221. Restriction Pleasure?


Not THAT kind of restriction!  Ha.  Sorry, I couldn’t find an image to deal with what I am writing about. I am talking about having various privileges taken away, specifically the recent restrictions Mike used as discipline.  By the way – he ended all of my restrictions this morning!  Yea!

I am not sure how to organize my thoughts on this so this may come across disjointed and rambling (Hey!  Whoever just whispered, “Isn’t that all your posts?”  I heard that!).  I also need to blog a bit more quickly and not edit so much (Hey, stop that, I heard that too. Who just mumbled, “Since when have you edited?).   It may be better to simply see my stream of consciousness anyway.  I’ve showed you so many parts of me, so now we are really getting kinky.  I don’t show my stream of consciousness to just anyone!

I feel like a fraud.  My last post leaned heavily towards me finding healing, although I did admit I was not all the way there.  However, I boldly wrote, “When I next speak to Mike, it will be to reassert my commitment to him, that I will follow his lead.  I will ask him for guidance or suggestions on making sure I have reconciled my anger.”

Yeah, not so much.

Mike came by probably two hours after my last post.  He brought me a barbecue plate and other sides that they had made at John’s.   Instead of being appreciative, instead of saying all the things I planned to say, I whined and complained.  It earned me quite the spanking.  Mike even demanded an apology.  Something he has never done before.  I mean, I often say, “I am sorry, Sir” but this time he told me I needed to apologize to him.  Of course I did.  I felt terrible. 

Luckily, that evening, I was more in control of my feelings and was able to do as I planned.  The humbling act of contrition, clearly demonstrating my submission and surrender to his guidance – it was more healing than anything else I’ve done.  It felt good to verbalize my commitment to follow his lead.

Anyway, yes, the “restriction” thing really has me perplexed.  It wasn’t just missing the Super Bowl party.  It was everything about it.  I’ve never been put on restriction like that.  I really don’t like that punishment.  I can’t quite put my finger on why. 

It feels a little disconnected from Mike.  Clearly, he is actively involved in
physical punishments.  But I also feel he is connected even when I am given corner time or lines.

With corner time he comes to release me.  Lines I have to turn in for his approval.  But restrictions?  They just linger around.  He doesn’t have anything to do other than order them and lift them.  He doesn’t even have to think about it until he is ready to lift them.  No physical investment and very little emotional investment.  I guess that is why I don’t feel connected to him. 

I never realized that it was important to me to have Mike more physically and emotionally connected to my discipline.  In some ways this could be interpreted as me needing his “attention,” but that is not the right word.  I never got into DD for attention.  I’ve known since the start of our DD that I enjoy connecting with him regarding my discipline.   I think that is it.  It goes back to my last post about self-discipline (SD).  Having him involved in furthering my SD is important to me, and restrictions just don’t give him a level of involvement that is satisfying to me.

I also don’t like the protracted negative consequences that come with restrictions.  Being disciplined is a somber event.  Lot’s of various emotions like I shared on
Post 178. Embracing Shame.

Being put on restriction is void many of those emotions, or, it extends some of them, such as shame, to the point it hurts.  What I mean is, the emotions I feel during a spanking are acute — intense and short-lived.  They end with the Closing Ceremony and I quickly reconcile my misbehavior with both myself and with Mike.  But with restrictions, the emotions are chronic – not as intense, but they linger throughout the entire restriction period.  It just feels awful to feel so awful for so long.  

Yeah, I don’t like restrictions.

If they have a silver lining, it is that after the fact, in looking back on them, it tickles my submissive-spot to know that I accept such discipline from Mike.  As much as I dislike them, knowing that he can put me on restriction at any time pushes all my pleasure buttons!    Oh, such is the mind of a submissive! 

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8 thoughts on “221. Restriction Pleasure?”

  1. I wonder if your restriction could have been better, worse? by being at the party/sex fest/football game, but bound in a corner, blindfolded and wearing headphones. That way, you couldn’t move, or hear or see with the added restriction that no one could touch you in any way. I wonder if you could “carry” an implement that was attached to a butt plug. Sorta like a tail, but detachable in case it needed to be used. Hmmmmm.

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    1. Hmmm indeed. That all sounds good to me fantasy wise, but i wouldn’t like it and in my opinion it doesn’t really fit in with the type if discipline mike gives. That’s a bit more immersive into bdsm in our minds. Great for our annual immersion event, but not for day to day discipline. I didn’t ask Mike what all he considered, but imagine it could have included something like you mentioned, albeit a little less intense. As for attaching an implement to a butt plug, at least i wouldn’t have to worry about putting it down or misplacing it. And it would be quite practical as it frees my hands to do my various tasks. How ingenious! Ha ha

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      1. Just goes to show you how ‘labels’ define people. I think a casual reader of your blog would not hesitate to call what you blog about, BDSM, rather than domestic discipline. It what you want that counts. 🙂 I’m surprised no one has invented a clip on the end of a plug for that purpose. I mean, where do you put your phone when you’re naked?

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        1. EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. Even just a chain from nipple clamps might be helpful to keep my phone handy and I don’t think the phone would be too heavy to cause much discomfort. I would take some discomfort in exchange for not forgetting where I put my phone down! I think you just gave Mike and idea to try and rig up something homemade that will work. I think there would be a niche market for this with naturalists and submissives! And yeah, I get we’ve incorporated many BDSM elements into our DD (and increasingly so). Labels are always tricky and I think D/s is the most accurate one for us right now. More accurate than DD, which we have eclipsed, and more accurate than BDSM, which we haven’t fully incorporated. thanks for the observation. i do find it interesting to think about how my dynamic has evolved and how others perceive its evolution.


  2. I hate restrictions because they last so long. There is no closure at the end of the day. I don’t go to bed feeling right with my HoH. That part is very hard for me, but it also serves as a GREAT deterrent. Afterward, I do whatever I possibly can to avoid earning such. So when spankings and lines and stuff don’t deter my behavior and it’s something that really needs to be deterred, then restrictions are in order. It is also a constant reminder of my misbehavior. I have had to carry around an implement all day before, with corrections if i ever forgot to take it with me as I moved around the house. That was a reminder that it is RIGHT there to deal with anything I do. It is a great deterrent.

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    1. Thank u for sharing. We share a lot in common regarding our feelings about restrictions. I think u may have given Mike an idea re carrying around an implement. Thanks a lot (sarcasm, but in fun). 🤪


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