107. Our New Normal? Sizzle, Spankings, Sex?


This is a continuation of the prior post. I broke it into two posts because I prefer to read shorter posts, and figure you do too.   In the prior post I wandered in thought regarding various subjects.  In this one, I wanted to share what our first “normal” day was like, unencumbered by holiday visitors. 

My youngest son is back in school and while my middle son doesn’t return to class for another week, he left out of town with some friends for some fun and won’t be back until Friday, when he packs up leaves to go back to college.  That means an empty house for us.  In addition, Mike took this entire week off!

So, what did our morning look like today?

We set a schedule for our sleeping arrangements that may change but for now is this.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Kayla sleeps with us in our bed.  On Thursdays Mike sleeps with Kayla in her double bed.  That leaves Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for just Mike and I.   Giving Kayla a night alone with Mike was my idea.   At first we talked about me sleeping in Kayla’s bed while her and Mike slept in our room, but Mike thought it better for him to switch beds versus me.  I wasn’t objecting to either approach but I did prefer to stay in my bed.  I think Mike picked up on that preference.  For one, I am the most comfortable there, but really, I think it is about “owning” my space.  It is symbolic but does mean something to me.  Funny, I don’t feel possessive about Mike, but I do about my bed!   Anyways, while that is our basic schedule, Mike can always call an audible and change it up.  Kayla said she really hates sleeping alone in the next room and Mike already knows that he can use this knowledge as a special treat or punishment as needed.

The alarm went off and Kayla and I got up while Mike stayed in bed.  Kayla immediately went to clean her room (as per Morning Inspection in Post 104. What’s my Role?) and I got dressed, laid out Mike’s clothes, and then went to wake up our son and get him off to school. (J will often wake up in his own and texts me that he is up. If so, I get up and tend to him while Mike and Kayla sleep a little longer). On this particular morning, J slept longer than normal and I got up and woke him.

Kayla soon came into the kitchen as J and I were leaving and she started cleaning up the few dishes. As soon as I pulled away in the car, Kayla undressed and then completed cleaning.

She heard Mike moving about so she quickly went into our room to ask him if he needed anything.  “Just my morning kiss first. Then, while I finish getting dressed and use the bathroom take ten minutes to get ready for your morning inspection and have a cup of coffee waiting for me as we meet me in your room for the inspection.”   (See, no grapes, just coffee).

Kayla hurriedly brushed her hair, brushed and flossed her teeth, and double checked her room.  She got the coffee and when she returned to her room Mike was waiting.  He proceeded to inspect everything.  He actually made a checklist for himself because there are so many very specific things he checks for.  It is much like you imagine a drill sergeant would be!  Kayla cannot use the list when cleaning and has to remember everything.

Mike took Kayla’s hand and measured out three finger spaces between every hanger, and saw that every hanger and item of clothing was indeed facing the same way.  She passed that.  He ran his fingers across furniture, baseboards, and window sill.  All good.  Her bed was neatly made and he had her stand next to it.  He said, “There’s one.”  He pointed to her knee and remarked that the bedspread is hanging too far down as it is only supposed to come to her knee.   He went through each drawer and everything was neatly and correctly organized.  He got down on his hands and knees and looked under the bed.  “There’s two,” as he pulled a sock out from under her bed.   He then proceeded with the body inspection (92. The Inspection), which she passed.

He then had her unlock her toy box and he took out a long paddle and gave her 20 firm ones, 10 for each fault in her inspection.   He then gave her 10 more, saying he wasn’t satisfied with how red her ass was. 

When I got home I immediately undressed in the entry way and greeting Mike and Kayla in the kitchen.  I could see she was a bit teary eyed and her butt was red, so it was clear she got a spanking, the details of which she later shared with me.  But more surprising was that she was on the floor on all fours, next to Mike.  Hee said that Kayla was not allowed to stand up until the top of the hour and could only crawl and she must follow him wherever he needed to go.  This was added punishment for her leaving a sock on the floor.  He said that perhaps keeping her on the floor would help remind her to check under her bed.  In all he made a trip to our bedroom, out to the garage to get something, to our pantry, and to our living room.  That’s a lot of crawling on some mostly hard floors. 

At the top of the hour he told her she could get up.  He asked her how she was feeling and as she rubbed her knees she said, “Good Sir, this was hard on my knees but I am okay and thank you, Sir.”

Throughout the morning Mike continued to require a lot from Kayla.  Fetch him this or that, clean this or that.  Sometimes it was just, “stand still in front of me until I tell you that you can move.”  When one of her “Yes, Sir’s” didn’t sound sincere, he called her across his knee and he spanked her with his hand, then had her just stay there, bent across his knee for some time as he watched t.v.  During the commercial breaks he would spank her none stop, then cease when the show came back on.  This went on for several commercial breaks.   

