118. The Stick of Truth, Part II


I had to break this up to two posts (actually will be three!) as I wanted to share some of the details.  You’ll have to read the prior post to understand where this picks up.  It’s not like me to share this level of detail, but, I thought it was important in understanding what we went through, and, it was kinda fun writing about it!  

Before I get back to the story, a quick observation that Kayla made about my posts.  She noticed I always refer to Mike as “Mike”, or to myself as “Jen” when sharing the dialogue that went on between us.  The truth is, when we talk to Kayla both Mike and I will refer to the other as “Sir” or “Ma’am.”  So I might say to Kayla, “Sir wants us to such and such…” instead of “Mike wants us to…”    However, when I write about it, I always refer to the statement as “Mike wants us to…”   I am not sure why that is, but I prefer to keep it that way. I told Kayla that I think it is because I want to remind y’all (yes, I say y’all – I am from Texas after all) that our lifestyle doesn’t change the fact we are just Mike and Jen.   Anyway, I thought it was interesting as I never consciously made that decision.  I never even noticed until Kayla pointed it out.  I plan to keep referring to us that way.  Okay, back to what happened.

After dinner Mike helped me clean up, which is rare, but not unheard of.  He then asked me to tend to getting J’s evening wrapped up and getting him to bed and he would go “check on Kayla.”  He then added, “Then we all have some things to discuss, don’t we?”
I knew Kayla said something to him and I wasn’t sure what all he meant by “checking on Kayla.”  I was concerned that she told him everything and he was going through with the punishment.  I asked him if we could talk and he said no, we could talk after J was asleep.
He then added, “And don’t go to our room or Kayla’s until J is down for the night.”  I reluctantly gave a “Yes, Sir.”

As it was explained to me, Mike went to Kayla’s room.  She apparently had been crying quite a bit and between the tears and the slobber was quite a mess.  He didn’t say anything for some time.  He rummaged through her “toy chest” and did not respond when she asked, “Is that you, Sir?” (she was blindfolded).   He eventually walked over to her and pulled up hard on the chains attached to the nipple and clit clamps and finally said, “Yes, it is me.  I am pondering an appropriate way to respond to your transgression.”

He took off her blindfold and removed the clamps, but left the ball gag in.  He then attached these nifty suckers we have (called the Fusion Triple Suckers, I recommend them!).  He put one on each nipple and her clit and then just stared at her for a while, occasionally ratcheting the suckers another half turn.  He told her that she was going to have to stay there until J was down for the night, which could be an hour or more.  She mumbled something through the gag so he removed it.   She said she had to pee.  He asked her if she could hold it and she said not that long.  He said he would be back soon and he left the room.

He returned with some hospital grade absorbent bed pads.  We had some left over from years of J having incontinence issues at night (that issue eventually resolved itself).  Oh – and he also brought a glass of water.    He told her she could try to hold it, but in the event she could not, she would just have to go in her bed.  He lined some pads underneath her and laid another one over waist. He then said, “drink all of this quickly,” as he handed her the glass of water.  She didn’t object and simply responded, “Yes, Sir” and drank the glass of water.  Mike then put the ball gag and blindfold back on her and he removed the sucker that was on her clit.  As he left the room he then told her someone would return once J was down.

This particular gag has a ball that is fairly medium-sized.  Large enough to cause a lot of drool, but small enough that your jaw is not stuck wide open when using it. Also, the ball is soft and does not go much past the teeth..  You can partially close your mouth if you bite down really hard.  Lastly, we are always sure to leave the person’s head free to move from side to side.  All of this is in the name of safety as you want to prevent all possible breathing obstructions if leaving a gagged person alone.   Even with all of this, having it in more than 15 or 30 minutes will leave you with a sore jaw.  She already had it in at least 45 minutes before her brief respite.

