at first.  It didn’t seem to me that Mike was really into it as if he looked at it as a chore.  He never said so, but I didn’t sense much enthusiasm.   We talked about it, and Mike said he purposely tried to “play it cool” when talking about it with me or with Kayla.   He said, “Honestly, I enjoy this role.  It is challenging to be the right kind of disciplinarian to you and to Kayla.  I feel I have mastered that challenge and it’s exciting to have someone new to figure out.”

It helped me to know he enjoys it, as I get a lot of joy from his enjoyment of anything (or anyone!).   Mike also said, before I had a chance to, that at some point his feelings may change, as may Jaime’s or Chelsea’s.  Like any change, we try and stay ahead of it through open and honest dialogue.  From what Mike says and from what I have witnessed, Jaime is a little slow on expressing himself, so it concerns me that something may fester and then show itself in a negative way.  The great thing about our relationship with them is that I am able to share this concern directly with Jaime.  I believe he fully understands the need to speak up.  And although he tends to be a bit quiet, I have to give him credit.  It couldn’t have been easy to ask Mike to become the de-facto disciplinarian in his marriage.    

Kayla is more uncomfortable with it.  I think because Chelsea is her friend and her age, it’s easier to trigger the jealousy instincts.  Kayla acknowledges it and while a bit rough at first, it has evolved to where she looks at is as sharing something (someone) she has that is really cool and that she highly cherishes.   It’s an act of her “giving,” not of someone else “taking.”  And like me, it becomes a source of pride in that, “Yeah, that’s my husband providing you something you and your husband really need and enjoy.”

Maybe there’s a way Mike can monetize his Dom skills.  Does Angie’s List include a listing for Disciplinarians? 

NEXT: 338.  Jen, just shut up already!

17 thoughts on “337. Outsourcing Domestic Discipline”

  1. I have the privilege of disciplining my friends wife. She can be bratty and requires quite a lot of maintenance. Given that they live in a small place with kids she’s sent to my house for her maintenance sessions. Once in two weeks she spends the day with us and I quite enjoy having two submissives around twice a month. The only thing I don’t do to her is fuck her. I enjoy all the other privileges. Having two sets of butts to spank is heaven.

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  2. > So that you don’t live your life thinking it is Jay-me, it is pronounced Hi-me. Spanish for James.

    I don’t know if “Jaime” is also Spanish for James, but what I am certain about is that “Santiago” is Spanish for James.

    You can tell because James was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles, and you don’t see any mentions of a “Jaime” in any of the Spanish versions of Jesus’ 12 apostles. What you have is “Santiago.”


    1. Jaime is a variety of James, as is Santiago. Funny story – I grew up next door to Hispanic family who joked they named their two sons the same thing. One was James and one was Santiago. (We all called him Chago).


  3. I submitted a request to join the sisters in submission site. Haven’t gotten access yet. Any idea on how long it might take? Maybe I was denied. 😦

    Love reading your blog! You inspire me!


    1. No, it wasn’t denied. I actually heard from the creator of the site. She got a flood of requests! She is very diligent in her process to allow people in. Members have come through referrals or other ways and she works hard to keep out the trolls and pervs. I’ll reach out to her and see where’s she’s at in figuring out her next steps on vetting folks. Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully I am inspiring the best in you! It feels nice to hear such things!

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  4. I think I need my new leaner Mistress (my partner) to schedule my maintenance sessions. I’m struggling without them and not knowing when they will be. My Mistress needs to keep a closer eye on my behaviour as I’m exercising my submissive interests by provoking the dominance of others, probably because I’m boy being ‘Maintained’?

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    1. I hope you are communicating this to your Mistress. Communication is key. It’s also tough to balance what we think we need and what our Dom thinks we need. Sometimes those are in conflict. The only way to reconcile this is through communication. Ultimately, as the sub we must trust and respect their actions (ir lack of). But that does have its limits if you aren’t being fulfilled as a sub. Maybe she would be okay with you getting you submissive mindset fulfilled via others. Good luck!


  5. I have a friend who spanks me anytime we are together as couples. My D is proficient, but my friend’s husband doesn’t hold back as much when he strikes me. It’s delicious. My D services her in a similar vein.

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  6. I’m actually sitting here thinking about how Mike could monetize his skills… and I think I can figure it out, you know, if you were serious about that. Otherwise, so very good to hear from you again! One last thing: I was a bowler for a lot of years, more league championships than I can keep track of with a decent lifetime average of 186… so no more bowling jokes!

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    1. Ha. Yeah, was just joking in the monetizing. But who knows, when he retires he may be looking to do something new. He’s experienced, good at it, with references! Lol. 186. Nice. Mike is a 200+ bowler. About 205 or so. I am okay at 170 thus far. Kayla is new to it and learning. I think about 135ish for her but getting better.


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