Kayla finally asked if she could sit up as she said she was getting light-headed from hanging over his knees.  Mike allowed her up and ordered her to the corner with her hands straight out in a T-shape. As soon as her arms would droop he would smack her hard in the ass and tell her to get her arms up.   Kayla was crying and I finally gave Mike a “WTF” look.   He simply held his pointer finger up in a gesture that was a clear, “Don’t say a word, I know what I am doing.” 

He eventually told Kayla to put her arms down and to go get the tawse.  When she came back with it in hand, he told her to get on her knees and put her arms around her back.  He then proceeded to strike each breast three times, then three times again.  He then had her hold out her hands and he struck her palms three times, then three times again.  Finally, he had her bend over and he spanked her about ten times.  Kayla was bawling.

He then told her to stand up and he held her and explained that all of this was over her inspection.  He expects the days to start off perfectly and to have to start the day off figuring out a punishment for her is not how he wants to start his days.  Therefore, she needs to take the inspections very seriously else the consequences would be very serious.   They then followed our Closing Ceremony (aka after care) process. 

I was flabbergasted but also recognized this was in response to the things Kayla was asking for.  When they were done she came over to me, still crying a bit and I held her more.  When she fully calmed down and reassured us she was okay, Mike told her to go bathe to get refreshed.   He asked me to assist her and that I was to wash and rinse her.  Her bath was actually very soothing for both her and I.  It was quiet, just the sounds of water, as I lathered and wiped her body with the washcloth, then rinsed her.  I think the pampering helped soothe her – it definitely soothed me!  

Once dry we both went to Mike and I reminded him we had some returns to make and that Kayla and I would need to run some errands.   To my surprise Kayla asked if she could have permission to masturbate before we left.   This was the first time she asked for this, but it was in keeping with her contract. 

Mike’s response was two-fold.  Would you like to do it here or in your room?  “Wherever Sir wishes.”  Mike surprisingly said, “Then have some private time and do it in your room.”   With that she said, “Thank you, Sir” and left to her room.  Mike and I chatted a bit while she attended to herself.  We were both surprised by her request but thought it was a good sign that she handled the morning events well and was another indicator she was willing to share what she was feeling.

Mike asked me if I needed some “alone time.”  Smiling, I told him no, I was good, but then turned it back on him and asked him if he needed such time.  He jokingly said, “No, I don’t need that when I have you and Kayla.”   To which I responded, “Well, Kayla is a bit indisposed, so all you have is me right now.”  With that, I proceeded to give him a blow job (oh those fringe benefits of being a Dom). 

I had already finished “my business” with Mike when Kayla emerged all chipper and ready to take on the world.   We got dressed and left together for our errands.  Mike would start taking down our Christmas decorations while we were out, and we would help him when we returned.  We did our errands, came home and helped Mike with the decorations.  At around 2, Mike gave both Kayla and I an hour to just relax and do nothing or whatever.  She proceeded to read a book while I took to my computer to type this post.  

I left to pick up J from school.  When I got home and J was settled, I worked a bit more on this post.  Soon Kayla and I started dinner.  Afterwards once things were cleaned the plan was for all of us to continue putting away Christmas stuff (I have tons of decorations throughout my house).  After J is asleep the plan is for a date night for Mike and Kayla.  They are going to see a late Star Wars movie tonight.  After that, it will be bedtime and funtime! 

When Kayla and I were out on our errands, Kayla came up with a scene she would like us to play out tonight.  I am sure Mike will be aboard with it.   We haven’t ever role-played before, so it will be interesting to see how much we enjoy it.  While we may be helping Kayla with new experiences, she is also opening us up to some new ones as well!  I’ll use another post to share how it goes. 

I don’t know how typical today will be, but suspect at some point I’ll reflect on it and say, “Yep ,pretty normal!”   Just a normal day with a punishment or two, or three, and some extra sizzle at night.  Oh yeah, and the occasional day-time bj to satisfy the Dom!   Still no feeding him grapes though!     

I look at Kayla and feel she is more submissive than I am.  That feeling doesn’t intimidate me.   It actually reaffirms my satisfaction with my submission as I look at what I am doing and acknowledging that it fits me and my needs.   It’s not a competition and the only goal is for us to both receive the level of submission that we need – and right now she seems to need a lot more than I do.

I feel Mike is being more attentive to Kayla right now, but I am okay with that.  My semi-experience of having to think “dom-like” for Kayla has me recognizing that Mike has to use a lot of energy on Kayla. He has to learn what works and what does not.  Knowing how thoughtful he is, I know he is thinking about it a lot, and thus may be a little distracted regarding my needs.   The nice thing is my needs don’t require a lot of attention, so I am not feeling left out.

Mike and I are pretty much on auto-pilot when it comes to my submission.  I know what he expects and he knows how to react.  My spankings are pretty much “by the book” and uneventful.   That is not to say they are meaningless – they still mean a lot to me.  They just don’t result in any unexpected emotional reaction or deep reflection.   I still love them and hate them with the same intensity and still internalize them the same.  I think what I am saying is that there is now a sameness about my DD.  I say that with joy, not sadness, as it means that I reached the level of submission that feels right for me.   At least for now! 