Mike didn’t say a word to me when he returned from checking on Kayla.  I was tempted to ask him or say something, but I knew he would not appreciate it as clearly he is choosing not to say anything to me about it, plus, I knew it would not make for family dinner conversation.  I think he knew his silence was driving me crazy.  I had no idea what Kayla had told him or what Mike was having Kayla do.  It was a bit a mind fu*k by Mike.   I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t worrying about Kayla.

I did my best to encourage my son to go to bed, but it was still another hour and half before he did so.  When I told Mike that J was asleep, he told me to go check on Kayla.  He told me that her room may be “a bit messy” and to not mind the mess and just get Kayla cleaned up.  He told me to remove whatever Kayla has on her, except the blindfold, and to take her into the shower and get her clean. He told me to tell her that she is not to speak until he speaks to her.  In addition, after I tell her that, I am not to speak another word to her.  He further instructed that once Kayla was clean I was to remain clothed, sit down, and instruct Kayla to get over my knees.  We would both remain silent and remain in that position until he comes into the room and gave further instructions.

I went to Kayla’s room saw the soaked pads across her lap and on her bed. I also saw her nipples and areolas were purple (not a heavy purple, but purple none-the-less) from the extended wear of the suckers.  Her pillow, neck, and chest and sides were wet with drool.  I removed the suckers and ball gag and although I hadn’t said anything, I guess she sensed my touch as she immediately said, “Thank you, Ma’am.”  I grabbed a tee shirt from her drawer and wiped her down a bit and told her she is not to speak until Mike comes. I didn’t explain what I was doing as I led her from her room into our bathroom and into the shower.  As I showered her off, she never said a word and just stoically stood.  The only reaction she gave was a quick wince when I wiped her chest, as apparently her nipples were a bit sore from the extended use of the suckers.  Mike probably didn’t anticipate the issue with the blindfold and the shower.  It was able to stay on during the shower, but it was soaked.  When I dried her off I tried my best to dry the blindfold without removing it.  Having that wet thing pressed against her face was just one more discomfort she would have endure.  I got dry and instructed her to get over my knee and we would wait for Mike.

I kept waiting for Kayla to say something.  I was impressed and amazed that Kayla never said a word. She was told not to speak until Mike spoke to her, and she was obeying without fail.  She was not teary eyed and was very calm.  Her vibe actually made me feel a bit better as it gave me a sense that she was enjoying this.  Not sure why I sensed that.  She wasn’t smiling or seemed very expressive in any way.  Perhaps it was hard to read her feelings because the blindfold covered her eyes, but I still picked up a stoic and calm demeanor from her. 

Mike came into the room and immediately told me to start spanking Kayla with my hand and not stop until he said to.  I began spanking her and several times Mike told me to spank harder or faster, so I did.  Kayla was now much more animated, flailing a bit.  Mike told her that every time her hand reached back to block mine or to try to rub her ass, he would add another five minutes to the spanking.  I did my best to spread the whacks around.  My hand and arm was growing tired and finally Mike told me to stop after what seemed like around ten minutes.  At the pace I was spanking her, that was probably 800 or so spankings.  Her ass was a bright cherry red. 

She couldn’t have received that spanking six weeks ago with J in the house.  This type of spanking used to require one of us to take her over to John and Donna’s (they have been very accommodating).  Kayla is a crier, and while she still almost always cries when spanked, she is a bit more muted and muffled with her noises.  Still lots of tears, but not as much wailing.

Mike then handed me a bottle of lube and told me to finger Kayla’s ass, something I never did before.  Mike re positioned her over my knee so that her ass was more squarely in my lap and she had to prop her arms on the floor to maintain her balance.  As gently and with as much lube as possible, I did as I was told.  My mind was thinking about how there has been an increasing amount of incorporating sex and other physical acts into punishments, something that used to be separate for us.   While some of this was just a slow and natural progression of my DD, I recognized that this particular act was directly due to Kayla’s past requests to be more dominated.

