303. A kink in our routine


No, not The Kinks.  A kink.  And not the kinky kind of kink.

It was an unexpected 17 days between posts.  It’s been one thing after another.  My mom, who is in her early 80’s, had a bad fall.  I spent a lot of time tending to her and still will be doing so here and there.  Thankfully she is doing well. 

I know often times a fall like hers can mark the beginning of a swift decline, but she is on the road to bouncing back.    It will still probably be three or four more months before she is ready to mountain climb again (just kidding).   Seriously, she will need help with everyday tasks for several more months.   Thankfully she has long-term care insurance.  Not that it will end up paying all that much as she likely won’t need a home health aide for too long.  But it is comforting to know that there is a source to pay for her care if it becomes more serious.   If you are outside the U.S., maybe your socialized medicine provides such care, but in the great U.S.A., insurance doesn’t cover custodial care unless you are expected to recuperate very quickly.    There’s your insurance lesson for the day!

Enough about that.  There was more. . . 

The cold and flu bug hit our house, which isn’t that big of a deal except that J often struggles when he is sick.  His breathing can become compromised very quickly when he is all congested.   Plenty of inhalers and breathing treatments help address that, but his sleep schedule was all messed up which meant for some long nights.

Then there was more . . .  

My 21-year old niece came to stay with us for 5 days.  She lives on her own and is going through some issues and needed a respite from her boyfriend, friends, social media, and her parents.  So we became that respite.   We’re the “cool aunt and uncle” and often joke we are the Switzerland of our family as we tend to remain neutral to various things that happen in families.  Actually, it isn’t so much that we are neutral, it’s that we put out a more positive vibe that I think is comforting when someone is struggling.  As my niece puts it, we are “less judgey and more comforting.”  

Suffice to say all this tossed a few wrenchs into our normal routine.  

Being newly anointed “naturists” we all typically don’t wear clothes around the house.  But the cold weather often prompts one of us to don clothing of some sort.   I’ve mentioned before J really took to this nudist thing and actually his enthusiasm has a lot to do with why we made it our norm.   I mentioned before he has some tactile response issues and not wearing clothes seems to soothe him.   My niece was well aware of our clothing optional household as she was part of the “Naked Caravan.”    So she partook in it freely.  Frankly, it can feel more awkward if you are the only one with clothes on.

While her stay with us didn’t cramp our nudism, it did put a damper on our Domestic Discipline.  There were more “deferred” punishments that would be administered when we could get away over to John and Donna’s for some privacy.  And the sexual stuff was kept discreet – no random blow jobs in Mike’s home office.   

I do have some things I want to share and plan to get some posts out over the next several days.   At this point, I just wanted to drop a quick line as to what was going on. 

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9 thoughts on “303. A kink in our routine”

  1. My mom is no longer around but my father fell two years ago. It was bad, but he has recovered and is once again living on his own. He’s 88 and loves his independence. That independence is so important. I hope your mother is climbing mountains again soon!😏

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  2. It’s never easy when a loved one has an accident especially a parent, but your mother sounds like a strong and determined woman and with the love of a daughter like you, she hopefully will recover well. Glad your son, “J” is feeling better ~~ “when it rains, it pours”. Stay strong🌈

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  3. Glad to hear your mom will be okay; my mom will be 84 in a couple of weeks and she had a semi-bad fall a year ago but bounced back quickly – nothing broken but bruised pretty good. She has good insurance, good doctors, so all I had to do was remind her that she’s not 35 anymore and she needs to be more careful going up and down the stairs.

    Life just tends to make the road we travel kinky and when we least expect it, putting a damper on having fun, doesn’t it?

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  4. You are one strong lady, but what you have been thru the last several months would test your patience. Please stay well and don’t be so hard on yourself. Damn, sound like a post a just read. hehe

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  5. Hope your mom mends quickly. My 92 year old stepmother fell and broke her hip in February 2018. She had a hip replacement and went through both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. She was determined to regain her quality of life prior to the fall. She is back exercising at the Y and attending her painting class. The bottom line is that a fall doesn’t necessarily mean a decline.

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    1. Great to hear. My mom was in inpatient rehab for less than two weeks and has been been getting it at home. She sounds a bit like your mom in that mine is determined to get back to 100%. Thankfully she doesn’t have other health issues that should keep her from doing so and other than the injuries, overall she is strong and healthy. I think for some who are struggling with a lot of health issues, the fall becomes the catalyst for giving up. Definately not the case with our moms!

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