7 thoughts on “127. About Compersion, Sex, and Change”

  1. Just to be sure I understood everything right. On average Mike has sex four times a day. But he doesn’t orgasm every time, does he!? I am of his age and manage to orgasm 4-6 times on one day. But not on a daily basis…;-)

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    1. humm.. I never stopped to try and count. I’d say a “slow” day (hee-hee) it’s twice, which would usually be once in the morning and once at night. On a busy day, throw in 2 or 3 during the day and maybe an extra one, even two at night. So a real busy day it could be as much as 7. But averaging it out for the week, probably no more than 4 a day. But to clarify, orgasm doesn’t always mean a lot of ejaculate. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or a frequency thing but yeah, sometimes not so much comes out.


    1. School starts in the fall. She took the spring semester off as she graduated with her undergrad last fall and her grad classes start in august. She frequently talks and texts her parents but doesn’t see them much, but yes, they have noticed a change, but are not alarmed because the changes are positive. More confident, more cheerful, more engaging. Physically re the hair- now that was a bit of a shock to them – but chalked it to youthful experimenting. Kayla truthfully told them it represented a renewal regarding her outlook on life. Also, keep in mind the “sex” I was describing was any sex act. It doesn’t take long to give a bj.


  2. Interesting that your contract is long and detailed, and Kayla’s is ‘Go for it’. It seems that your style was what was bothering you in the beginning when you couldn’t reconcile that Kayla’s style was completely different. Yet, you both have wound up in similar places.

    I do have a concern though, that Kayla not take Mike, and in some ways John, to represent all potential future Doms. They are very unique in the amount of care and compassion and creativity they put into dominating their submissives. She can’t just walk up to a stranger and ask for that level of trust and expertise. When she does leave at some point, I hope Mike will have trained her how to find the next ‘Right Now’ or the ‘Forever Love’.

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    1. We have had a discussion about where Kayla sees herself post “Mike and Jen” regarding this lifestyle. She says she doesn’t know and, she doesn’t really like to think about it yet. She is enjoying the moment, loves us, and can’t imagine another life. She recognizes that at some point this will may change, but until then, no need to waste emotional energy on something that is so hard for her to connect with. She doesn’t know if she wants to remain a submissive her whole life or if so, to what degree. So when the time nears for her to consider life after us, we will certainly do our best to help her be prepared.

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