24. Intense Spanking Part I – My first and most severe punishment

Setting up the various emotional facets of this story will take a little time, so I broke it up into two posts.
This will cover all the things leading up to my most intense Reward Session.  In fact, it is called an Intense Reward per our DD contract.    As with other posts, it helps to understand my DD contract. You can read about it at Our DD Contract

I share this with some embarrassment, but as I have extolled the virtues of my DD journey it is only fair I share some of the challenges.  While this represents a “bad” time for me, it is important to keep it in context of the alternative.  Without DD, I would have been in an even worse place.  With DD I was able to quickly recover, reconciling my actions with both myself and with Mike, and quickly move on.  Without DD there would have been long drawn out resentments and arguments (literally years of that).  DD played a crucial role in keeping it short lived by providing a mechanism for quick healing and resolution.

Backstory 1:  Life Pre-DD
I mentioned before one of the issues I had pre-DD was being disorganized, forgetful, and losing stuff.  In the course of perhaps 6-9 months pre-DD, on separate occasions I lost my credit card (more than once), lost my keys, lost a nice ring, broke one phone and lost another.  I misplaced things constantly throughout the house.  I even misplaced my vibrator once (I still don’t remember why I ever brought it in the closet, but there it was).  I would forget appointments and get togethers with a friend or family.  It was the proverbial, “I would lose my head if it weren’t screwed on.”   This had started to improve almost immediately under DD, but was still a pretty frequent cause of rewards for some time.

Backstory 2:  Robbery
Another backstory that will be relevant to this story.  When Mike was young his family was robbed.  A lot of things were stolen from their house.  Things you might expect like jewelry and electronics, but even toys, appliances, and TV’s.  It was a pretty thorough robbery.  This caused Mike to be very security oriented.  We have always had an alarm for our house and Mike is always upgrading it when a better system comes along.  We have cameras, motion sensitive lights, you name it.

Back Story 3: Calibration
This incident took place when we were a little over two months in to DD.  Rewards were probably occurring at least every other day or so and some days there would be several.  Mike and I were slowly getting closer to being on the same page, or, “calibrating” as I call it…basically, getting in sync with our thoughts and feelings regarding DD and getting better on consistently applying it.  We now had 8-10 Maintenance Sessions under our belt.  If you haven’t read my prior posts, our Maintenance Sessions allows me to talk openly, but respectfully, about things that occurred that I want to clarify.

We still had a way to go before being fully “calibrated.”  The issue at that time was I felt Mike was too soft.  He was still unsure about how far he should take control.  We both agreed that DD was having a positive impact, but I felt it could be even greater if he were more consistent in calling me on a Transgression and ensuring the Reward was strong.   I remember pointing out three things to him at that time.  One was that I wanted him to be more comfortable with me having to be “unquestionably obedient” and to do what I was told without hesitation.  Another was for me to refer to him as Sir such as “Yes Sir,” “No Sir,” “Thank you Sir.”  It was not in his nature to be direct in what he wanted.  It was often, “Can you…” or, “Would you be able to…” instead of, “Jenny, do this now.”  Lastly, the Rewards seemed to be decreasing in intensity.   I asked Mike to approach this from the other end of the spectrum and try to be extremely strict for one week.  Basically, help me find my limit for discipline.  Once found, we could dial it down if needed, but we’ll never find the right balance at the pace things were going.

It was fortuitous that I had asked him this just five days before this incident occurred.

The Transgression
I had gone shopping and left the store with several bags in hand.  After my purchase I stopped for a moment and put down my purse and bags so I could rearrange things to carry them more easily.  It didn’t help I was also trying to hold on to a Pepsi.  My phone rang and I was talking to my brother.  I gathered up my bags as I talked with him and walked out of the store.  I found a bench to sit down at and finished talking.  In all about 20 minutes passed.  As I got up I realized my purse was gone.  While it was possible it was snatched as I sat there, I was pretty sure I had forgotten it when I put my bags down earlier.  I quickly ran back to the area where I had stopped to rearrange my bags, but of course, no purse in sight.