Even though I was using quite a bit of lube, I could tell her pussy was very wet on its own, which I thought of as another sign that she was enjoying this to some degree.  At some point Mike walked over and told me not to stop.  He pulled his pants down and his cock out, walked around, and lifted Kayla a bit by the shoulders so her head was better positioned to reach his cock.  He told me to keep fingering and get “that ass ready for me” as Kayla sucked away on Mike. 

He soon dropped Kayla back down so she was once again had her arms propping her up. He walked to the other side of her and told me to spread her ass.  I’ve been present when Mike and Kayla had anal sex, but not from this vantage point.  Mike entered inside her and while a nice tight fit, it went in fairly easy.   I actually enjoyed this position.  I could feel Kayla’s heartbeat through my thighs, she was making pleasurable soft groans, and I could see that Mike was enjoying it.  Add to that the nice visual I had of watching it closely go in and out, and I had forgotten we were even in a punishment session.   It wasn’t long before Mike came inside her ass.

He then told her and I to stand up. He embraced all of us and said that this concluding the punishment “for now.”  He wanted us to have a good nights rest and tomorrow there would be a second part to this punishment.  Although it not a day that Kayla was scheduled to sleep in our bed, Mike told her she would sleep with us tonight.  He said there would not be any sex, just so loving cuddling.   I think he knew that after the intensity of the last several hours that Kayla endured, it would be rough to just say, “Goodnight, now get to your bedroom.”  That just wouldn’t be proper aftercare.

He removed her blindfold and told her she would need to find another one (we have several) to wear to bed.  He wanted her to wake up in darkness and keep the blindfold on in the morning until he told her to remove it.  We all embraced and lovingly kissed each other for several minutes.  We then resumed our evening routines and soon it was bedtime and that was that. 

Unlike a normal Rewards Ceremony, Mike never asked Kayla or me to state what the transgression was.  And he never asked about what happened in the day that caused me to spank Kayla.  I was still in the dark as to what he knew or what was said between he and Kayla.   I was assuming the punishment she got was due to the cussing, but was a bit confused since it didn’t conform to what I expected.  Mike didn’t punish me or scold me in any way, so what was this all about?  I felt like reminding him that he said that there was something we were going to discuss, so, what was it?  However, I didn’t want to ruin the moment and he clearly was content with the state of things at the moment.  I didn’t see any reason to potentially disrupt that.

NEXT:  119. The Stick of Truth, Part III.  














6 thoughts on “118. The Stick of Truth, Part II”

    1. Very empathetic of you to ask that. Nice! I didn’t reference that detail, but yes, she did. As with any punishment, there is always an element of enjoyment. How much will vary on the type of punishment and the person. I believe Kayla enjoyed it more than usual. Thing is, when sex is part of punishment, it isn’t about the pleasure, it is about the clear reminder it serves regarding being fully submissive to Mike.


  1. Wow Jen, You know how to leave little to the imagination and much to imagine at the same time
    I am wondering what your punishment will be for your part in this. Since Mike had you spank Kayla, will he delegate or ask Kayla to spank you? It would seem reasonable since you are partly responsible for her transgression.
    Even if not I think it’s good that you and Kayla share in both sex and punishments. This is what makes your relationship different from Mormon Poligomy. Although I suspect some Mormons do exactly what the three of you do. In any event, can’the to hear what happened next.


  2. I have a couple of questions about this particular situation. First of all, does this punishment fit the crime? It seems on the surface to not leave much room for escalation in case of a more serious future transgression. Is the intense nature of the punishment so far, for Kayla’s benefit or to simply stave off any backsliding? How does she measure her progress? Which leads to the observation you made several posts ago about Mike. Is he dishing out these punishments because Kayla requires them per her contract, or has he truly changed into a Dom rather than playing the role originally requested by you?


    1. Leave it to you to be one step ahead. Those were some of the thoughts twirling in my head at the time. Stay tuned, I’ll get the rest of what happened out soon. Lots to reflect and learn from.


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