270. I am not dead yet!


Ha.  My title made me think of Monty Python.  Check into it if you don’t get that reference.    Okay – so, wow!  Almost a month between posts.  My longest ever. 

Sure, summer tends to be busy, but I don’t have any one excuse, so I’ll give you many!  And it wasn’t just my blogging that took a break – I stayed off social media and email for most of that time as well.  

My brother and his wife and their two kids (adults) were in town for a visit.  That was fun, and exhausting.   Then there was that little thing of our 2018 Immersion That was also fun and exhausting in a different way!  lol.   Once I hadn’t posted in while, I realized I was enjoying the break.  It felt nice to just not think about things and give my brain and emotions a break from self-reflecting (blog), self-immolation (Twitter), and self-distraction (everything else online).  Yeah, let’s be honest, Twitter is about killing oneself over trying to address the endless unpatriotic thinking, hate, corruption, evil, and ignorance that seems to be en vogue in a lot of the U.S. right now.  Maybe November can bring in the leadership that can bring about change (jail).  I digress, but Twitter can suck the life out of you. 

I just wanted to say, “I am alive!”   But, actually, haven’t been 100%, which put a damper on some of the Immersion activities.  I’ve been having some on-again off-again issues with my “lady parts” and my doctor recommended a hysterectomy four or five years ago.  Damn fibroids!  

I tried all sorts of natural treatments with some success.  Ultimately those efforts may have bought me some time, but haven’t changed the inevitable.  Pain, pressure, incontinence, constipation, backaches, body aches, you name the symptom, I have dealt with them for years.  And worst of all, it makes sex uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  Maybe that explains my increased delight over the last few years in butt stuff and oral… hee hee.  Anyway — the symptoms have ebbed and flowed over the years, with some respite in between.  Lately,  it’s all flowing and no ebbing and has been without respite for many months.  I am ready.  I’ll have surgery next month.  

On that happy note, I’ll next share what happened in Immersion 2018. 

Stay tuned!

Post 271.  Unfair exploitative whoring?

18 thoughts on “270. I am not dead yet!”

  1. Very glad your alive. Stay fit and healthy before surgery. There are videos on the net. Women describing from the day of the procedure and after how they were feeling. Helped me with four back operations and a fusion. Maybe ask Mike if he would like a redo in your Ladybits -little tighter. hehe

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    1. funny you should mention that. I joked with my doctor about “an extra stitch for my husband.” Doc was like, “that’s no problem.” I think he was just joking as I assume it is a normal byproduct of such surgery, but, maybe not? Regardless, Mike will take it!!


  2. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago- best thing I ever did- go on a site called hystersisters

    It’s fantastic they will give you a little forum of ladies who have their hysterectomy the same week you do. It’s a place to share and get help. There’s a lady who will be guiding you telling you what to expect and how you’re likely to feel… honestly they were brilliant.

    One word of caution. Even if you feel fabulous… follow the recovery rules. Doing too much too soon causes a heck of a lot of issues I did everything by the book and I have no after effects except an increase in UTI (which may or may not be linked to the fact I get more sex now!!! Hehehe)

    Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions or want to chat xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing that Sweetgirl! My Queen is faces with a hysterectomy too. Will likely happen in the fall and she (we) are nervous.

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