71. Good Girl


It’s official. After almost 18 months of the “DD-honeymoon” we have settled into a routine. Not that this is bad, it is to be expected. And not to say there still isn’t a lot of satisfaction on multiple levels (emotionally, sexually, you name it) – it’s just that things are in a rhythm and standard routine.

As such, I am not sure what to write about. Since things have settled in and I’ve become quite the pro at fulfilling the commitments I made to myself and Mike, I’ll share a few things that still trip me up now and then. In other words, the things I get punished for. I probably get a spanking about every two or three days for something and rarely might get more than one in a day. I am good girl! Hee hee. That makes me laugh because I have never said that before about myself and don’t ever think in terms of “good girl” or “bad girl.” I am just me. But, as it relates to TTWD and spanking, yep, the description fits, and, even a good girl deserves a spanking every now and then.

Let’s see, my last few punishments. . .

Aha. A few nights ago I failed to journal. I typically do so in bed and the other night I got in bed and fell asleep before doing so.   Spanking!   Another evening I had left the bathroom a bit messy (a towel on the floor and some stuff out on the counter) after a shower. I left the bathroom for something and intended on returning to clean up, but forgot.   Spanking!   Oh yeah, and I got what I think is my first “pouting” punishment. Mike needed me to do something and I gave the, “Aww man, are you serious? That’s so inconvenient for me” look.   Spanking! Well, I did ask Mike to be strict, and he is delivering. I am not complaining – I am just stating the facts. And in fact, I like it!!

Then, there is the most memorable punishment of late – probably the worst punishment in months – it was for something I bought without permission. I’ve shared before that unnecessary and compulsive over-shopping was an issue for me many years ago. As such, one of the rules I created for our contract was that I must ask for permission when buying anything other than food or toiletries.

Well, I popped into the store for a few things we needed and happened down the aisle that had some dish clothes. I innocently thought, “Humm, ours are getting pretty ragged, so I’ll think I’ll pick up a few new ones.”   I told myself, “Oh, I’ll call Mike in a few minutes once I’ve gotten everything I am going to get, just in case I find something else that we need so I can ask for permission all at once.”   Next thing I know the item is being scanned at checkout and I realize, “oops, I forgot to call Mike.”   No problem, it wasn’t too late. I’ve called or texted Mike while I was standing at a register before. I am not embarrassed to do so in front of others (okay, maybe a little, but actually it excites me to display my submissiveness this way).   But, this lady was behind me with a lot of stuff and several kids and she had this “will you please hurry up” look. I didn’t want to hold up the line and it was the last item that needed to be checked. So, I handed over the debit card and checked out without calling Mike.  That lady will never know the sacrifice I made for her! Ha.

So, I am pushing the cart to the car and thinking, “Do I call him now and ask?” I could just pretend I hadn’t purchased it yet. What if he says no, and I have to return it? He will see the credit on our statement. Surely I could come up with some lie to cover it up. What if he happened to check the receipt? He has done that on occasion. But what if he says it is okay? He will never know I already bought it before asking, unless he went to the extreme of looking at the time I called him and the time on the receipt and question why they were virtually identical.   And, if I got caught lying, the punishment would be escalated – plus, even if I wasn’t caught, I have a terrible guilty conscience. I know I would just end up confessing anyway. Nope, I would have to just tell the truth and face the consequence.

It was early afternoon and our son was at school and Mike was working from home. I came in and immediately told him what I did. As part of my explanation I also said, “It was only just a few bucks anyway.”   He calmly asked me to get the stuff I bought put away, and then get undressed and find a corner in the kitchen to stand in while I wait for him.

A few minutes later he came into the kitchen and lectured me on how it wasn’t about the amount I spent as he agreed, it was trivial, but the act itself was not trivial. Given my history and my own wishes regarding asking for permission to buy things, he said he felt this was a “significant” transgression. He said I clearly was too quick to be dismissive of the importance as I failed to call or text right away and seemed to justify it by saying it was “only a few bucks anyway.”   Dang it!

He told me to bend over and he gave me about 20-25 warm ups by hand. He then took the wooden spoon from the drawer and gave me 15 very firm ones on each cheek, so 30 in all.   He then sat down and told me to get across his knee. He proceeded to give me about 100, maybe more.   Not super hard, but not soft. He varied where his hand landed so that by the end, I was pretty pink all over my butt. Then he told me to go to our room and stand in the corner and he would be in a bit.

He came in about 15 minutes later and had me fetch the hairbrush. Again I went across his knee. I don’t know how many, maybe 30, and by this time I was crying as he was going at it pretty hard. I also felt bad for indeed trivializing it, as this behavior is tied to some very bad times in our past. He had me get up and I thought it was done, but no, he then asked me to put my elbows on the bed. He then got one of the long wooden paddles that is more like a board. He had me count these off and each one was very hard. I got 10.

He then told me I had 15 more minutes of corner time and he would return.   When he did, I was ready for our “Closing Ceremony” but no, he called me across his lap. It made me cry when he told me to get across his lap and I gave a face that was clearly a “no” face.   He said, “Don’t hesitate getting over here as that just added to your spanking. I went across his lap and he proceeded to give maybe another 40 or so, again, not real hard, but by this point, definitely hard enough.   He then had me stand and he took off his belt and gave about 10 for the “no” face.

He then said I had another 15 minutes of corner time and he would set the timer. When it was up I was free to leave the corner and wash up and come into his office where we would finally have our “all is forgiven” moment to close the punishment.

In the moment and for a sometime thereafter, I felt the punishment was excessive. By the time our Maintenance Session rolled around where I could talk to him about it, I decided not to say anything.   I had asked Mike to be strict with me, and strict he was. Also, I understood that even though the specific items I purchased were trivial, my transgression represented some bad times in our past that neither one of us wants to revisit. So, once the soreness went away, in reflection, I feel the punishment was appropriate.

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