53. Almost forgot. . . sex with John and Donna?

Two posts in one day!  

This one is to follow up on a prior post .
So, Donna came over this afternoon and we were able to talk about things.  I joked to her that I thought I saw a stray hair and that perhaps she needed to check me again.  We weren’t in a position to do anything sexual as my son was home, so it was just all in fun.
I told her that I owed her an orgasm and wanted to return the favor the next time we were together.  She said she would ask John.  I told her I wanted to know if she was asking only because I was asking, or if she was actually interested.  She told me that she is not attracted to women, but, she is curious and she knows she won’t dislike it, even if it isn’t her thing.  She said she felt safe with me and, simply put, love to have sex with me.    Yea!

That led our conversation to the guys.  I told her Mike planned to talk to John about us swapping.  Donna said her and John had the same conversation and were open to it.

Wow, so there it is.  Now, although I brag how I lack modesty, I am uneasy about blogging about this. This is a big deal to me to share.  I am not uneasy about actually doing it.  I think Mike and I will have a blast and it will only add to our sex life.  I look forward to watching him and being watched by him.   But, for some reason I am fine with sharing stories of my submission, of my masturbating for an audience, being spanked, etc.   But talking about swinging and swapping reveals a part of me that is different.

Blogging has anonymity, so it isn’t about being “found out.”  It is about the persona I want to reflect in this blog.  For some reason I am fully comfortable with the whole submissive persona, but not swinging and swapping.  I am sure it is my own hang ups regarding what that “means.”  Of course, it doesn’t mean anything.  It doesn’t define me.  Ultimately I reconciled whether or not to share this by recognizing my aim is not to portray a specific persona.  It is to just portray my journey, good, bad, or otherwise.

So, Mike and John are talking tonight and we’ll figure out what’s next.  My guess is we will use our next visit to their house as our opportunity to make it happen.  It could be this weekend but more likely will be the next weekend as we have a regularly scheduled “date night” (i.e. a sitter lined up) for next weekend.

That gives Mike and me a lot of time to talk about it, as well as time for me to talk more with Donna.  I don’t know if that is a good thing.  I believe we shouldn’t over think it.  I wish it would have been more spontaneous and not something we had to plan.  Oh well, what do I know?  This is new to me.   Anticipation!

54. NEXT: Sex is fun. 4x the fun. . .

7 thoughts on “53. Almost forgot. . . sex with John and Donna?”

  1. My Queen and I have some friends that we got pretty intimate with. Nudity in front of them, sex in front of them, but when we involved them we both pulled back. Neither were particularly attractive to us. And while they both wanted to jump out bones, we didn’t let it happen. Nothing of the like has happened since. Still friends, but the sex is once again a private thing.


  2. I’m glad you are getting to explore this more. Try not to over think it and what your persona would be on the blog. You are exploring a lot of new things and this is a journey. Even if you never do it again, I think it will help with your growth sexually and submissively.


  3. Jenny so happy for you to finally get more involved with Donna. I know you have been curious and eager for more since you met. Was it what you expected? What did you think when you realized what she was doing after waxing you? Have you been thinking about her more since the episode? Would you like her to be in control of your experiences with her? Are you nervous to perform on her and satisfy her?


  4. Hi Jenny. I can understand your hesitation in sharing that part of your journey but am really pleased that you decided that you would. I think it is hard as we start this as mature and educated people who have a good understanding of ourselves and then along comes something new, a shift in ideas etc, and we find ourselves in a place we never expected to be. There is so much judgement and so many generalisations surrounding aspects of these lifestyles that it can catch you off guard. I look at where I was, where I am now and try to never say never as I reallly have no idea where I will be next. At the end of the day, your journey is just that – yours, and whatever you do or don’t decide to do it done within the context of your relationship. This sounds like an exciting development and I look forward to finding out where it takes you. missy 😊

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  5. I think the hangup may be because you’ve gone way beyond the original scope of your contract and into something much deeper. Having sex with another man is a much bigger step than anything that’s come before. Plain old spanking seems so tame in comparison. I for one have no problem with you blogging about swapping or anything else. Is your hard limit still in place about Mike being the only to spank you? And will this be vanilla sex or something more on the lines of two slaves being exchanged by their owners for being naughty?


  6. Regarding the blog and the sex: just be you, that is the only person you can be. And-nice girls do lots of sexual things. Period. This is an interesting thing, and can be wonderful if the communication is good, esp the debriefing part. i agree about not overthinking it. Its fucking, so really, there isn’t a bad way to go about it. Enjoy the experience for whatever it is, trust yourself, listen to yourself. Share what feels right for you. i have a feeling it will be an awesome adventure. 😀

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