75. Public Display of Submission


If the title got your attention, just know I am referring to something far tamer than say a bare bottom spanking in the middle of the store, or walking down the street in my underwear and in irons – although both of those scenarios sound delightful!  Nope, this is way more simple and innocent, but still gets some great reactions from people.

I’ve mentioned several times before,and again in this recent post, that I have to ask Mike for permission when purchasing anything other than everyday essentials like food and toiletries.  Sometimes I would call him but typically I would text.  Well, Mike had this idea that I should have to call and speak with him and not just text.   His reason was simple.  He said it basically “gets him off” to have me ask for permission and the thought of doing so where others may hear me just makes it that more intense.  Fact is, I enjoy it too.  I like to put my submission on display and this an easy way to do that.

About a week ago we implemented this new rule in that I have to call him for permission.  If he doesn’t pick up I have to leave a message asking for permission and then follow with a text and await a response.  I’ve had to do this several times now – in fact, I think it makes me look for stuff to buy.  That is counter to why the rule exists – but, I’ve found I really enjoy the feeling I get.  It’s like not only am I displaying my devotion publicly, but it has this tinge of the taboo, this mix of mischief, with a smidgen of shock thrown in.   I love the looks I get, and I don’t try to ignore them.  Quite the opposite.  I love to playfully engage people.  It goes something like this,

As I tried on some tennis shoes with the help of a salesman and found the one’s I liked, I announce, “Okay, let me call my husband and get his okay.”   With the salesman standing there and making sure I speak loud enough so anyone nearby can hear. . .

Me to Mike:  “Hi Sir, I’d like permission to buy some new sneakers as my old ones are really worn.

Me to the clerk:  “How much are those again?”

Me to Mike:  “$89, Sir.   What’s that?  Oh, I’ll find out”

Me to the clerk:  “What is that with tax?”  Mike likes to mess with me, but really, we both enjoy messing with the clerk.

Me to Mike:  “It’s about $97.14 with tax Sir.   Yes, Sir, sorry Sir, it was $89.99 before tax, not just $89.  Yes Sir, I’ll remember to be more precise next time.  Thank you, Sir, I love you Sir.”

Me to Clerk:  “Sorry, he said no.   (Pause).   Just kidding, he said yes.  I’ve been extra good to him lately because I’ve been needing new shoes for a while now.  Aren’t you happy he said yes?”

Clerk in disbelief:  Uh… yeah.

The more people who are around the more I love playing this up.  I commented once to a woman who was in ear shot of my conversation with Mike and looked her straight in the eye and with an exaggerated bubbly giggle-like voice said, “I am such a lucky girl to have a husband who sometimes let’s me buy things for myself.”

I am getting bolder in what I say.  My bold-meter is not quite there yet but I am waiting for the right time to say to someone, “I am so glad he said yes, because frankly, I was thinking of buying it anyway and just accepting my spanking.”

It’s starting to be a game with Mike and I.  He is making me ask more and more mundane things of the clerk before he gives permission.  I am waiting for the time he has me really put the clerk through the wringer only to come back and say no, I can’t buy whatever it is.  I am already practicing my pouty face and trying to force some tears and say something like, “My husband said no.  What I am going to do?”

It’s an added thrill to mess with people and think about what they later will tell their spouses or friends about this customer they got today.   That’s just a bonus on top of the great feeling I get when I publicly display my submission like that.  Messing with people is fun.

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15 thoughts on “75. Public Display of Submission”

  1. I agree that this type of play really does not involve others in anything that would be considered in appropriate. I have a similar desire with my wife in that I love for her to get dressed up in vintage stockings and girdles when we go out and I love for her to take it a step farther by letting her skirt creep up a bit and show a hint of garter here or there. I also will sometimes add a very shear blouse with a vintage bra that is visible underneath. It really turns me on to take her shopping for new clothing dressed like this and have the sales lady come in with a different item or size while she is in the middle of changing. I would love to take it even a step further by having her wear a diaper while trying on clothing. I assume that we would need to be prepared should the sales lady ask a question as to why she was wearing a diaper but this is along the same line and my interest in having her wear a medical brace in public.

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    1. Great examples of simple things that can be done in public. As far as going a step further, I don’t see the need to be prepared for questions. I doubt they would say a thing and assume it is an incontinence issue. And if they were so bold as to ask, I think a simple shrug of the shoulders would suffice as an answer.


  2. Oops. Don’t know why that posted twice! One last note – thank you for accepting my reply in the manner in which i intended. No hostility — all the point you made are worth pondering.


  3. There is something that doesn’t feel quite right in involving people who didn’t consent. I also worry that, not having the full back story, some might take your displays as permission or “proof” that submission is the “proper role” for women. I believe that a woman has the right to choose submission, as you did, if she knows this is what will be fulfilling for her, as you knew. I worry, though, about the example it has the potential of setting for younger women. I felt that way when I read that you call Mike “Sir” in public and in front of your children. Women have worked so hard for their independence and autonomy. Part of that, of course, includes the right to choose submission. The public doesn’t see the thoughtful choice you made. They just see a woman who has roled the clock back 100 or more years. Some will be horrified and/or worried about you; others will be delighted by the confirmation of the proper order of things. Either way, I don’t think that’s what you’re going for.


