59. Ice, Ice, Baby

Just a quick update regarding the week thus far, which includes a punishment for something I’ve never been punished for previously!

Well, after my sexcapade with Donna on Monday, our plans for more girl fun haven’t materialized.  She worked half a day Tuesday and needed the other half to complete her chores, then today was a particularly chore-filled day for me plus a dentist appointment.  There’s always tomorrow.

Speaking of the dentist.  Turns out I have a little crack in the tooth.   Our Contract is not specific on this issue.  Thus, determining whether or not this was a Transgression per our Contract required arbitration by the Submission Rules Committee. . . better known as, “Mike had to think it over.”   It only took him a few seconds to rule.  Verdict – a Reward for Jennifer!

Here’s the deal – our contract has a Self-Care clause that states I have to look after my physical well-being and specifies “no cavities.”   A cracked tooth is not a cavity.  However, one compelling fact was that I have a bad habit of chewing ice.  I’ve done it pretty much my whole life.  It’s such a habit that neither Mike nor I had even thought about it as a habit.  It was just something I do.   While the dentist couldn’t say conclusively my ice chewing was the culprit, she did say that it certainly didn’t help, and as I am just a few years shy of 50, the years of chewing are likely catching up with me.

So, I got a good whuppin.’  I don’t know why I am so jovial about describing it, because it wasn’t fun.  Mike has really turned up both the velocity and impact of my spankings.  I am not complaining – of course, a part of me likes it, and the point is they aren’t supposed to be pleasant.   And shortly after the spanking based on the doctor’s report, I got a drink and within a few minutes I chewed ice.  Another spanking!  Was that enough?  No, I did it again later in the evening.   Yet another spanking.

This habit is going to be tough to break.  The mental exercise I am trying to remember is oral sex 101.  Suck, don’t chew.  (Okay, I am sure for some of you chewing is okay, you sick bastard, but that’s not us).   I can’t help but put ice cubes in my mouth when I take a drink.  I’ll remember for a minute not to chew and just suck, but at some point I just have to bite down.   Ug, this one is going to be tough to break.  I hope my ass can handle what’s ahead until it is broken (the habit that is, not my ass).

60. Next:  Mine, Mine, Mine! Rediscovering my Thrill.

4 thoughts on “59. Ice, Ice, Baby”

  1. I know this was posted years ago but I’m just now finding you and reading through each and every single post (sequentially) and I have yet to comment BUT this time I had to because this one bothers me.
    Here’s why – chewing is the way you do (and many others) is not simply a “habit” – and maybe you already know this by now as this was 4 years ago – but it is actually a form of OCD and therefore not something you can control.
    While it is possible your dentist may not be aware of that, I find that frustrating for one thing – but also – this is absolutely not something you should be punished for in ANY way! This is a mental illness that you are in no way responsible for and no amount of spanking or punishment is going to “break a habit” that is a mental illness. So this bothers me. Unfair doesn’t begin to describe it.

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    1. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. I totally understand. Chewing CAN rise to the level of something beyond ones control. That was not my case. Clearly the habit built over time and I agree, there likely was something my brain was getting from it – some sort of release/reward. The fact remains it was unhealthy, no different than smoking or other vices we may develop. I don’t think it rose to the level of OCD because I responded favorably to Mike’s treatment plan. Since the incident i posted about, I have never chewed more than a single chomp before catching myself and stopping.
      You bring up a great point though. What some people can stop doing through will power or others through DD, there are those that struggle with it more deeply and profoundly. That’s where psychological help is needed. In my case, the DD “therapy” worked.
      I am glad it did and I am better for it. Thanks again! I look forward to your additional thoughts on this or any other posts.


  2. Boy, the SRC is getting really strict in chewing out Jenny. Hope for her sake she ices that habit before the next time they got out to eat or else there’s gonna be a public whuppin’ for her to sink her teeth into while the patrons chew the fat from the peanut gallery and chill out.

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