289. The Holidays – Thanksgiving


Two posts in one day!  (actually, more to come).   Overdue stuff about my holidays.  

Yes, you’ll have to endure more posts devoid of debauchery.   I can already hear the clicks of many of you hitting your back button to return to whatever you were doing before coming here.   

Come on, it can’t always be about kinky stuff!  
I am not just some sex slave, sex machine, sex, sex, sex and more sex type of person.  Okay, let’s be honest.  I mean, yeah, I am sort of that type of person, but, . . . not completely!  lol.       

If I had kept with my posts, this would have been three separate posts…one about Thanksgiving, one about Christmas, and one about New Year’s.   You know what?  I am still going to make it three posts.  Tell ‘ya what… I’ll make sure my post AFTER these three is something more kink related!

My dad’s funeral was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  A lot of extended family decided to stay through Thanksgiving, which was really great.  The hustle and bustle of so many people helped bring love and joy to a somber time.   Death is a tricky thing for families to deal with as each person deals with it differently.   My mom could have preferred to be left alone more, but she welcomed the commotion of so many guests.   She is in her element when she gets to play host.   My sisters and I helped out a lot, of course. 

Thanksgiving was exclusively focused on my side of the family this year.   Mike’s parents passed away last year, his dad at the start of 2017, and his mom, in November of last year (almost exactly one year before my dad).   Mike does have siblings nearby, but this year we didn’t see any of them or their kids as part of an official “Thanksgiving” festivity. 
My sister hosted Thanksgiving day at her place, to make it easier on mom and because she has plenty of space.

“Hi, I am Kayla, I am, uh, uh, well…” 
Quick note: Kayla turned 24 in November.   Happy Birthday to her!!  Also, you may recall she moved in right after Christmas two years ago!  So happy birthday and happy anniversary of sorts.  Wow.  Two years! 

While many in attendance knew of our relationship with Kayla, there were some who did not, especially the more extended family and the friends of the family who attended the funeral.  Not that we would make a big deal about it, we still needed to address how Kayla would respond if asked about her relationship with the deceased.  It is really no different from what may be asked of T2’s girlfriend.  Of course, T2’s girlfriend can simply say, “I am T2’s, the grandson’s, girlfriend.”  So what should Kayla say?    

Given our love for sarcasm and tomfoolery,  we were tempted to have her just say she was my wife, thus, she was my dad’s daughter-in-law.  That would surely leave them puzzled, but wouldn’t be technically accurate.  We considered a shock-and-awe approach might be funny.  She could say, “Oh, I am Mike and Jen’s lover.”   That would be accurate, but perhaps TMI?  

We decided the best response is the same as T2’s girlfriend.  “I am Mike and Jen’s girlfriend.  Jen is the daughter of the deceased.”  Kayla decided that if asked what that meant, her response would be, “I am their girlfriend.  I live with them, and we all love each other.”   Mike and I felt that was a great response.

Sure, she could have just gone with, “I am Jen’s girlfriend,” knowing that most would assume it to mean “girl who is a friend.”  But we felt including Mike was not only more accurate but appropriate.  We do not feel like we have to hide anything.  

Kayla did find herself explaining who she was.  Some asked nothing more of her, but most actually played it honestly and nicely, no different than they would have for T2’s girlfriend.   Some did acknowledge the strangeness with something like, “Well, that’s different.”  But most proceeded with a matter-of-fact conversation that anyone may have with someone’s significant other.  They would ask her how long we’ve been dating or questions about herself, her schooling, stuff like that.

I believe the setting helped with creating a more courteous tone and mindset among the guests.  I also think that, with the exception of some of dad’s “Bubba” friends, (we are in Texas after all), most either don’t care about what other’s do, or they simply find it within themselves to be civil despite any personal feelings to the contrary.

While we have been very open to everyone about our relationship with Kayla, it still feels nice when a social situation arises that requires affirmation of our relationship.  I know it makes Kayla feel more accepted and more a part of us, knowing that she indeed is part of us and that “we” refers to “three.” 

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23 thoughts on “289. The Holidays – Thanksgiving”

  1. You handled yourself well here ma’am. Your level headed approach is all the more impressive given the timing. On that note, I’m sorry to hear of your loss but glad it was handled as a loving group. Well done folks. Sorry for my recent absences but I hope y’all’s holidays went well.

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    1. Wow. This adds even more intrigue. What is this all about? Maybe this person is just making it up to have some fun with our reactions, or maybe this John really did mess her up, or, as I am increasingly beginning to believe, she was pretty messed up to start with.

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      1. Awesome because your life will never be apart of mine. You can’t even treat one woman right so why should you have two? Why brag about being a pig?

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        1. Huh? I think you are confused as to who i am, but whatever. Whose asking for anyone’s life to enter-twine? I am simply sharing my lifestyle. Like it, intrigued by it, despise it, repulsed by it…any and all fine by me.


          1. I hate your guts! I think you are a fucking pig. You are a goddamn man pretending to be a woman. You are a user and abuser and I would spit in your fucking face of you were near me right now because I despise everything about you. I hate you down to the very core of your being. You pick this trash over me then laugh about it. You are a fake, a punk ass bitch and a coward.

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          2. ??? very perplexed but very intrigued ??? I don’t know who you think I am. Your extreme and dramatic response is curious. Pick this over you? What are you talking about? You have me confused with someone else.