    1. I understand your point of view. The example i set is simply to pursue your passion, whatever it may be. My choice of passions won’t influence much…our kids are not us, and we are not our parents. What will influence them is a feeling of self assuredness and love. My kids are older, and i do wonder if i had a younger child, especially a girl, how i might do things differently. I believe i would still have pursued my chosen lifestyle as denying it would have created an unhealthy environment for me and my family. However, i believe i would be very vocal with my daughter about separating my choices and what was right for me with her own choices and what is right for her. I have had a bit of those conversations with my sons and nieces and nephews. I would have them in spades with my daughter, if i had one. Lastly, i don’t look at my dynamic as rolling back the clock. I think that statement is unfair to the systematic oppression that once took place (still does to some degree, but clearly, 100 years ago was worse). While some may feel my choices are “proper” and others “improper,” i don’t live for other people. I live for what is right for me and my family. There is no “proper” order other than the one that allows freedom of choice and the ability to achieve fulfillment in life and love with self confidence that you know who you are and what you need. Complete freedom includes the ability to chose service to ones partner or to be served by ones partner, or to not have a partner at all, or to have two or three, same sex, or different race, or female head of household, or adhere to whatever religious edicts you pick to believe in, or adhere to no religion, or whatever it is that fosters love and joy for you and those around you. The thing is, the public rarely sees the thoughtful choices anyone makes because they make split second judgments because of the way someone looks, talks, is dressed, etc. So whether they hear me say “Yes, Sir,” or not, they are likely going to get it wrong. Either way, i don’t think they would ever know what i am “going for.” So i don’t care what they think, i only care what my family knows. Quick disclaimer. This may read angry…don’t read in an angry voice. I am not angry. Again, i understand your points and am happy to state mine. I wish there was a “matter of fact” font. 🤗

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      1. Well of course you do care what other people think and about what is appropriate or you’d be getting spanked in public. I do really understand what you’re saying, and I probably do need to have a bit more “I don’t care what anyone else thinks” in me. But regardless, we all have a responsibility to one another, and as thrilling as your having to talk about your submission in public is (and it certainly is), it does seem wrong to involve people who did not give consent. Of course you “don’t live for other people,” but you do live with them, and everything you do and say does have an effect on those around you. But it’s not a huge thing at all, and I’m not angry either 😃 I’m actually open to the idea that I am taking community responsibility too far, because many of my fondest fantasies involve being reprimanded or disciplined in public.
        Best to you, Jenny. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, and you’ve really made me think about what I want.

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        1. You may be confusing my lack of care about what people think as meaning i don’t care what they would do. I don’t care what people think of me, but i am not going to risk being harassed (or arrested). No one needs others consent to simply be. I don’t consent to the submission of the Catholic Church, but i am not offended when i see a nun. I don’t consent to advocating for certain companies, political issues, or types of music, but i am not offended by someone wearing a t-shirt or having a bumper sticker glorifying those things. I do not consent to being tattooed (at least not yet), but am not offended by those who are. People are different and demonstrating their differences is not an offense. Of course there are limits (laws) and to the extent a law no longer represents what is offensive to the communications, the laws get changed (assuming they can overcome gerrymandering, voter suppression, PAC money, etc., but i digress).
          And specifically about discipline in public – i willingly accept whatever discipline Mike chooses, any time, any place. It’s only limit is Mikes discretion…and thus far, he has shown a lot of restraint in public, despite the events of this particular post.

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        2. The whole issue of limits of behavior in society is an interesting one. I agree there needs to be limits (laws) and in absence of the law, discretion based on the values of humanism. Good stuff to think about, but i lean more on individual freedoms and celebrating humans than on suppressing public display of our individuality and humanness. But it’s never 100% black and white.


        3. The whole issue of limits of behavior in society is an interesting one. I agree there needs to be limits (laws) and in absence of the law, discretion based on humanism


          1. Thanks for thinking through this with me, dear Jenny. Again, thank you for your thoughtful blog (I am slowly making my way through it) and for being the genuine, lovely human that you are.

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        4. You cannot care what other people think. In showing submission to my dominant in public has nothing to do with other people consenting. It has to do with showing utter and complete submission to my dominant. If that means asking a cashier to wait for me to ask permission to purchase a pair of shoes then I will do that. Just because I call me dominant sir and daddy doesn’t mean that I have turned the clock back 100 years, it simply means that I have chosen to respect my dominant over all else, and that includes what someone else may or may not take offense to. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, it is me at my dominant’s feet and no one else but the two of us. Your concern for what other people think has the ability to hinder your submission. Anything that hinders that should be considered and determined whether that hinderance needs to be removed or altered.


  4. I have absolutely zero intrest in most sports. Messing with people is a lovely one however. (Note that I do not belittle people. I do not target things beyond another’s control. There is a difference between a curmudgeon with a dry sense of humor and a bully or an a#@.) I would love to be present for this display just to blow your minds. That innocent fun brings you closer is wonderful. Well done!

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  5. I would absolutely love to be in a store and hear you explain to Mike you’ve been naughty. It wouldn’t mess me up at all. I’d have no problem confirming to him that you needed a good spanking. 🙂

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