295. The one about the comment (the “Fuck You John” troll)


I wrestled with whether I was going to do a post about this, but clearly, my internal “Post it” camp beat out the “Don’t Post it” camp.

You have to read the comments by “Inspired by Music” on Post 289. The Holidays- Thanksgiving.

I really feel for her as she obviously was messed up by her experience with some guy named John, who she mistook me for.   With each successive comment, I began to worry that what I said could actually influence her emotional and possibly physical well being.  It was a bit unsettling for me, but I imagine even more so for her, as initially, she believed I was John (and maybe still does?).     

She stopped commenting and I never received an email from her.  She also deleted her own blog which had a handful of posts.  I think she finally accepted that I was not this John fellow.   I am going off that assumption and thus decided to do this post. 

Her comments definitely have me wanting more.  Who is John?  What other blogs has she thought were him?  Were any of them actually him?  What is it that I have in common with him that made my blog feel like John wrote it?    What did John do to her?  What’s her story?  

I hope she is able to move beyond her disgust for John and see the humor in the mistaken identity.  If not, at least I hope that you do.  Take a look at those comments

Wow, a short post by Jen!  (Hey, I heard that!).  




or is it John?   lol.

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21 thoughts on “295. The one about the comment (the “Fuck You John” troll)”

      1. I actually read through your post three times trying to figure out if the post itself was a counter-troll. The comment exchanges down here led me to believe not, but I still wasn’t sure 🙂

        Occasionally I find trolls useful because they generally attack the easiest point of entry, allowing one to fortify that point in the future. Mostly though, I just get mildly perturbed at those who try to tear down the things that people build up, while they themselves do not have the courage to build anything of their own.

        Take care.

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  1. wow that’s crazy I don’t know what her problem is . I never thought you were anyone else then what you say you are. you are a educated and articulate blogger and always enjoy your incites and your day to day lifestyle. I’m glad your blogging again also sorry for your loss and the rough few months. I do know she needs a good mouth soaping for her foul vulgar mouth. not a Dove bar either she needs a much harsher stronger soap for that mouth. Smh people are crazy it takes all kinds . well thanks again and I enjoy and am looking forward to your posts in the future

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    1. Well well well. I am beginning to think it’s a troll of sorts, but i give them points for creativity. Instead of disparaging is directly, they do so by calling us “John” and then disparaging him for the “vile” things we share about ourselves. Clever. Of course, it could still be a legit gal in full mental mode. Interesting indeed!

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      1. I find it fascinating that you believe this is a female. When they left a comment on one of my posts (deleted) I didn’t even think about gender. Just that someone was confused and was reacting irrationally.


          1. After the comment made on my blog, I assumed it was a male… lol. If it was a female, the comment seems even nastier!

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  2. I missed it the first time around and had to catch up. Oddly or maybe not so oddly, that does feel like she was in the throes of psychosis. I know it may come across as entertaining but I’ve found that there isn’t much someone can say that will dissuade a person from the track of thoughts in the middle of it. It’s like having the worst hangover, complete confidence in oneself and having the worst case of confirmation bias all at the same time. Everything will be taken as confirmation that they are right.

    There is a story here but I’m sure it’s an ugly one if I judge from the comments. The pain it takes to unhinge the mind is enormous. I feel for her and hope she finds safety and peace in her life. I hope she seeks professional help to overcome the traumas she’s experienced. I would not doubt that she’ll be reading and watching for some time until the psychosis fades. If she is, be safe out there. Your pain was heard.

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  3. How interesting, I have also had a comment left by someone called John such as “Fuck you John!” I am not sure whether the person meant fuck you to me and signed John or was saying fuck you to someone called John, lol. Totally freaked me as I actually know three people called John in real, bahaha.

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    1. How bizarre! I really wish I could resolve this and know if she is legit or some troll looking to stir things up. And if legit, I wish i could hear the story of what exactly this John did to her. I suspect whatever it, we would find that she was a few screws short or a complete set even prior to John!

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  4. I’m not sure if she is a real person who is delusional or just an internet troll. She left the same manner of comments on many other D/s blogs and responded similarly when told that he/she wasn’t John. Who knows….

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