279. And baby makes three — age play


Click bait!  Yeah, this post is about a baby, but not what you are probably thinking.  Then again, knowing some of you, it may be exactly what you are thinking.  lol

I’ve been dealing with some recurring migraines that now appear to be gone, and my son was sick for a few days.  All that added to my blasé desires for posting lately. 

Life continues to chug along in a pretty uneventful manner.  Of course, for me that means nudity as a nudist, spankings as a submissive, and lots of sex as a…well?  I should just let you fill in the word (re Post 271).  Hee-hee.   

It’s like I’ve stated before.  There just isn’t anything noteworthy or any new revelations I’ve made about myself and my journey with DD.   I am not lamenting the fact – after three plus years of growth and evolution, it’s about time things settled into more of a routine.

My previous post focused on my friend, Valerie.  Since I once again lack anything interesting to say about myself, I will focus this post on a Kayla update.

She recently started her second year towards her Master’s degree.  By May she should be done with school and ready to join the ranks of the underpaid working class.

When she moved in with us (it will be two years this December), our discussions centered around the thought she may move out on her own upon graduation as she would look nationally for the best job opportunity.   Now, her thinking is she will stay here.  The job prospects here are fine and more importantly, she wants to live with us indefinitely.  We are 100% on board with that.  

We try to remain cognizant of reality – the reality of our age difference.  To remind everyone – I am 49, Mike is 50, and Kayla is 24.   For me and Mike, we often talk to her about our concerns for experiences she may miss out on regarding life among her peers.  For her, she retorts with all the experiences she has had and will continue to have regarding life with us that she would never be able to experience with her peers.   And it isn’t like she doesn’t have friends a bit closer to her age – she does (well, most are in their early 30’s, but that’s still a lot closer than us).   Bottom line is we love her.  I love her.  And she loves us.  We are three!

I am going to share some very personal things about Kayla, but I have her permission and she reviewed this before I posted it.  

I mentioned our foray into ABDL as part of our annual Immersion.  Practically since the time she moved in with us, Kayla has experimented with a bit of age-play and ABDL.  But it was more a curiosity and not as a regular thing.  Well that has changed. 

And she is very open and honest about what she gets from such play.  It serves as a type of therapy for her.  She says she emerges from each “play” session feeling a bit more reconciled with her upbringing.  I’ve shared before that she wasn’t physically or sexually abused, but the emotional abuse came in the form of being ignored and verbally abused – and her mom was/is an alcoholic.   The way she describes it — She leaves our “play” sessions feeling secure and loved as a little girl, replacing  the feelings of insecurity and fright that she experienced as a little girl.    

I have no insights into age-play.  I don’t know if the value it serves Kayla is common or not.  Although I assume for some it is about reconciling a past trauma, I also assume for some it is simply a fun way to express yourself.  Not all kink is born of trauma. 

All that really matters for us is that it benefits her.  I don’t need to know any more than that as far as my concerns for Kayla go.  However, I am interested in how others feel about this.  So if you are a little, or are a “daddy” or “mommy” to a little, I hope you’ll comment.   

I’ve read of age-play that can involve hours of play, in an elaborate child-like setting complete with décor and furnishings to match the mood.  That’s not for Kayla (and if it ever is, we are totally willing to accommodate her needs).   

Most of the time our sessions involve just me and her, but Mike has participated at times.  We don’t have any set schedule for this play.  It’s whenever Kayla needs it.   There have been some days we’ve done it two or three times in a day, and some days none at all.  She tells us when she is needing it.

The details vary based on the time we have and whether or not J is home.  Typically it has occurred when J is at school.   It goes something like this . . .

Kayla will simply say, “Can Mommy feed me.”   Although the last few days she now just takes her finger and taps it against her puckered lips as a signal that she is hungry – after all, babies don’t talk!   

I take her by the hand and we go into our spare bedroom.  Yeah, this baby can walk when needed.  I am just not strong enough to carry her.  If Mike is there, he will pick her up and carry her to the room.  

We don’t have it made up to look like a nursery or anything child-like about it, but we have put together a “baby drawer.”  It has a blanket, diapers, baby powder, baby wipes, pacifier, and stuffed animal (it’s a little unicorn).   These things aren’t hidden, but if we are to have guests staying at our house we would obviously remove these contents. 

I spread the blanket on the bed or the floor and she lays down on it on her back.  I put a diaper on her, complete with a few shakes of the baby powder.  I put the pacifier in her mouth, hand her the stuffie, and then go to the kitchen and prepare her bottle.  I warm up some milk and make two bottles and return to the room.

The bed is lengthwise against the wall.  I get on the bed and prop my back up against the wall with some pillows.  She then gets in my arms.  If Mike is there, he lifts her up and places her in my arms.  He might also put on the diaper while I get the bottles.   I cradle her as best I can. She curls her legs in a semi-fetal position with her head resting in my cupped hand, another pillow propping up my elbow.  and the bottom part of her legs and her feet resting on the bed.   Hey, she’s about 5’4” so is just a tad too tall to be fully comfortably cradled in my arms.   

