37. Uggh! Assistance with Activites of Daily Living

Yea! I have some unexpected free time and get to do another post today. In typical Jenny style, I can’t just jump in and share my most dreadful experience during our immersion. It needs a little set up.

I already shared the most challenging rule of the immersion and now I will share the most humbling.

When Mike and I first talked about what our immersion would be like, we talked about how far he should push things. Mike had shared several ideas with me prior to our immersion, but I told him not to tell me everything he had planned. I wanted there to be the element of shock and awe.   And for everything he did share I was quick to reassure him I was comfortable with those things and was willing to go deeper. I told him to go far, even if he felt it was humiliating to me. I told him I don’t and wouldn’t look at any of the things he was thinking of as humiliating. I vividly remember telling him that I would take anything he thought was humiliating and at worst I would just likely be humbled by it, not humiliated.  Well, I guess I lied. After all, humbled, mortified, and embarrassed, are all meanings of the word humiliated, and I felt all of those things.

Mike had this idea that I could not be responsible for any of my self-care; eating, dressing, bathing, and yes, using the bathroom.

Eating: I would fix Mike’s meal and he would eat it as I waited, kneeling nearby, getting up only to fetch anything else he needed. When he was done I would clean up, and then could make myself something. I would bring it over to Mike and then kneel down next to him.   He would cut my food and feed me. I could not use my hands at all, even to use a napkin. (There were a few times Mike “invited” me to dine with him as a special treat, although frankly, it was probably because feeding me was pretty tedious). A few times we had John and Donna over and they would take turns feeding me. Oh, keep in mind I also had a standing rule at all times that I could never speak unless spoken to.

Dressing: I was always naked when we were home, but we did go out in public a few times during our immersion (those outings can be another story I can share). Mike would pick out my clothes and dress me. He really couldn’t handle my hair and would call Donna over to brush and fix it nicely. Oh, and when we got home, I couldn’t undress myself. He had to undress me.

Bathing: I could not lift a hand and had to be bathed by someone else. It included a very thorough washing and drying of every nook and cranny. The water was always cold, except one night when Mike rewarded me with a warm bath.  Mike also enlisted the help of both John and Donna.   Sometimes Mike would bathe me, other times it was John and other times it was Donna. While John had seen me naked before – heck, he has seen me masturbate – having him bathe me was a bit eerie.   Mike was not present when one of them would bathe me so it seemed a bit more personal, a bit more intimate. And again, I could never speak unless spoken to.   One time I said something to John and when he reported it to Mike, Mike had John spank me for the infraction.

Bathroom: This was the most shocking and humbling and yes, I will say humiliating. Having to always ask permission to use the bathroom was no big deal. It was the only time I could speak without being spoken to. What was a big deal is that I couldn’t use the bathroom alone. Someone, usually Mike, always had to be with me. Worst yet, I could not attend to certain things on my own. Okay, I’ll just say it. I was not allowed to wipe myself. When it came to #2, Mike thought such a task was not going to fall on him either, so, I had to call Donna when I needed assistance with that. Yes, just imagine the phone call. “Donna, this is Jen, can you come over and wipe me?” There were a few times Donna was not available and Mike made me call and ask John. Luckily, John declined the invitation each time. I guess he even has limits. Ha!   But Donna didn’t have the luxury of declining. John loved the idea of her having to do this that he soon had me return the favor and Donna was calling me when she needed assistance.   Of course, this was the first thing I said had to go once our immersion was over. I was not going to carry this over to become routine.

So, there it is.   I wasn’t going to share this one but Mike reads my blog and insists I share. Uggh!

I imagine there can’t possibly be anything that would be more difficult for me to share than what I just shared with you (or is there?).

Next: 38. Bow-chicka NOPE!  plus Tattoo Parlor Confessions

11 thoughts on “37. Uggh! Assistance with Activites of Daily Living”

  1. Hi Jenny, sounds like it was very successful. A few questions for you: what was your favourite aspect? Did you have more sex during the immersion and was it any different than what you had experienced prior to the immersion? When did you first think about getting your nipples pierced, was it your idea or Mike’s? How many of the components of the immersion are you maintaining? Who is Valerie that you alluded to? Lots of questions, pick and choose the ones you want to answer.


    1. Crap. Well, that’s what you get when you don’t use real names. It’s hard to keep up with a “lie.” (although I said from the beginning I wasn’t using their real names). I screwed up and used both of their real names in this post . I’ve since edited it. Couple of things resulted. I had to tell “John and Donna.” They’ve been reading my blogs and ultimately they said it was okay that I slipped, but they want me to continue using “John and Donna” going forward. They said it was okay not to delete your comment, so, basically, anyone reading this knows what her real name is. Secondly, I was “rewarded” for this mishap, and I will post about the details. As for your other questions, will answer them separately.


      1. Sorry if I get you in trouble by noticing you used her real name. Do they have a blog as well? I’d be curious to read their blog as well as yours or perhaps they can contribute to yours.


        1. No problem. Glad you caught it so I could fix sooner vs later. No, the font blog. Frankly, neither them or us paid any attention to any blogs before I started this one. Humm, haven’t thought about them contributing. Always thought of this as my thoughts and experiences…but actually I like the idea. Will have to give that some thought. What topic(s) would you suggest they cover?