My first call was to my bank.  Even though I reached them fairly quickly, enough time had passed for the crook to charge about $700 on two different credit cards. In addition, in my purse was a Fitbit I had just purchased that day, about $100 in cash, a gift card or two (or three) of various balances, my Kindle, house and car keys, and my of course my driver’s license and who knows what else.

I needed to call Mike so he could bring me his car key.  I was unsure what reaction I would get.  Would he respond in a pre-DD like manner?  Pre-DD this would certainly cause an epic level blow up and I would likely never hear the end of it.  I also knew his reaction to this theft would bring back some of what he felt when his house was robbed as a child,.  It was already an uneasy  vulnerable feeling to know someone has our address and house and car keys. Would he blow his top, or would he stick to our DD “protocol?”

After reporting the theft to the mall security and the local police, I called Mike and he said he could leave work right away and bring me the spare keys.  It was a short conversation that gave me little insight into what he was feeling.  He calmly said he would pick me up and once home would recode the locks on the house and call the dealer to deactivate and replace the key fob.

I began to wonder what was in store for me if he does stick to our DD.  Of all weeks, it was the week I told him he needed to be stricter and that I felt he was getting softer in his spankings.  This also happened to be a Friday where our son was staying at my parents.  One Friday a month my mom and dad pick up our son after school and keep him for the weekend, returning Sunday evening.  No one was going to be home but Mike and me.  My mind raced to what Mike might have in store for me.

I had done well to minimize my tears as I was very upset with the feeling of violation that comes from a theft, as well as the disappointment in myself and in knowing I let Mike down and stirred up some bad memories for him.  When Mike pulled up it caused a release of emotions in me and I cried heavily and hugged him.  He was reassuring and comforting.  We drove over to where I had parked and he asked me to follow him home. Thus far he was calm, but I noticed he was taking a lot of deep breaths and not making much eye contact. He asked me what happened and I shared every detail.

He told me that when I got home he would call the car dealer and work on the house door and that I was to go immediately to our room.  I said “okay.”
He then sternly said, “What?”
“I mean, yes, sir.” I said.

His “what” scared me a bit as he said it with a bite that I hadn’t heard before.  I wanted to remind him that he is not to give Rewards in anger, but “coaching” him about a Reward is a transgression, and I didn’t want to add to what was to come or possibly make him more angry.  Although I kept telling myself to just trust him and everything would be fine, I had serious doubts it would be.  I continued to cry on my drive home thinking about the importance of what was about to happen.  In my mind, this was a litmus test for whether DD would work for us or not. I truly felt that the next few hours could mark the end of my stupid idea about using DD.

We got home and parked the cars in the garage as we normally do.  Mike did not say a word to me as he immediately fished through his tools in the garage looking for whatever he needed to rekey the door lock.  I didn’t say anything either and as I approached the door to the house Mike quite sternly told me to stop.

“Yes, sir?”  I asked.

“Take your clothes off right here and leave them and then go to your room,” he calmly said.  The garage door wasn’t closed yet, but I did as he asked.  He walked up behind me and somewhat shielded me from view of anyone who might walk by.  “And as you wait for me I want you to hold this.”  He took off his belt and handed it to me.  “Now, off to your room. I’ll be there when I am done with the door.”

Wow. That sure sent me a powerful message.  It was odd walking through the house naked.  I went to our room and stood in the corner, belt in hand.  I was nervous and still crying about the events that transpired thus far and over the weight I had put on this moment.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to stand in a corner for so long. It seemed like forever.  I continued to try and reassure myself that all would work out and we would be better for having DD to guide us.  It was at least thirty minutes before Mike came in the room.

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23. Quick Reflection (then on to a spanking story)

I am about 14 months into our DD lifestyle and suffice to say a lot has changed and for the better.  In a way that only DD can, I have willing surrendered a part of myself, trusting Mike in a way that is unimaginable to many people.  As a result I have connected with myself and with Mike in a deeply reflective and intimate manner.  I am more content than ever with who I am as a person, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, and a friend.  Things have settled into a routine, with a “Reward” for my occasional transgression.

A few times I’ve actually gone a week without any Rewards.  It’s funny, but I look forward to the Maintenance Session on those weeks.  Yes, there is something addictive about the spankings.  They are much like a drug.

