276. “My submission” becomes “His Dominance”


You’ll want to read the prior post as this picks up where that left off.    Once again, a post filled with arcane thoughts rolling around in my head.  

I’ve had very few punishment spankings the last several months.   I’ve been an extremely compliant submissive!   I was looking forward to the Maintenance spanking with the thought that I’d like Mike to spank me hard.   In addition to just “needing it,” it was the perfect opportunity  – J was away and not to return for a week.  We not only didn’t need to worry about any noise, but I had time for marks to heal.      

I remember telling myself I shouldn’t wish for such a thing since we were starting Immersion the next day.  Surely it will be filled with spanking and assorted physical demands.  But I told myself that those would all be in the context of Immersion.  I wanted one in the context of our “everyday” domestic discipline.  Make sense?  Of course not, but such is the mind of this submissive!

I didn’t say anything to Mike, so I was pleasantly surprised when he used the cane as hard as he did.  (again, refer to prior post for the details of that spanking).  Perfect!  Just what I was hoping for.  And when he repeated it the first time – it was surprising but a perfect surprise!   But the third time?  Then the extra hard ones at the end?   Not what I had in mind.   But something in my head flipped.   Actually, two things flipped

One – I had this feeling of being dominated.  I’ve never felt that.  Instead of me being and feeling submissive, this spanking gave me a feeling of being dominated.   There is a difference.  In that moment this new feeling of being dominated cascaded over me and I loved it and wanted more.   

Two – I had a sense that Mike was feeling dominating.  I’ve never sensed that.  And in that flash of a moment I felt some shame.  Shame in being selfish in my submission.  Up to that point, I always thought of our DD as revolving around my submission.  For the first time, I was seeing it, feeling it,  based fully on Mike’s dominance.   Again, sounds subtle, but the difference is significant.    

And I loved it.  I wanted to feel every ounce of his dominance and wanted to sense every bit of dominance he was feeling.  Thus my request to repeat the caning.

The amount of pain was surpassed by the amount of pleasure.  It was like a whole new sensation for me.  It’s been years since a spanking evoked a new feeling, let alone one this intense and satisfying.  

Afterwards when we talked, Mike said the most amazing thing.  Now remember, I hadn’t said a thing to him about what was going through my head.  Mike said, “Gosh Jen, when we started I planned on just the typical amount for a Maintenance, maybe a little harder, but not more strikes.  Then, I just had this need to give you more, then more, and more again.  Something told me I needed to really get your attention and demonstrate I am in charge.  I don’t know where that came from.  Are you okay?”   

As we talked, it basically came down to a change in Mike in that moment.   Instead of me being his submissive, he wanted to be my Dominant.   He was feeling the exact same thing I was!  It is a spooky coincidence.  Consider that we adopted Domestic Discipline three and half years ago and simultaneously arrived at this need for a monumental shift in our thinking.   Really amazing – at least to me.

He said he felt he needed to give a meaningful Maintenance to instill that Dominance.  There wasn’t anything going on that made him feel like his dominance had been slipping, or that my submission had been lacking.  Far from it, we both have been very happy with where we were.  But, clearly there was something in our subconscious that recognized a need to change the dynamic.   And we amazingly had this “thing” erupt from us at the same time.  It’s more amazing than cumming together!  LOL!

With Mike fully recognizing and acknowledging the need to feel Dominant, I suddenly felt the final piece of the puzzle click in.   Coupled with all that I shared previously about “passive submission” I knew I finally arrived.  I was at the level of submission I was always seeking.

This wasn’t a journey to be more submissive for him, it was a journey to be his submissive.   

I’ve touched on that theme before.  I sort of sensed this last October, leading up to our new Agreement.  I even posted about it – Post 171.  Submissive to Mike or Mike’s submissive?  But it took ten months to really get connect with that feeling and both both of us to recognize it’s where we want to be.   Previously, my submission flowed from my desire to be submissive.  Now it flows from my desire for Mike to be my Dominant.   My DD is truly no longer mine.  

There were other contributing factors to my writing funk.  Another is that I was feeling like I sort of betrayed my prior writings.  All the stuff about “My DD” and being the one in control of my dynamic – and now this revelation?  I just felt like a different “DD Jenny,” and in some ways wasn’t unique or special.  As if I was special for doing DD “my way” versus Mike’s way.  I know that sounds so conceited, but I am being honest.

I know that  all the things I’ve learned along the way have contributed to, and were absolutely necessary ,to get me where I am today.  Every experience and emotion shared was authentic and true in that moment.   And who is to say it won’t continue to evolve?   Maybe even devolve back to “My DD.”   I don’t see that happening, but I didn’t see this happening either.

So yeah, that sounds rational, but emotions are rarely rational.  And like I wrote in Post 33, emotions reveal your true essence.  And as part of this epiphany I realize  how conceited and self-centered I can be.  I’ve always sort of known it, but tried to justify it as a positive trait.  It’s probably what makes me so open and is what gives me my bouts of “verbal diarrhea” as Mike calls it when I feel compelled to share every fleeting thought I have.  It isn’t from a lack of shame or over abundant confidence.  It is because I am vain!   There, I admit it.

