251. . . . and sometimes reminders do have to be spankings


Routines are comfortable, that’s why we like them.  But there are benefits to mixing things up.  “Studies show” when you change things up, you coax your brain into thinking more creatively.  This injection of creativity can improve your mood and outlook.  Yeah, sometimes change just for the sake of change, is good. 

I put “studies show” in quotes because, I don’t know if there are any studies backing up what I just wrote.  I thought it added credibility to a plausible statement.  Hey, at least I admit it. 

Although, I do recall reading somewhere that forcing your brain to make new connections does have positive effects on brain function and well-being.  So there, it must be true if I recall reading it somewhere!  “Studies show…” and “I read…” are always followed by highly credible and accurate statements!  I know it because I once read a study about it.  

I shared in the post before last, that Mike changed up my Thursday Maintenance.  It is now a “family” meeting of sorts with Kayla and I.   A time to talk about our collective relationship(s), connect and bond in some dedicated triad discussion time.

If you read that post, you know that it was more than just discussion.  It was very erotic in a way that we have never experienced before – Kayla and I simply following every sexual request made by Mike.  I mean, we’ve followed his commands before, “do this…” “do that…”  but not an entire series of sexual acts based only on his commands and not just out of the blue.  It was totally unexpected, but totally fun!  I thought perhaps this would be how each of our Thursday sessions would begin. 

I thought wrong.

Kayla and I undressed and Mike remained clothed, as is customary for a Maintenance.  Like last time, Mike had two chairs arranged facing the chair he would sit in.  The three of us sat down.  With my mind on thoughts of  last Thursday, I was looking forward to what Mike would say next. 

“Kayla, stand up, turn around, bend over and put your palms on the chair. Butt out.”
Mike takes off his belt and hands it to me.  “Now Jen, spank her.” 

“Give her 10 and they need to be hard enough so that anyone looking at her butt could tell that she was just spanked with a belt.  If they aren’t hard enough, you’ll repeat the 10 and keep doing so until I am satisfied with the result.  And, if it takes any extra spankings beyond the first 10 for you to achieve my desired result, I will be adding it to the spankings I will administer to both of you.  Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”  In-so-much that I didn’t exactly follow the math but I understood the point that it meant more spankings for both of us if he wasn’t satisfied with the results.

I started spanking her and at about five, Mike said, “You are going to have to hit harder than that if it is going to leave any marks by ten.”   I increased my intensity.  It has been a long time since I have spanked Kayla.  Maybe eight or nine months?    

“When I was done he got up and closely inspected Kayla’s butt.  “Not good enough, I don’t see anything.  10 more, now.”

“Yes, Sir.”  I spanked her much harder this time, enough to elicit an occasional “Eee!” and “Ow!”  No need for Mike to inspect.  The red marks were clear.

“Jen, give the belt to Kayla and you take position and she will spank you.  Kayla, same thing.  I need to see clear evidence that she was spanked or you get more from me.

Kayla gave me ten.

Mike took a look and said, “Kayla, come on now, I could tell you weren’t putting enough into it and look, I don’t see any redness or mark.  Now give her 10 more and make it count.”

Kayla gave me ten and boy did they count.  Mike then took the belt and told me to stay in position as I had ten coming from him since I failed to spank Kayla hard enough the first time.  Instead of handing Kayla his belt, he went and got the tawse and handed it to Kayla.  

“Kayla, you will smack that cheek with the tawse and I will smack this one with the belt.  It will be ten, but ten on each cheek, and the cheek you are striking better be more red than the one I am doing or we will repeat this.  

I took my 20 — 10 on each cheek – and my butt was stinging.  In looking back, I credit my submissive mindset to the fact I no longer was trying to process why he was doing this.  I simply accepted it, just as I accepted the sex play last Thursday.  No need to question. Just acceptance. It felt good to just acquiesce and accept. 

Then it was my turn to spank Kayla with the tawse, and again, Mike used the belt and we alternated smacks on our assigned cheek.  Kayla’s face told me she was accepting the spankings much like I was.  No sign of puzzlement or distress.  Only signs of obedience and submission.  It felt good to see that in her.  

Once Kayla’s spanking was done, Mike told us both to sit. 

