334. One million thanks (okay, 1,000,353)


Uh, what?

I understand that my footprint in the universe of social media is nothing.  A morsel.  A rounding-to-the-hundredth decimal.   Sure, my following is small, but still, I am blown away by surpassing one million views.  Sure, it took three-and-half years, but I am still in awe.

I don’t know how this stacks up and frankly that has been part of the appeal to me with WordPress.  It isn’t about a non-stop ticker publicly counting off every view, like, and follow.   Yes, I can add that so that it appears, but even so, it is fairly hidden.  WordPress is not as “look at me” like other social media (aside from Post 326. Look at me! Validate me!, lol).

I never sought out to blog for follows, views, and likes.  I still don’t.  I must admit it. I blog for me.  See, at the core, sub or not, I am a bit selfish.  Just like how I approached my DD.  It’s about me, baby!   Well, that’s changed a bit regarding my dynamic, but still, my life is very much centered around my needs and desires.   Shouldn’t everyone’s?   I better stop before I get into a rant.

I just want to say “THANK YOU AND STAY KINKY!!”

NEXT: 335. The Bond of Sex

21 thoughts on “334. One million thanks (okay, 1,000,353)”

    1. It’s on both the phone app interface and website. If accessing WordPress through the website it is My Site, Stats, Insights. If the app, it’s just Stats, Insights. The web version gives you more detail than the phone app.

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          1. I have a stats section but I can’t get the stats you posted. I did that before and it must have been on my desk top.


      1. Wow. That’s great. You’re a niche within a niche within a niche, which is why I enjoy reading your posts! I credit my results to all my esoteric rambles as I am sure it has nothing to do with the spankings, sex, and craziness of TTWD.


  1. I admit that sometimes when I read blogs I don’t like or comment all the time. But I am aware that the hits get registered. That’s pretty awesome that you have all this traffic showing up here, even if they’re from lurkers. 🙂

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      1. You’re right. I have two personalities myself so I stay clear on one side but feel ‘freer’ on the other. Anyway, what attracts me is the writing, the stories. You have a compelling way to tell stories. 🙂

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