          3. This is the shit I’m talking about John.. you won’t man up and admit the truth. You won’t admit you are wrong. You won’t admit that you are shady. You won’t be honest at all because you would rather I cry and feel stupid just as long as you don’t have to be real. you have done this for YEARS. I have apologized for calling you out and I never should have done that.. YOU need to apologize. YOU need to change. YOU need to stop with the lies and the bullshit..do you want to hug that blog each and every night..do you want to kiss your fake stories, evil, sick twisted stories over me? Because each time you lie to me and keep posting garbage you are saying you would rather write smut over kissing me. You have nothing because your priorities are fucking wack. Why pick lies and garbage over me? I know for a fucking fact I am better than everyone you know or dreamed of loving.. I am all that and more and you are saying by lying that you would rather write lies over having your dream girl.. Dream girl means being real and stopping the bullshit but you tell me each time you challenge the truth, you are challenging the truth not me dumb ass.. you are trying to say reality isn’t real and prefer to be a smut king.. I prefer to live in the land of make believe with these trash characters I created over having to man up and be honest with you. You can’t face me John. You are chicken shit because you know this behavior is unacceptable but you don’t want to change.

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          4. Wow. You’re either an extremely creative person looking to create a particular narrative and see how the other person reacts, or, you are extremely in error. If you are the former, I applaud you. What fun! You have me hooked. I must know more. If you are the latter, well, I don’t know what I can do to convince you. I am Jen, not John. But I am equally hooked. Tell me more about John. A boyfriend? A spouse? And what is it about my writing that has you thinking John wrote it? Very intriguing indeed!


          5. Really John? You do realize that every goddamn time. you like to me you are putting another brick in the wall. I don’t want a liar. I don’t want someone who writes trash.. you are wasting your talent and your fucking time. I hope God take your writing ability away and you are just a stupid ass like everyone else. You don’t deserve to have a voice if this is what you are going to with it. Don’t come to that goddamn school because I will show up with a bat and I will use it on you and whatever car you are in . I am NOT playing with you. This is not funny st all.. I hate your guts. You are sick on the goddamn head and if you lie to me.here I will slash your tires out there. Watch me motherfucker. I don’t give a fuck if you are a cop I think cops are scumbags. Small little losers who get a little bit of power and suddenly think they are God. Thinks rules don’t apply to them.right? It’s cool for you to watch kiddy porn because rules don’t apply to you. You can do whatever you want because you don’t live in reality.


          6. okay, I am no longer entertained and am now a bit worried. If indeed you are serious, I really want to do what I can to show you I am not this John fellow. I completely thought your first comment was a typo and you meant to type “blog” instead of “John.” Please don’t take any action based on my comments. Whatever he did to you, my comments are NOT one of them. Would you like to email me? My email is in my About section. I really do want to help because from what you have written I imagine you will carry through with doing something to him or his property simply because of my responses. Please don’t – even though he certainly sounds like a loser. I am committed to helping you realize you have made a mistake regarding who I am. Do you really think my writing shows talent? Ha. Couldn’t resist. I am a snarky person and am always looking for the humor in every situation. Maybe that’s what I have in common with your John? Seriously though, what can I do to help you understand I am not him?


          7. John I have been able to connect you to each and every blog because you have a giant tell. I can spot you without trying, without effort because of the tell. I have shown before I am not playing.. I am not the least bit amused and to be treated like I am the liar.. I am an asshole who is mad for no reason is beyond disrespect. I have done everything in my power to help you and be your friend and you treat me.like I am just some stupid bitch who won’t leave you alone and won’t stop ruining your perfect life. It hurts to be less important than porn. It hurts that my honesty is treated like lies. It hurts that with all the years I gave I am still brushed aside and treated like garbage. I feel like like garbage.


          8. You just aren’t giving up. I don’t know what else to offer you. It serves no useful purpose to entertain your delusion that I am John, as I fear what it may cause you to do. I have no other blogs, I am not John, and unless you want to email me and allow me to demonstrate that to you, I don’t think it is benefiting anyone to continue to respond. I apologize that I find this amusing. Please don’t feel like garbage. I hope you understand that, because I AM NOT JOHN, there is humor in all of this for me. But I understand there isn’t for you. Far from brushing you aside, I am inviting you in if you want to contact me so that I can show you I AM NOT JOHN. It really sounds like this John guy is one f-‘d up guy. For whatever reason, I feel invested in demonstrating to you that I am not him. So if you really want to know, then email me.


  2. You guys are just *the *best* when it comes to poly. Every time you could be tempted to not acknowledge or minimize your relationship with each other, you all choose love first. i was once in a car when the wife realized her friends would know what i was in the poly situation and spent two hours screaming while driving. By the time we got there, she had her anger out and then kissed me in view of everyone. i was able to put compassion first, but am glad that Kayla isn’t in that type of situation.

    i am sorry about you all having to endure the loss of parents, especially so fresh. Of course, in grief, the loss is compounded in many directions. i’m glad you had each other to lean on. ❤

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    1. Thank you. Our mindset is that we are “all in” which makes it easy to navigate certain social situations. And now that we’ve successfully navigated several such situations, i don’t think we ever again will have to even think twice about how we will introduce Kayla or she will introduce herself.

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