63. Ice Ice Baby Redux – A solution!


Vanilla ice?  There’s nothing vanilla about this story as it ranks pretty high on the kink-ometer.  Yep, I continued to struggle with trying to break my ice chewing habit.  As Mike felt he could only spank me so much and so hard, he had a novel idea – and it worked, sort of.  Sometimes, all it takes is the right motivation to focus your mind so that a simple and obvious solution appears to you.

Here’s an interesting observation, at least to me – I found that I would only chew ice when I was drinking alone.  At the dinner table or around others, never a crunch, but sit down in front of the tv or computer and I’d chew away.   Not sure what that’s about, but I just wanted to throw that in there if anyone has any great psychoanalysis feedback.

Anyway, as promised, Mike escalated the punishments and this time proceeding to insert ice up my bum.  Four good sized pieces, and then had me hold it for one minute.  He then had me expel them, and then he repeated with five pieces.   Extremely uncomfortable, almost instant cramp feeling.  While there were still in, a paddling of 10 very hard ones and then held for 60 seconds, then expel.  That was it, but that was enough.

I knew I was destined to repeat my ice chewing and I didn’t want to think about where else the ice would go next.  I knew I couldn’t just rely on will power alone, or rely on this form of aversion therapy.

Suddenly, I had this simple solution hit me like, well, like a frozen jolt in the ass!  How could I have not thought of it sooner?   The simple solution is that I now do not drink from anything without a lid.   I am drinking from a straw or with a lid that has a small opening to drink from (no ice getting through).   Out of habit I find myself swigging the cup back as if to draw some ice into my mouth.  Bam!  The ice hits the inside of the lid and no ice for Jenny.  I’ve gone two days ice chewing free!

Okay, no more ice talk.  I promise a steamy story for my next post.  Perhaps another pre-DD story or give an update after another evening with John and Donna?

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10 thoughts on “63. Ice Ice Baby Redux – A solution!”

  1. Oddly enough I remember joking with a coworker years ago about this that it’s a sign of a lack of sex….. no joke. We found something online while searching that said that… so she was going to jump her hubby when she got the first chance. lol. Still no idea if that helped or not, but hey, SEX.

    I do agree with the iron deficiency mentioned, it is a possibility. Easy fix with some dark leafy greens or a steak. Or a salad with dark leafy greens topped with steak. (Please forgive me if you’re Vegan/Vegetarian.)

    However, since you don’t chew ice around others, do you chat a lot when you’re with others? It could be you’re drinking and not chatting or being social vocally that causes you to chew ice.


    1. I think that’s it. I tend to be a good listener and talker, so probably stay focused on what people a saying and thus don’t want to distract myself. The iron angle is part of it, at least I think that is where the habit started years ago, but it’s not an issue now but the habit remains. Or should I say, remained, now that I’ve kicked it (for now)

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  2. I found this on a dental website not a proctologist one. 🙂

    Chewing ice can be a symptom of iron-deficiency anemia. Even though the reason behind this co-relation is not properly understood, There’s enough evidence to suggest that you should see your doctor for a blood test. If your iron level is low due to deficiency, simple solution is to take supplements to restore your iron level. You should also eat foods that are iron-rich, such as cereal, beans, spinach and tofu, just to name a few.

    Chewing ice is a specific form of pica, or the practice of eating nonfood items including metal or paper, and is frequently found to be a symptom of iron-deficiency anemia. Pica is particularly common among young women because anemia, or low levels of red blood cells, is often the result of blood loss, which pre-menopausal women experience with both menstruation and childbirth.


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