I am more organized and calm in my thoughts.  I especially feel it on the days that are particularly demanding.  Instead of feeling wiped out and emotionally spent, while I may still be physically tired, I remain upbeat, optimistic, and never defeated by the days events. That is in stark contrast to my days before DD.

Okay, enough reflection.  On my next post I will share my toughest day with DD.  It was my most severe “Reward” for a severe transgression.   Suffice to say Mike did an incredible job delivering a reward that was appropriate, but boy did it hurt.

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22.Crossroads / Stories of sex or of the mundane

I am at a bit of a crossroads with where to go with my blog.  I set out to share my story for how I got to where I am and how DD set me on an unexpected but immediate and amazing path toward living the life I want for myself and my family.   I’ve shared that.

I know people like to read spicy, salacious, and naughty details, but, I am not naturally into sharing them.  Partly because I don’t want it to become simply about the sex.  But I recognize that a heighten awareness of each other and togetherness with each other is going to lead my husband and I to added sexual adventure.  I didn’t get into DD for that. That was just a great bonus!  My concern is if I focus too much on that aspect of my DD, it takes away from how I use DD as part of self actualization.

I want to share the emotions, the gratification, and the fulfillment that I am getting, along with an indescribable closeness with Mike.  This closeness comes after almost 25 years of marriage.  I didn’t believe there was a higher level of closeness possible, but I was wrong.   As I said before, it is like we are one, but not the same.

However, I don’t dismiss that the sex stuff is part of the “package” of DD.  So, while I will share an erotic experience or two, I’ll also share just a day in the life.  Some posts may be about the monotony of a day, some may share a spanking or two, and of course, I’ll still throw in the occasional sex romp.   

Oh, yeah – The Neighbors
The last sexcapade I shared was regarding a visit with our neighbors.  Let me cut any suspense and say there hasn’t been any 4-way or swapping.  We all talked it out and laid out some ground rules.  That discussion was a trip.  Imagine two couples talking about, “is it okay if I suck her breast” or, “is it okay to spank your wife?”  That discussion could be an entire post.  Suffice to say, final agreement is no swapping of any kind (kissing, oral, penetration, etc.), but some touching is allowed.  And as it stands right now, while I am for having sex with Donna, she isn’t into it.  See, everyone has boundaries, even those of us into the kinkier things.  Donna did agree to masturbate in front of us (or John ordered her to and she complied), so we’ve had a few get togethers where her and I put on a show for the guys.  It’s amazing the sex that Mike and I have after a visit with our friends.  They really get us sexually charged up for each other!   Oh, and, John and Donna even showed us some of their TTWD’s.

Donna likes to be flogged and they actually let us watch some sessions.  It is pretty intense to my tastes, but she clearly enjoys them.  John really hits hard, across her ass, back, tits, stomach, thighs.  Pretty thorough thrashing.   She is so beautiful and watching it can be hard at some points.  Not to infer that if she wasn’t beautiful it would be easier to watch. That sounds messed up.  Let me try to clarify that thought.  I think the beauty I am referring to is just the beauty of a naked woman.  The beauty of the curves, the beauty of the vulnerability, the beauty of her submission, and the beauty of the pleasure she was taking in receiving it all.  Contrasting that beauty was the fact I wanted it to stop at certain points as it sometimes made me flinch just watching.  She loves it though, and has shared that she loves it more knowing she was exposing herself even more by letting us in to that part of her.  And I’ll admit, John’s aftercare was touching to watch.  I still think he is a bit of jerk.

I don’t know if I’ll write more about our get together.  Perhaps if things escalate beyond what we have currently agreed upon.  The quick run down at this point is that Donna and I have each given the others husband a hand job, and each of the husbands have felt and sucked the other wife’s tits.  We’ve had sex with our own husbands in front of each other/at the same time.  Oh, and Donna and I have felt each other’s boobs.   John and Donna have let us watch some of their “play” (oh, did I mention that the metaphorical leash I felt John had on Donna was not a metaphor?).  And, Mike has delivered a few Immediate Awards to me in front of them.  That’s the complete extent of it and we don’t have plans on it going further.  That’s pretty dang far for us!