If Mike is there, he sits down in a chair.  We are all quiet.

I position her head in front of my breast.  I lift my breast so that my nipple is on her lips.  She sucks for as long as she needs.  When she stops sucking, it’s my cue to get the bottle.  I hold it just to the side of my breast and she takes the bottle until it is gone.  We change sides to my other breast and repeat this.

It’s all very quiet while she feeds.  Nothing is on in the background.  I sometimes will hum and stroke her hair.  It’s very surreal and serene.  If Mike is there he might comment once or twice during the feeding.  Something positive like, “Look how beautiful she is.”   When the bottles are done I just hold her. 

It’s been amazing.  She has fallen asleep a few times, has even cried a few times from the emotional release it gives her.  Eventually she will get restless – she never speaks – as a way to tell me she wet her diaper.  I change her into a fresh diaper.  I then leave the room (as does Mike if he is there). 

Kayla stays by herself for as long as she needs.  Sometimes she naps or just lays there awhile before getting up.  On a few occasions she has even masturbated.  She eventually gets up and takes off her diaper and emerges from the room when she is ready.  She gets a big hug from us and the play session is over.  

It’s amazing to be part of this experience for her.  Kinky? Sure.  Weird? Fine.  Bizarre? Whatever.  We don’t care what it’s called or how it looks.  It just works for her and I am happy that we can fulfill that need for her.   We will support her as her need for it increases, diminishes, or evolves.

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19 thoughts on “279. And baby makes three — age play”

  1. I am a little but I act out a lot. Even at a store and because I was abused all of my life growing up. I was never able to just be myself as a child. I was watching babies at the age of 5. I was never able to just be a child. My daddy takes me to the store with him all of the time and every time we are in there I ask for something after he says we aren’t getting candy today before we go in the store. When he says no at the register I start acting out and whining and pouting unless he whispers in my ear your going to get a spanking when we get you home little girl. When he says that I stop for a few minutes but then start back up again. At home I get spankings at least 1 a day otherwise I don’t feel loved. I crawl in my daddy’s arms cause I’m a daddy’s little girl. I have to follow my daddy everywhere and everyday otherwise I’m not happy camper

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  2. For some reason when I changed the URL for my blog, I was thinking that it would change everywhere on it’s own but instead I had to go in and update it…my apologies but it’s correct now.

    For me, I’m a regressive little so I don’t choose 1 age to be…I am fluid in it and it can range depending on my partner. My little age when I am alone ranges from around 7 to maybe 12 or 13 and yet…I have had a couple partners who would regress me younger.

    Sometimes I would regress on my own, and others they would trigger my regression by saying things like “Your to little for that” or “Little girls don’t do those things” which would let me know that they wanted me to be younger so as to feed that need in them to care for my little self.

    The biggest thing is that there is no right or wrong way to regress…there is what works for you. Regression can also be a back and forth thing as well as a power exchange…there could be times that you have a need to care for her or share that intimate moment and I’m sure that she would like to give that to you…she just needs to know that like she shows you when SHE needs it.

    I’m behind in a LOT of my blog readings and I can’t really suggest any regressive Little’s at this time but here is a link to one of my FAVORITE Little books ( http://a.co/d/7bXBNFI) about age play. I also have a few posts coming on regression and will share resources that I find with you as soon as I can.


        1. humm. I hadn’t thought about it in the context of my needs. Interesting. Clearly I am connecting to something. But for now this is all about her. I will let her know how much I am enjoying it but I don’t want her to do it out of any expectations on my part. She can do it less, or even stop, if that is what she needs. But, I may suggest some little time (which I haven’t done before) and she is always free to say no to me.


  3. I loved this post so much! I’m a regressive little as well but I don’t regressive this young. However, I applaud what you guys are doing for Kayla and the love that you are giving her.


    1. Thank you! I am so glad to hear from a little. I have a question if you are willing to answer. Have you always stayed the same age in your little space? Just curious. I wonder if Kayla will want to age ahead at some point – I’ve asked her and she says she doesn’t know. She doesn’t feel like she would as she really likes where things are at , but she admitted she also couldn’t say that her needs wouldn’t change some date. As I don’t know much about this, I am curious to know if it’s common to play different ages at different times, or start at one age and age up to another age, leaving that younger age-play behind? Thanks again. I read your blog before but now it seems to be gone? What other “little” blogs do you read? I am searching for additional insights.

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    1. No. She pretty much set the scene herself and didn’t include that. We are open to it or any other addition. In fact, she did just ask that we add taking her temp with rectal thermometer before we diaper her, so it’s been added.


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