235. Seeking inspiration


I have been staring at my screen thinking of what to write.  So it’s time to stop staring and simply start typing to see where it takes me.

My latest spanking? 
Nothing revealing, nothing noteworthy.  Spankings and discipline still serve a great purpose — I love having consequences and love being submissive to my husband.   They still have plenty of meaning and are plenty fulfilling — just not in any new, curious, and interesting manner. 
And for the record, I haven’t been disciplined much in the last six weeks.  Not that I am complaining.  Our Maintenance Sessions provide plenty of release.  I am so thankful for them as I am never left hankering for a spanking. 

Sex Life?
Nothing new here.  Kayla is over Michaud, and is enjoying spending more time with us and more time with her friends.   Our collective day-to-day as well as our sex life is steady.  Plenty of sizzle – but nothing I haven’t shared before.   And that sex life includes the smorgasborg we all partake in — Me, Mike, Kayla, John, Donna, Matt.   

I’ll think I’ll just wait for something meaningful, revealing, cathartic, and mind-boggling before a post again.  Hey I heard that!  Who just mumbled, “Since when have you ever written something like that to begin with?”

So maybe that is too high a bar.  Okay then, I’ll just wait for inspiration to share my next whim.  I am sure it will hit me soon enough.  In fact, I just thought of one.  Stay tuned.

I knew if I just started typing, something would come to me.  Writing is so great!  I recommend everyone do it.  Okay, time for me to get writing that next post.

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9 thoughts on “235. Seeking inspiration”

  1. You are my inspiration and I want to thank you. I’m 66yr old vanilla who is married to a disabled man for 37yrs. He is down a black rabbit hole and cut me out of his life. I found your blog. Now when I’m angry, your words “loving intentions” pops to mind. I take a breath and walk away with your words ” you are responsible for your happiness”. I choose peace for whatever time we have left. I have read and reread all your posts and I’m worried for you. You have had a bad start to the year and your posts have been some of the most painful I’ve read 218,219,220. Do not get that sense of oneness and joy as before and there is reading in between the lines 224 closeness and 231. Wish you could go his trips and share more of you and Mike. sorry for the long comment and hope it doesn’t get you into trouble. Just want to hug you and thank you. Now go and jump on that man’s lap and give him the sexist kiss. Maybe a new post from you.

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    1. Wow. “Inspiration” is such a powerful word. Thank you for the compliment. I am honored. Interesting observations and while the events of 218-220 did cause a little funk, I am out of it. In fact, the post I am working on addresses that a bit. As for the trips, I never went on his business trips before. The fact that Kayla is able sometimes able to because of her schedule is fine by me. It doesn’t take from my relationship with Mike. I know it is hard to imagine and for many people to relate, but I find joy in their joy in their relationship together. And my relationship with Mike and with Kayla is closely intertwined with their relationship together. As for the kiss, I will do just that.
      He gets plenty, but I’ll let him know this one was courtesy of a reader of my blog.
      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this and sharing your concerns. Hug accepted!!! Good luck with maintaining your happiness. Keep choosing peace!


    2. another quick note – I just have to say Thank You again. Such nice words, I went back and read them again. They put a smile on my face. Sorry you have to deal with those challenges, and perhaps his black rabbit hole is his way of coping with his disabilities. While in the moment it is easy to match “hate with hate,” it is far more gratifying, healthy, and effective, to match “hate with love.” It’s hard, and it’s a balance, as you can’t be a doormat either. But, it sounds like you get that. Anyway, thanks again. Your words meant a lot to me.


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