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21. Hubby read my posts / ouch!

Mike read all my posts for the first time yesterday.  I had been sharing the basics of what I was posting, but this was the first time he actually read them.

He was happy with what I’ve posted and also happy that it made me happy.  So, happy, happy, happy!   However, I did get a spanking for using the occasional cuss word!  Ouch!  I didn’t object, but I certainly have something to talk about that at our next Maintenance Session. (See post My Approach to My DD Contract for detail on the purpose our Maintenance Sessions).

Yes, I agreed to “No cussing” in my contract.  This was due to the fact I found myself cussing more and more and it was becoming a bad habit that needed to be broken.  I occasionally would let a few expletives loose around our son because cussing was becoming more of an automatic response to certain situations.  I wanted Mike’s help in breaking me of this, but I figured my blog was different.

My defense is that sometimes I was blogging about my state of mind at a particular point in time, or a thought that was going through my head at that time, or, something I actually did say.  So either my use of a cuss word was “necessary” to succinctly get a reader to understand my state of mind, or I was sharing a thought I had at the time, or, was simply factually reporting a time when I used a cuss word.

We’ll see what he says next week, and Mike, if you are reading this, you now know one of the things I’d like to respectfully discuss.  Unless he allows some leeway, it’s a cuss-free zone from here.  &#%*&!!!

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20. Putting on a Show (masturbation)

Meet my neighbors
We’ve become good friends with our neighbors, John and Donna (not real names). They are 6-7 years younger than Mike and I and already empty nesters.   We never sensed a dominant/submissive dynamic between them, but we did feel John was domineering and Donna was passive.  We were naive.

Donna and I are good friends; shopping, talking, and the occasional girl’s night out. All four of us go out on occasions, dinner at each other’s house, watch movies or sporting events, barbecue, and stuff like that.  We all hit it off, despite my thinking that John is a bit of an ass.  While Donna is able to do things with me, there is always the “I’ll check with John first” or “I need to be home by 10.”  A constant list of rules or restrictions because “John said.”  I took note that it was never a “John asked.”  I knew John kept Donna on a metaphorical tight leash.

John and Donna were always very comfortable in their interactions when we were around them.  I never sensed anything too out of the ordinary, so again, I chalked it up to John being a bit of an ass.  Occasionally Donna and  I would talk about our sex lives.  She seemed extremely happy and highly complementary of John and it all sounded pretty ordinary.  She never had any experience with another girl, as I learned after sharing with her stories of my college experiences.

DD opened my eyes to the world of dominant/submissive relationships.  Suddenly, things I noticed about John and Donna took on a different context in my mind.  It clicked – I bet they’ve got some sort of sub/dom thing going on!  Either that, or John is just an ass.

I was itching to share my DD lifestyle with someone and Donna was the right person, plus now I thought she might actually relate.   I figured even if I misread these signals that she was still someone I felt comfortable confiding in.  I asked Mike for permission to do just that, and while there were some reservations, Mike agreed that I could.

I confided in Donna.  Her reaction was calm but with some giddiness and heightened energy.  She asked a lot of questions and even wanted to see my contract.  She was highly intrigued and I remember her saying “wow” a lot.  I asked her if her and John had any sort of arrangement about her being submissive.  She said no, but her answer seemed insincere.  I didn’t press the issue.

The next day she came over during the day (she works part-time) and shared with me that indeed, her and John live a type of d/s lifestyle that was more master/slave.  To me it sounded like their own mix of DD with some religious CDD overtones (Christian Domestic Discipline) but also with a dash of BDSM.  A potpourri of D/s relationships!   It didn’t share much in common with what Mike and I did, however, the common ground was that we both forged out our own unique form of an D/s relationship.

Donna said she didn’t tell me the day before because she had to get John’s permission first.  Both of them had always wanted to open up to someone about their lifestyle so now was the perfect opportunity.  Amazingly, we had neighbors into an alternative lifestyle that was somewhat like ours.

