98. Three’s Company Housekeeping


I thought I’d share some various “housekeeping” issues that we have had to address with Kayla soon moving in.  I am sure we will discover there are more things we have to tackle once she is here, but her are the topics we’ve thought about and discussed thus far.

Sleeping arrangements
Kayla is moving into the bedroom adjacent to our master bedroom.  I’ve shared the layout (Post 80-Breakthrough) of our rooms before but will recap again.  This bedroom is actually attached to the master with its own entry way after you have entered the master bedroom.  It was designed to serve as a nursery.  We had the option of putting a door in the hallway so it was indeed a completely separate bedroom, or putting the door within the master bedroom.   The way we designed it is that there are large double doors that lead into the master and immediately to the left when you walk in is another door into what will be Kayla’s room.  To the right is one more door that leads to our master.  It sounds way more opulent that it is.  Suffice to say, in many ways we are sharing the bedroom with Kayla.

Of course this may raise questions from family members.  We have J’s room, our middle son’s room, and Mike’s office.  So unless Mike moved his office, there really wasn’t another choice.  And there is sufficient privacy for Kayla’s room that gives us “plausible deniability” regarding any suspicions of hanky-panky.  Our middle son, I’ll call him T2 (because T1 would be our eldest), is practically on his own.  T2 is in college and only spends maybe a month out of the year with us but still needs a room to call home.

The reality is Kayla will sleep with us most nights.  Our king sized bed will comfortably accommodate three adults.

There are no specific rules around sex.  The three of us are free to have sex with any one of the other two.  Neither Mike nor Kayla are compelled to tell me about any sex they have, nor are they discouraged from doing so.  It is up to them and I see no reason that I must know every time they do something together.

Outside relationships?
We told Kayla she is free to date as she wishes.  At this point she says she has no interest in doing so and is committed to focusing on our relationship with her.  She will let us know if it happens and she promises to practice safe sex.

Birth control and that time of the month?
I believe I mentioned before that Mike has had a vasectomy and I had an “oblation” procedure that basically stops me from having a period.   Coincidentally, John also had a vasectomy and Donna had the same procedure I did.  Thus, we have not had to give any thought to this before Kayla.   Kayla has been on birth control but is stopping it.  She says she doesn’t like the way it makes her feel and she sees no reason for it as long as she is exclusive with us.  It is her choice and we are fine with it.  We also have to modify things regarding her nakedness, punishments, and sex when she is on her period.  Just one of those things when you are a young and fertile sub!

Kayla’s father provides her a nice monthly allowance and said he would continue to do so as long as she returns to school in the fall.  Kayla has held a part-time job before, but hasn’t been working lately.  She really wants to spend a lot of time volunteering the first half of the year with a local pet rescue association.   We are charging her a nominal rent, and her car is paid for, so she does not have that many expenses and will be fine with what her father is providing her.

Date Nights?
As Kayla was one of our go-to babysitters, what now?  Is it fair to leave her home while Mike and I go out?   We all decided that it was, but, would also give Kayla some one-on-one time.  Once a month we will have a girls-night-out with just her and I.  Donna may join us depending on what we are doing.  Once a month Mike and I will have a date night that is just the two of us.  No Kayla, no John and Donna.   Once a month Mike and Kayla will have a date night and I’ll stay home.   That typically leaves one extra weekend where the three of us will go out together and I’ll get my sister to watch J.

To avoid suspicion we may have to get clandestine about it.  Perhaps Kayla leaving on her own to “go out with friends” and then we meet up with her.  Whatever, we will figure it out.

Five’s a crowd?  John/Donna?
Kayla is not interested in sex with John and Donna.   At some point she may change her mind and want to be more involved but she says she just wants to hang out with the four of us and just observe.   Both Mike and I think that is a great idea as there is enough for Kayla to adjust to for now.   We don’t want her to feel left out and we don’t want her to feel compelled to have sex out of a feeling of being left out.  We will have to watch her reaction and stay sensitive to her needs.  We love our time with John and Donna but Kayla will come first. (Or perhaps in this scenario, come last – ha!  That was a sex joke just in case you missed it).

Maintenance Sessions/Punishments
I mentioned in Post 94-Kayla’s Contract, that Kayla wants a daily Maintenance Session, at least at first.   That, plus any punishments she may get will both pose a potential problem.  As we have already experienced, Kayla is a crier and a pretty loud one at that.   While our room is pretty far from J’s room, the noise is just too much.   We encourage Kayla to be as loud as she needs to be, thus we don’t want her to feel pressured to muffle it.  We talked with John and Donna and they agreed that when necessary we can send Kayla over to their house to await a punishment.   They even suggested that she simply knock on the door and state that she is being punished, nothing else.  They will let her in without speaking further to her.  She will take her clothes off and go stand in a corner and wait for Mike.  While she would be in their full view while waiting the corner, Mike and Kayla will go into one of their bedrooms when it is time to spank her.

Kayla dreads the idea of this but at the same time said she was thrilled by it.  Of course, we also had to address logistics such as letting John and Donna know what was up if they weren’t home (as Kayla will let herself in and we need to make sure John and Donna aren’t expecting company.  Also, in the event it isn’t convenient to John and Donna there will just have to be a deferred punishment.

Third-wheel syndrome?
Let’s face it. The level of commitment that Mike and I share will always surpass the level between Mike and Kayla or Kayla and me.   That’s just the reality of it and we all felt we had to address it head on.  Being the bookworm she is, Kayla has read a lot about polyamory and says she knows what she is getting into and is prepared.  She recognizes that she is in a bit of a honeymoon phase, as we all are with her, and can’t predict where emotions will lead any of us.  She says she has no delusions about us being Mr. and Mrs. Right.  As cold as it may sound, she cherishes the fact that we are most definitely Mr. and Mrs. Right Now.  She has expressed many times how lucky she feels to be a part of us and how excited she is to be on this journey.  As she puts it, she knows we are but one chapter, maybe two or three, of what is to come with her life but we are not the entire book.