It was my self-centered thinking that created the condition my marriage was in pre-DD.  It was my self-centered thinking that got us into DD as this was 100% my idea and was started 100% on my terms.   Sure, it all worked out, but unlikewhore,vain is not a term I want to own.

Thus, my new journey in submission is to be the sub that Mike wants me to be, not the sub I want to be.   Sort of a chicken-and-egg thing because the sub I want to be is the sub Mike’s wants me to be.   But unlike the chicken/egg conundrum,  in this case, we know what comes first – Mike!    Yes, there is some balance in order for it to work, but the scales will be tipped less towards me and more towards Mike.

As monumental as I made all this out to be, the reality is, nothing has changed except my perception.    Even though it feels very comfortable and “perfect” to both me and Mike, our dynamic is still a journey.   It’s now had the benefit of three and half years of being on this trek, so the scenery is familiar, the path is more clear, and there are fewer unknowns.

We follow our typical routines and rules and nothing notable is different.  Mike has said he is very happy where things are and if he feels his dominant mindset is in need of a boost,  he wouldn’t necessarily look to my butt as the remedy!   Much like I would verbalize my need for more submission, he will do the same regarding any need for Dominance.  The result of which is that I may very well offer my butt as remedy!   Hee-hee.   Although I probably shouldn’t laugh as that statement is not rhetorical. 

This all got me thinking.  I am long overdue for posting an esoteric ramble!  I am already thinking of a doozy!    I’ve been searching deep within myself to better understand my neediness regarding my new perceptions on submission.   I’ve come up with a theory. 

And hey, if you want to start on your own esoteric ramble, here’s some fodder as this is what I think I will write about next — 

We are better off understanding our emotions and actions versus hating them.

Post 277. Understanding myself and my submission

11 thoughts on “276. “My submission” becomes “His Dominance””

    1. I can’t articulate specific steps. It was a 3.5 year journey to get here. I didn’t even know it was something i wanted. My best advice is keep communicating constantly and be open to wherever the moment takes you. It may not take you where you think you want to go, but it will take you where you need to go.

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  1. Interesting posts Jennifer I totally understand that difference you describe. On 2 occasions now MrH has said to me at the start of play. Do you remember your safe words? And when I’ve said yes Sir, he’s replied only your safe words will make me stop, do you understand? And that’s a huge trigger for me…

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  2. Disagree with the vain term. You had an idea how to make yourself and love ones happy. Mike and Jen have come to that point where everything makes sense. If you feel your blog is not fitting you now-could rename it-like a rebirth. Mike is not one to sit still, he may want to explore this new state. Is it possible you were feeling alittle subspace. So glad this is working for you both but did this make you go into the Immersion any differently?

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    1. I went into it more of a mindset of allowing the experiences to come to me, versus seeking them out. A bit more like allowing things to be done “to me” versus “doing things.” Hard to explain. It was still fulfilling, but it felt different.


  3. Methinks that whenever we choose to step off the beaten path, we can get so caught up in navigating the “new” path that we forget that as we walk it – and do all the other stuff we’re tasked to do – our perceptions change and as our perceptions change, so do we. We learn stuff about ourselves and, over time, we find ourselves working with our “partner in crime” to make sure we’re both on the same page, not just because it creates a more unified and shared vision of things, but because we still have our own thoughts about whatever path we’ve set ourselves upon or, I have one set of thoughts and they have another set – but that’s why communication is so vitally important here.

    Okay, so you’ve discovered that you’re self-centered and perhaps vain? Welcome to the human race, Jennifer! What we come to understand is that whatever we’re doing is about “me” – what I think, what I feel, what I want to do and experience and, again, my own thoughts about how this should happen… but we also understand that it’s not just about us and that we can’t do any of this stuff without the other person in our life or, as I like to put it, without “me” and “you,” there is no “us.”

    And no matter what off-road thing we’ve chosen to pursue, that thing is always about “us,” isn’t it?

    I had to laugh to see that you’d accept the whore thing but not the vain thing – and I get that… but I’m the guy who’d point out that accepting the whore thing is part of the vain way we see ourselves; again, it’s how we feel and think about ourselves while on this branch of the road and I don’t see anything wrong with being a bit vain, not only because it’s a very human thing to be vain about something but a bit of vanity is part of the glue that holds our concept of self together.

    Yep… the psychology of it all is pretty fascinating. The important thing is that Jennifer better understands Jennifer and you’re finding out new things with every step you and Mike (and the rest of the crew) are taking together and, frankly, this is how we grow… and considering that a lot of couples get together and find themselves becoming stagnant and static, I’m thinking that you’re doing much better than a whole lot of people because at the very least, you’re doing something to make sure that you continue to grow and you have a lot of people willing and able to help you grow… and as they, themselves, are growing.

    As long as you understand, it makes no sense at all to start hating on your emotions and actions, does it? Sometimes, the biggest regrets aren’t what we’ve done: It’s what we’ve failed to do.

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