195. In Memoriam


Mike’s mom passed away.  He lost is dad to start this year, and now his mom as the year comes to an end.  It was unexpected with his dad, and while not a complete surprise with his mom, we thought we would still have three or four more months.  

Suffice to say the mood has been somber, and Mike has had much to deal with regarding settling the estate.  It has put a bit of a damper on things.  D/s has sort of been put aside.  Kayla and I continue to serve him, but there is not the same energy or vibe.  He has not had the energy or interest in discipline, not that we’ve given him much in terms of behaviors he would normally need to address.  He dismisses the “minor” things and says, “Please don’t do that again, I really don’t want to deal with that right now.”  That actually hurts more than a spanking.   

We did get to meet Michaud as he attended the funeral and other gatherings.  Although the circumstances were not conducive to really getting to know him,  by all accounts he seems to be a great boyfriend for Kayla.  And yes, they did “consummate” their relationship. 

Things were slowly getting back into a normal routine.  It’s strange but I actually miss being naked most of the day.  I have stayed clothed because our middle son was home several days, and lots of people were coming and going.   And just about the time that was lessening and the bits of the normal routine were returning, Thanksgiving week is  upon us.  So, my naked hiatus and toned down D/s will extend about another week. 

Thanksgiving will be a little less festive, although Mike’s mom gave us all strict orders to have a joyful holiday.  There was a lot of honor, respect, and love in her last week.  Lots of meaningful conversations on what she wanted for everyone once she was gone.  

She had no conflicted thoughts, no panic, no fear.  She just exuded joy in her last weeks and days, and in return, so did others.  Everyone was focused on sharing joy, and on how what we did and said impacted her.  This made for a beautiful farewell.   

That’s how it should be.  That’s how I’d want it to be.  But it had an unintended consequence.  With everyone focused on celebrating her life, on squeezing every ounce of joy from every second that remained, it meant no one was really thinking about her passing.  Once she was gone, it was as if she died unexpectedly.  That crescendo of joy was now just empty silence.    

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12 thoughts on “195. In Memoriam”

  1. I’m late to the party with this post. My Dad died in 2016. It was sudden, though he had been ill. Reading this tribute to Mike’s mom brings back the feelings I had that following year. Thank you for being vulnerable with this post, as it echos the feelings I had when I lost my dad.

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  2. i’m so sorry for your whole family. It seems like she gave everyone such a beautiful gift in keeping everyone focused on the joy of her life and whatever time she had left. i do hope that the holiday season brings joy to your home. ❤

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  3. *hug* I am so sorry to hear this. My sister passed away in September so I empathize. It’s such a difficult thing to experience, made worse with the holidays approaching. I’m glad Mike has you and Kayla to help him through this.

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  4. My mother suffered so much in her last days that it was almost a relief when she died. At least her suffering was over. And yet she is still with me every day. Her suffering is largely forgotten but all the good and strong memories exist. The grief is strong right now for your family, but gradually you and your family will see that your memories of her still surround you and comfort you. She is still there for you! Treasure those last happy moments! Be there for Mike and remember her with him. Help him realize she is still there for him. All the best at this difficult time!

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  5. I am so sorry to hear this news, ddjenny…my most sincere condolences to you, Mike, and the rest of your family during this time. Please take good care of yourselves during these dark days. As is life, the sun will shine again, little by little. All my love, nora

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  6. I hadn’t seen a post, so I knew something was amiss. I am so sorry for your loss. There is very little anyone can say to lessen or shorten grieving. Nor should there be. This time will pass and you all will know when this season of grieving is complete.

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