This also allows me the ability to focus more on Kayla right now.  That too makes me happy.  I am glad that she came along when she did, as six months ago or perhaps even just three, I don’t think I would at a place where I could give her my focus, or give up that focus from Mike. 

Things are good!

14 thoughts on “107. Our New Normal? Sizzle, Spankings, Sex?”

  1. Dear Jenny, I am sorry to be *that* person, but I guess I am. You are such an awesome writer, but you need a lesson in pronoun use- nominative vs objective. Please let me know if I can help. Please know that this criticism is, in the big picture, infinitesimal, and is merely intended to help your excellent writing become even stronger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, “that” person you are! Ha. But that’s okay, me appreciate it. Lol. I actually think i know when i switch those up. I sometimes pause to think…”that’s not right.” But, i decide to type it as i speak it in my head. I often type in a “stream of consciousness” and then am too lazy to edit. However, you have me curious. Between you and I, maybe I’ve made it too much of a bad habit. (Yes, i know i just did it again. Ha!). Seriously, i tend to write as i speak…which probably is admitting that me no speak good. Hee hee. Okay, really serious now. Give me a few examples. I really am curious if i am as aware of it as i think i am. I appreciate you pointing it out. I should promote proper grammar reflective of mah college learnin’


      1. I will find some examples, but here is the rule of thumb: When in doubt, take the first person out. So if you were going to say, “Mike spanked Kayla and I,” take out “Kayla” and see if it makes sense. “Mike spanked I” doesn’t work, so it has to be “Mike spanked Kayla and me” (oh, how I wish it were Kayla and ME 🙂

        The more academic version is that nominative pronouns (those used as subjects) are he, she, I, we, they,who. The objective pronouns (those used as either direct or indirect objects) are him, her, me, is, them, whom.

        In the big picture, this is not a big deal, but seeing as how your awesomely sexy man likes to be picky about certain things, I thought that I might provide any help I can. I’m a giver like that. Haha, actually I’m a kinky English professor with a little too much time on her hands.

        PS Your writing is superb, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading through your blog. I wish you nothing but happiness and fulfillment.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Now me won’t sound so dumb! hee hee. Really, I appreciate it. I love the simple rule of thumb re taking the first person out. I must have missed that day in English class!


  2. OK, that makes sense. I think that you punishing her when appropriate is importance for Kayla. You mentioned that you are present for the first part of Kayla’s maintenance sessions with Mike. At what point do you leave? Do you stay to observe any of her spanking? Or do you leave before that begins?


  3. Oh, and I get that Kayla has made it clear I have the green light to punish her. I don’t plan on ignoring any transgression and I will be punishing her accordingly – including according to her wish for harsher punishment. The point I wanted to make with my comment is that I don’t have concerns about not bonding with her if the punishments happen to be few and far between. I sense that they will not – but they will be whatever they need to be.


  4. Kayla does seem to be more submissive than you and seems to have a even greater need/desire for punishment and spanking. It looks to me like the more she is spanked the more she bonds to the spanker. That is why Jen I would encourage you to take as much of a lead in spanking her as you can and the situation allows. It will cement the bond between you and her. In fact didn’t she say that since she had this friend F you should feel free to “traumatize ” her ? I think that is her way of saying that she needs your attention as well as Mike’s.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I love when people share feedback! I understand what u r saying but I don’t want to bind with Kayla the same as Mike re D/s. We bond in other ways- in our need for submission, in our womanhood, and by having more softer moments like just talking. The first night she slept in her room I went in to tell her goodnight and I ended up staying for quite some time as we talked about all sorts of stuff. Only a little about D/s – most was just sharing various life experiences. I stayed in there long enough to earn a spanking of my own for missing my bedtime. The next time she slept in her room she asked me to come by again to say goodnight. This time we stayed aware of my bedtime – but the point is this has turned into a little ritual for us. We jokingly call it “tucking her in.” Those moments bind us as much, if not more, than any spanking. Kayla needs to bind to Mike as his sub, not mine. We will continue to forge this unorthodox sub-like relationship as long as it is working. Thus far, it is. Thanks again for the comment!


  5. You mentioned earlier tha Kayla will pay rent. Will she be compensated for taking care of your son? Will she chip in for groceries?


    1. No. She agreed that she is not “the babysitter” and if she happens to watch him it is just part of living here. If she has plans when mike and I need a sitter, we will get my sister to watch him – no expectations that Kayla do so. Even if Kayla doesn’t have plans she is free to say she doesn’t want to watch him and we will get a sitter.


    2. Oh. Groceries – i pretty much shop to have food for everyone. she has some particular favorite items that she may pick up without waiting on me, otherwise, I’ve added her favorites to my shopping list


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