That evening we got a sitter and Mike and I went over to their house for dinner as the boys had lots of questions and we all wanted to talk. We talked openly and matter-of-factly about various facets of our D/s, DD, or whatever-label-you-want lifestyle.  It was liberating to ask and answer such personal, detailed questions and get and give such revealing and honest answers without any judgement.

While John seemed respectful of our differences, he did seem to feel superior to Mike in that he had a lot more control over Donna than Mike had of me.  John then said something that seemed to challenge Mike’s “rule” over me.  I don’t remember exactly what it was other than it was playful, not spiteful, but was still a dick thing to say.  And Mike, being fully aware of the sexual desires he and I shared (see Sexual Thoughts, Dreams, Desires, Fantasies) he saw an opportunity to quiet John down and fulfill a desire that both he and I had.

Mike calmly asked me, “Jenny, why don’t you ask John for permission to masturbate for them?” 

It took me a second to process what he was saying as I just didn’t expect it.  I talked a good game, but now it just got real.  Would Donna be comfortable?  Would I be comfortable in front of John?  Also, I learned from Donna that day before that her and John never had threesomes or couples or anything other than monogamous sex (same as Mike and I).  I wasn’t sure what John may think of this or where he might think this could be heading…or what Mike had in mind.  But in the flash of the second that those things ran through my mind, I also was more than happy to oblige this shared fantasy that Mike and I had regarding me masturbating for a group, albeit a small one.

“John,” I asked as calmly as if I was asking to borrow a pen, “if you’ll allow it, I would like to masturbate right here for you and Donna.”

John looked over at Donna and then looked back at me and said, “I’ll allow it.”

I remember looking at Donna and she didn’t seemed pleased.  Understand that Donna is gorgeous, very physically fit and awesome body and firm breasts.  If anyone should feel inadequate about their body, it was me… a bit chubby and 3-kids-later-saggy-boobs. Certainly she wouldn’t be jealous, but maybe she thought John would make her go next or perhaps this just wasn’t her thing?   Maybe she didn’t like the idea of someone doing something sexually lurid in front of their husband?   Oh well, too late to stop now.

I walked over to the couch and sat down.  I asked them to take a seat, and Mike sat at one end of the couch as Donna and John sat in a love-seat nearby.  I started rubbing my breasts and pussy on the outside of my clothes.  I then tucked one hand under my shirt and bra and fondled a breast with one hand, while the other plucked open my button-fly jeans.  I slid one hand down my pants and played with myself until I was good and wet.  I stood up and pulled my pants and panties off.  I unbuttoned my shirt to expose my bra and sat back down.  As one hand worked on my pussy, the other one pulled back my bra to expose one breast.  Knowing they were all watching was as exhilarating as I dreamed.  I really loved the attention and the orgasmic feelings began to quickly swell as I pulled hard on my nipples and sunk my fingers deep inside my pussy.  I would frequently open my eyes to see the reaction and make eye contact.  The eye contact was hotter than hell!  I loved looking into their eyes as they watched me.  John had a huge grin, Donna’s look of disapproval seemed to be gone as her eyes were big along with a sly smile, and Mike was clearly loving it too.

I would lick my fingers as I would alternate which hand was on my pussy and which one was on my boobs.  I stopped briefly to take off my shirt and bra and quietly mumbled, “I hope you’re enjoy this as much as I am.”  I was now completely naked on their couch.  Although everyone’s eyes said continue, I felt it necessary to ask Donna a question.

“Donna, may I continue?”

As soon as I said it I was concerned that perhaps I broke their personal etiquette by asking Donna for permission and not John.   Donna didn’t miss a beat and said, “I would like you to continue if John allows it.”

John’s reply was, “Yes, continue, but, Mike, please move over to give Jenny more room, and Donna, I want you to go over to the couch and sit down next her.”  I thought this was about to go up a notch and hoped Donna is ready.  I was pretty sure I was.

John directed Donna to sit at the head of the couch and he asked me to just put my head in her lap and continue.  I looked over at Mike as I wasn’t sure if this was going somewhere we didn’t want it to.  Mike simply got up and sat down in a chair and said, “Works for me.”  So, I put my head in her lap and continued on playing with myself.