          1. Great question about what I’d like to hear from them. I guess from “Donna” I’d like to hear about their dynamic arrived at where it is today. Was she always submissive and did she always think about this lifestyle or did it evolve and if so, how did it evolve? From John, I’d like to hear his approach to being in charge of her and what are his strategies and different ways of disciplining her. Do you know which of them broached the idea of this lifestyle first? Read your latest blog about your punishment, sounds like beneficial if only because it helped build a boundary. Are there other punishment you sometimes fantasize about? How much does your lifestyle spill over into how your sex life is. Is Mike always in charge, you said it was rougher but does he control all your pleasure, does he ever try denying you orgasm or train you to cum when he wants you to? Be curious about Donna and John as well in that regard because I am interested in that for my wife and I and trying to learn the proper approach.


          2. I would love to read a regular blog of John and Donna but that’s not their thing. I don’t want to delve too deeply into details they’ve shared with us, but basically, yes, they were submissive from the beginning. It was John’s wishes and something he shared with her before they got married (or even engaged). My understanding it was a bit more “taken in hand” in the beginning and evolved to more bondage, S&M, M/s. However, they are excellent at keeping it private. Outwardly the signs aren’t clear unless someone is familiar with the lifestyle. I just thought John was a bit of control freak and a bit of jerk, and it wasn’t until I got into DD and reading more about alternative lifestyles that I started to pick up signs that they had some type of alternative arrangement
            You are insightful regarding the latest punishment. I have no regrets or ill feelings about the entire experience. I knew and still know that every boundary will be identified only after a less than pleasant experience. I had actually shared this concept with him when I started asking him to push the boundaries as I felt it would make him more comfortable in trying new “crazy” things.
            The sex play/control you describe isn’t an interest to us, but, in some ways I guess Mike has performed orgasm denial, but that started long before DD. Sometimes Mike likes to keep me on the edge and back off just as he knows I am about to climax. He’ll even whisper that he doesn’t want me to cum just yet. I never really thought of it as orgasm denial, but I guess that’s what it is. As for cum on command, I wouldn’t describe anything we do as that. Definitely not training towards that. Masturbate on command – yes. And eventually that leads to climax, but I wouldn’t call it orgasm on command.
            Thanks so much for these questions. I love clarifying and elaborating on things!


    2. I will answer all of them. I love feedback and questions. Fav aspect? It was emotional, not physical. It was the sense I got of total submission. A clarity of mind where there were no problems of life/the world on my mind, just a focus on serving the one I love. I got to experience a lot of what I talked about in my post, “I found my thrill.” . Sex? We have a lot of sex, so it’s hard to gauge. I’d say we had slightly less intercourse, but it was a bit rougher. There was more oral and anal. I definitely gave him way more blow jobs than normal each day. There was a sexual electricity at all times. Although Mike always has freedom to do whatever, I think the experience and constant electricity in the air made him more bold, daring, and lustful. Piercing? I’ve thought about it off and on for about a year or so. Mike was the one that finally said he wanted it, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t for it as I had already talked about possibly doing it. What are we maintaining? Right now, not a whole lot due to the family situation. I try to uphold the vocabulary, and I’ve found I am just naturally being more obedient, as if the immersion created some habits that I don’t even think of us as being from the immersion. You’ll hear about an example of this in my next post. We’ve talked about having a day of the week set aside where most of the M/s rules apply, but that we wouldn’t do that until school resumed and we couldn’t maintain all of them with our son at home.


      1. Thanks for such a complete reply. I read some of the punishments Mike gave you. Were there any others? I am curious to try something like this but a little shy to suggest some of these things. Did you get over your shyness to be naked in front of strangers? I’ll bet you look better than you give yourself credit for and I’m sure Mike will have fun with the piercings. Do you ever get restrained during sex or denied orgasms or made to control them. Has Mike tried to train you to orgasm on command?


        1. I try to address every comment. . . Were there other punishments? Most definitely. I don’t write about each one – too many to write about, and most of the time they are pretty routine, short, and probably boring to read about. If you are shy to suggest, then I would say you aren’t comfortable being fully open and honest. Mike and I literally share everything and I can’t imagine feeling shy regarding any discussion I would ever have with him. Shyness re being naked? I think it depends on the context but it is more nerves than shyness. I was nervous, but didn’t feel shy. I think being in my own house helped me feel comfortable and confident. I definitely don’t have body issues. I know my imperfections and am 100% comfortable with them. I don’t give them any attention. I haven’t yet shared Mike and I’s experience with the two FetLife functions we attended. There was nudity in one of them. I didn’t feel shy there, but there were plenty of naked people so there was no reason to feel shy. As for restraining, prior to our immersion any restraints were juts him holding my hands firming above my head during sex. During the immersion he did use ropes and cuffs on me (borrowed from John). I enjoyed it, as did Mike, and we plan on purchasing some restraints (our sex toy collection grows!).


          1. Thanks as always for the quick response. Your candour, frankness and willingness to share and be open are a breath of fresh air on the Internet. I’m sure your sex toy collection is a sight to behold!!!! I always have questions because I am curious by nature so I appreciate you answering them. Keep the writing and thoughts coming

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