She will have her own room with her things and can request some private time when she needs it, as long as it does not include crying (see Post 93-Post Inspection).  Also, we purchased her a large chest with a lock.  She can store her journal and sex toys. Speaking of which . . .

Toys / Paddles – Her’s, Mine, and Ours
I mentioned in Post 94-Kayla’s Contract, that we talked about getting some new spanking implements and toys just for Kayla.  We can share some things, but we both liked the idea of having our own.  Kayla and I already did some online shopping together and she picked up a vibe, plug, restraints, outfit, and a few paddles.   Oh, here is an interesting factoid about Kayla.  She has never owned a sex toy and has never done anal.  Oh, is that TMI?  I got her permission to share that!  Regardless, her lack of experience was more than offset by her curiosity and sense of adventure.  She picked out some great items!

If you read my Post 79-Anxiety…Jealousy  or my  Post 87-There it Was, you know I am no stranger to jealousy or resentment.  I can honestly say I feel none of those things.  I think more correctly, I do not sense their presence.  I’ve learned that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, but in all good conscience,  I do not believe they are.  I am thrilled with how things have turned out thus far and am excited about where this is headed.   Like we remind Kayla, there are bound to be some missteps along the way but our intentions are pure and our hearts are open to the possibilities of what may come.

Any other logistics that we should address?

Next: 99.  Be Here Now Slut 

17 thoughts on “98. Three’s Company Housekeeping”

  1. Until coming across your blog I could never quite get my head around the idea that a good hard punishment spanking could really be an act of love for both the spanker and the one being spanked. I think I understand it now. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “As we have already experienced, Kayla is a crier and a pretty loud one at that.” Jen, I was wondering if Kayla is a crier and loud when she is being spanked, what about when she is having sex? With 3 of you in the same bad I would imagine there will be a good deal of sex going on.


  3. May I make a crazy suggestion? It’s kind of an odd and rare kink, even for the kinky community, but it kind of jumped out at me for a few reasons here. First, you have this weird third wheel dynamic, coupled with an age difference, where there’s at least *some* feelings of Kayla being a child or similar. Maternal instincts maybe? Second, you referred to her bedroom as originally being a nursery, which is what got my mind going. Third, you have a problem with nudity during that time of the month. Put all that together and you guys might consider using some elements of ABDL. Not enough to make my kink happy, but this is the real world and you probably aren’t all into it! But diapers would be a solution to the period problem, and could also be highly submissive. What if for those few days you added diapers to the un-dress code (#3, maybe #1?), changed her yourselves, had her sleep in her “nursery”, and put her down for bed yourself, with a bottle and stuffed animal? Crazy kink, I know, but does kind of fit your circumstances!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As the saying goes, “Crazy is in the eye of the kinkster.” Or something like that. So I won’t call it crazy, but it’s not for me. Always happy to hear ideas though. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Money and household chores are hard enough with two, never mind three. All of the above from ‘C for now’ as well. I really like Kayla’s attitude about being Mr. and Mrs. Right Now. That shows a very mature grasp of the situation and bodes well for the future. I would recommend that Kayla get a part-time job for independence and discipline in the real world.

    As an aside, her first anal experience should be with both of you and be a celebration of some milestone in your relationship. Schedule it and allow her to want it instead of being apprehensive or punished.


      1. “As an aside, her first anal experience should be with both of you and be a celebration of some milestone in your relationship”

        I would agree. Also I would recommend that more of her punishments should be shared with both of you. That is you spanking her in Mike’s presence, Mike spanking you with her watching and Mike spanking both of you together. I recall the joint punishment you shared with Donna and how it strengthened the bond between you two.


  5. Weird first reaction but then again I’m an odd bird with an odd lot of responsibilities over the years.

    Does your insurance cover her presence? What if she falls? (You might not want to mention the manacles and blindfold to ER.)

    Would renter’s insurance cover her in this situation? Think fire or what have you. Her stuff would be lost too.

    Include her intimately in the realities of adulthood and home ownership. This ranges from mowing to maintenance to researching/selecting a new washer. This is another valuable education you can give her to prepare her.

    Show her the quality/price gap and the long term advantages of buying better first time vs buying poorly three times.

    Be active and involved in supporting her efforts at school. The difference between her and the other students is she might really face discipline!

    First thoughts, hope they help.

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    1. Interesting you pointed that out. She indeed is buying renters insurance. And as for the other mundane but necessary tasks of adulthood, we do plan to expose her to that those as well.


      1. Told you may take would be odd. One curse of my nature is seeing all details. Those mudane lessons will be with her for life just as much as the titillating ones. She will blossom in knowledge.


  6. Wow!!!
    Until I found your posts.. I have even known such relationships really existed..

    I must say.. quite intriguing.. and interesting.. and a little ..stimulating …
    Because it’s something out of the ordinary…

    Well good 😊 luck with this beautiful and refreshing arrangement with Kayla Z

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Out of the ordinary is definitely a good description. There are many such relationships out there even more extraordinary than mine. If u find it the least bit stimulating, I suggest you explore some “out of the ordinary” for yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love ❤️ to read and learned.. and becomes aware. And I might be as much as fantasize About it all..

        But In reality. For my life.. I’m not inclined.. maybe if when I was younger.. and I knew about relationships like these.. maybe I would have..

        Please enjoy 😊 the arrangement with y’all..
        And as long as you are all in agreement and In sync…


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