 As if nothing just happened, Mike calmly said, “So.  Let’s talk,” 

We proceeded to discuss the weeks events, upcoming plans, how we were feeling about submission, our relationship, life in general.  How school and things were going for Kayla, what our collective thoughts were on Matt, nudism, you name it.   Very nice discussion, but not as nice as what led up to it!

Neither Kayla nor I asked what that was about.  We knew what it was about.  It was about his Dominance and our submission. 

Sometimes reminders DO have to be spankings!

A part of me is curious about our last two Thursday sessions.  Not curious about why Mike conducted them the way that he did, but about what is in store for future sessions.  I also feel that my lack of curiosity regarding “why” is a great sign of where I am at submissive-wise.  I don’t need or desire explanation.  I only need and desire obedience and submission.  This feels so good!

Uh-oh!  Pre-DD Jenny just threw up a little in her mouth.  Well pre-DD Jenny, you only wish you were as fulfilled, happy, optimistic, excited, and energized about life as I am.

Next: 252.  Still there? The Naked Caravan

13 thoughts on “251. . . . and sometimes reminders do have to be spankings”

  1. I so admire your submissive mindset, ddjenny! I am entirely too concerned with the “why?” right now…why does he do it that way, and why is he acting this way…. Terribly dissapointed with myself after reading your post. I know it’s a journey, a learning experience, but I am not anywhere near (mentally) where you are at…and I desire to be. I will keep working at it and I think I will show my husband this post, so he has a clearer understanding of where I would like to be mentally with submission. Sometimes, it feels like we are lost on this journey…like there is no end goal and we are just drifting…perhaps if we talk about where we would both like to be and even set some goals around that, we will be more likely to evolve into that image….

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    1. Nora, sorry to hear you are struggling. I’ve been there…no fun. Just keep the communication open and honest. One thing that took me a long time to realize was that when i stopped thinking about “my” submission (what is means to me, what i want, what i get), and started thinking about “his” submissive (what it means to him, what he wants, what he gets), it all started to come together. My fulfillment is in serving him- his dreams, his desires. So much more fulfilling than focusing on mine. To me, that is my full submission and that is where i want to be. But that is me. You might not be happy being where i am at. Find what fulfills you..and just know it might be in accepting whatever he is willing to give, or, it might not. Neither one of those is right or wrong, good sub or bad sub. They simply must be whatever is right for the two of you. Good luck in finding that, and more importantly, i hope you enjoy the journey as you seek it. The journey, while frustrating at times, can be wonderful!

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      1. Do you think, though, that it was necessary to begin your DD journey thinking of it as “my submission,” and then eveolve to where you are now? Could you have started with the expectation, on either your or Mike’s part, of this current level of submission? I feel like that’s where I’ve made my own mistakes and have decided this time to start slowly and carefully. In retrospect, do you like the way you started? Would you, in retrospect, advise beginning any other way than with an understanding of this being about one’s own submissive needs?


        1. I can’t really give such advice to others. I’ve found that kink is so personal and often complicated that my only advice is to find what works for you. For some, that means being subject to the whims of a Dom. For others, it may be more like me where my Dom enforced my own expectations that I had for myself.
          I do think that the starting position I took is probably easier for most people – so in that respect I would recommend it as a starting point if someone didn’t know where to start. But you have to remember it takes two — so the Dom also has to be willing to start there. Like any relationship or activity involving two people, the two people have to be in sync in order for it t work at the beginning, and they both have to be committed to staying in sync in order for it continue to work. But if they fall out of sync it isn’t because they approached it incorrectly. It is simply that either they failed to communicate to stay in sync, or their individual needs have drifted apart to the point they are unable to fulfill each other in this particular kink.
          For me, there was no way we could have started any other way. If Mike had come to me saying, “Jenny, I think we should try this,” I would have harshly rejected it. Maybe eventually I would have come around, but I don’t think so. It would have soured me as a controlling, manipulative thing instead of the beautiful thing it became. And, even after presenting it to Mike the way I did, if he would have jumped ahead and asked for the level of submission I give today – again, I would have harshly rejected it. For me – someone who has always been a bit controlling, it was of utmost importance that I surrendered on my terms.


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