81. Expectations

Just a quick post about Kayla and then I’ll post something new and sizzling. After five straight posts about her, starting with 76. Meet the Babysitter, it’s time to share other things. . . after this brief message.

Expectations are Premeditated Resentments.
As mentioned in my last post, I feel so much better about the situation. Being more in control of the decision has really opened my mind up to better explore the possibilities. I’ve been clear with Kayla that I need her to share her expectations with us, and we will continue to share ours with her.

It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings,  “Expectations are premeditated resentments.” That is, our expectations set us up for future resentment. In other words, the root of all resentment are the expectations we had that were not fulfilled.  It is akin to what I explored in my post 30. I Found My Thrill.

It may sound like I am beating a dead horse but I am pushing Kayla to search inside herself and understand and articulate her expectations – and Mike and I are doing the same searching. (I wonder how “beating a dead horse” translates internationally? No, it’s not a BDSM euphemism, but it sounds like it could be!).

Bottom line – If expectations are aligned (doesn’t mean they have to be the same, just not in conflict), then we greatly reduce the risk of resentment rearing its ugly head.

Okay, I promise, no Kayla on the next post!

82. Enjoying the Ride

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