271. Unfair exploitative whoring?


In addition to my lady problems I wrote of in my prior post, I recently had further proof that time, and aging, marches on.  Yes, I had a birthday.  I am 49.  Mike’s birthday is just 13 days from mine – he turned the big 5-0!

Before I share some of my Immersion 2018 experience,  I figured I’d comment on my last meaningful post regarding, Turn up the cuck – Whoring me out? 

Yeah, that term was a bit much.  I meant it somewhat jokingly, but it is an accurate description.  Mike wasn’t amused.  He felt it sounded trashy on my part, and nefarious on his part.  He felt that it was disrespectful to him and to me to characterize it the way I did.   Yes, I was spanked because of it.  At least he didn’t tell me I had to take it down or edit it.

While I accept his decision and understand his perception of it, it wasn’t just a spanking and that was that.  We did talk about it quite a bit.  I shared with him that I was not bothered by the phrase, and I asked him if he felt I should be?  What it came down for Mike was that “whoring” in his mind infers a transfer of payment.  It further infers a debasement for some nefarious motive on his part.

Once again, this shows how powerful words are and how words can mean different things to different people.  Mike is correct that this term means all of those things, at least in a more traditional or strict sense.  But my intention in choosing those words was to be more playful.  I also wanted to own the word that most people are probably thinking in their minds.  I don’t mind thinking of myself as Mike’s whore.  Lastly, I did leave it up to you, the reader, to decide.  After all, I did put a question mark after it.  (Whoring me out?).   Mike was unimpressed with my explanation, thus the spanking.

Before I was spanked, we talked about what term might best describe his control over my sexual activities.   Not that we care about labels.  It was more a communication exercise to get us both to understand each other’s points of view.

The best word we could come up with was, “exploiting,” in that, he is exploiting me.   And like many words, it too has different meanings.

There is the positive “to make full use of and derive a benefit.”  I relate to that and I’ve made it clear with Mike I want him to feel comfortable “exploiting” our Sexual Obedience clause.  In that context, the word works perfectly.

There is the negative – “to use in an unfair or selfish way, or to benefit unfairly.” Some might say that is exactly what is going on.  But nothing with my submission is unfair (Posts 136 and Post 202 address “fairness”).  A Dom is not inherently unfair or selfish. In fact, a good Dom is quite the opposite.

So, “exploiting” is not the ideal term either.  Suggestions?

I am interested if any of you have suggestions.   I know I am risking getting some nasty or potentially demeaning suggestions, but hey, I’ve already use the term “whore.”  Clearly, I am not threatened by whatever term you use.  In fact, I am game for any raunchy, nasty, demeaning terms you can think of.  Maybe there are some funny terms you can invent by combining certain words?   Be creative!

Well, what do you know?  My respite from posting hasn’t improved my proclivity to ramble.   The silver lining is you will get a another post from me soon where I will share some Immersion fun.

Here’s a little tease — it involved John, Donna, and Matt.  No surprise there.  But it also involved a new couple!  So with Mike, Kayla, and me, that made for eight of us!! 

Next: Post 272. The end? Doubtful. . .

21 thoughts on “271. Unfair exploitative whoring?”

  1. This post stuck with me for awhile. Have you considered Hotwife? It might feel more accurate. I think perhaps the issue with whore is the level of consent. Even though Mike has general consent you can always call red and the nature of your relationship means that you expect respect to that limit. Whoring is more nebulous.


    1. Interesting that you picked the term “Hot Wife.” I totally relate to that term to accurately describe me. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it infers a certain physique, i.e., a “hot” body. While I believe I am attractive, our lifestyle isn’t about looks, but an attitude. Those familiar with “hot wife” as a term, understand that, but those who aren’t might think I am just being egotistical for calling myself that. But most definitely, I am just that in the kink sense of the term. Thank you for your response. You might have given me an idea for a post about this term!


  2. That husband if yours is a bit of a snowflake, isn’t it, hiding behind his kink. So “dominant” of him, being afraid of being called a pimp.

    And he decides how you feel about what YOU write? Wow.


    1. No, no snowflake here. To his point, pimp isn’t a correct word for the same reasons whore isn’t. However, to my original point, i used whore for both the shock of it, to be humorous, and to simply own the word in the event others were thinking it. Basically, i was being the complete opposite of snowflake – but his exception to this doesn’t make him one as you state. His points are valid and if he doesn’t want to “own” the term pimp, it is unreasonable to think negatively of him because simply, that word doesn’t apply to our situation. Words are power and it’s important to recognize the impact they have on others may be different than in you. We should respect that.


  3. Without any offense to any woman reading this, a woman once told me that men want a lady in public and a whore in bed and when she first uttered this nugget of wisdom, I was offended at first because you just don’t think of women in such terms… and even if she’s really a sex worker. When I thought more on it, um, she was right.

    Now, one could say that when you see Matt, you’re being exploited or whatever but I wouldn’t say so; I don’t know a whole lot about this domestic discipline thing but I’d say it’s simply an occupational hazard – just one of those things ya gotta deal with and despite any negative connotations. The main thing: Did ya have fun? If so, not a whore, not exploited.

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  4. The spanking does seem well deserved. I was a little shocked to read that word! Then I read your post and it wasn’t like he was sending you for random sex with random guys. It’s a guy you enjoy spending time with. I like the suggestion of “lending”, so I looked up synonyms to help explore, and one that came up was “furnish”. While you certainly weren’t exactly furniture, I do think certain aspects had you acting like furniture might. Being silent and being in position when he entered is certainly what furniture does. Even taking what is done to you without replying is pretty furniture like as well. Also as a verb, “furnish” seems like an accurate description. Mike sent you to Matt’s apartment. You went there and knelt on the floor, undressed (unwrapped you could say), just like a furniture delivery would happen.

    I know it’s a little abstract, but let me know what you think!

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  5. Thought you might get some feedback from Mike-you like some shock and awe in your post. What would your sons or worst your parents feel about Mom and Dad. You would really have some explaining to do and Mike would be next to you with a paddle the whole time. Question to Mike please, reading that post and your comments, how does Mike truly know yours limits. Can he spot any red flags. Glade Mike took you in hand. That post made you sound hard and not the fulfilled spirit. Not shaming just worry. Know you love serving Mike but would you do it disregarding your internal voice saying red.


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