It was amazing to look up in Donna’s eyes while I moved my fingers in and out of my pussy and rubbed my clit faster and faster.  I loved watching her eyes as I licked my juices from my fingers.   Her hand was lightly brushing my arm back and forth and at one point I grabbed Donna’s hand and squeezed it as I was getting closer to climax.   Now I was holding her hand with one hand, and fingering myself with the other.   I loved the feeling of her being so close to me while I masturbated.  I loved that Mike was watching, and yes, I even loved that John was watching.  Having all these eyes on me, fully exposed and vulnerable all in an environment that felt safe, was all that I dreamed it would be.  I don’t know if John and/or Mike planned for Donna to do more than hold my hand.  We didn’t have time to find out as my orgasm was building quickly and then I yelled out, “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeaaaahhhh.”

I laid there for a minute or two, naked on their couch as I caught my breath.  Donna continued to stroke my arm.  I was very comfortable and still was “getting off” by having them all stare at me, naked on the couch.  But as more time went on it was starting to get awkward.  This “what’s next” that no one wanted to ask.  Several more minutes went by and I had to pee so I got up to go to the bathroom.  I wasn’t sure if I should just stay naked or not but I  grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom.  Mike stopped me and said, “Jen, leave your clothes here.”   So off I went, walking through their house naked.

In the bathroom my mind was thinking about what may be in store for that night.  Would we venture into threesome/foursome land? Swapping?  Sex with a woman?  Would Mike want to try out some of their equipment?  Would I be willing to actually go through with whatever Mike was thinking?  I was not “for” some of these things but I left the restroom committed to seeing through whatever was in store for us that night.

I walked out of the bathroom and Mike asked me to go ahead and put my pants on, but leave my top off.  I don’t know if I was happy or saddened by this.  So there I was sitting with my boobs out and then we talked about what just happened.  They asked me how I liked it and of course they said they loved it too.  I told Donna I caught a look of despair when John said he would allow me masturbate.  Donna said it was all good, no despair, just shock.  She joked that given all of her and John’s kink’s that this would not have been a shock, but as kinky as they are, they had never had anything remotely like this happen before.  Like Mike and I, they kept their kinks to each other.

Funny but no one was talking sex.  The conversation went on to whatever mundane thing was going on in the news or sports or something like that.  At one point I finally said something about why I was the only one with my top off.  John then told Donna to remove hers.  She did, and yes they were as beautiful as I thought they would be.  Although we both had our tops off there really wasn’t a sexual spark in the air.  Although I was the only one to orgasm there was still this post-sexual relaxed vibe going on.  A little tit titillation was about all we could handle.  So we hung about another two hours with Donna and I bare breasted.   Nothing further happened, sexually speaking.   At least that night.

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19. Sex Clause / How we use it.

Exploring the Boundaries
Your mind is probably thinking of tons of crazy sex acts that must have resulted from Mike evoking the power I gave him in the “sex clause” in our DD contract.  There is one “crazy” one in particular that I will share last, but first, just know mostly I would label his typical use of the clause as “reasonably steamy and mildly sordid.” (This post may be easier to follow if you read  My Approach to my DD Contract, Our DD Contract, and/or Sexual Thoughts, Dreams, Desires, Fantasies).

I can’t remember the exact first time Mike evoked the sex clause but I do remember that he became more vocal in asking for certain things.   Some were things we’ve done many times that he just wanted more of, other were new. For instance, I learned he was way more into ass-play than I previously knew.  We had done anal many times, but apparently it was one of his favorites, as was ass fingering, whether me to him, him to me, or me to me. He also likes to see me naked, no surprise there, but he likes it when I walk around the house naked.  Easy enough, as long as no one else is home.

Some other mild things included adding some more toys to our sex — blindfolds, dildos, beads, nipple clamps, and other assorted items.  We also spent many evenings searching porn together – something we never did before – and would share with each other the type of things that did or did not turn us on.

There are a couple of “steamy” stories I’ll share. The first one I’ll share resulted in my masturbating in front of another couple, but before I share the details of that, here is what led up to that experience.

Public Masturbation
Mike really loves it when I masturbate.  I never know when he is going to suddenly ask me to masturbate in front of him (of course, when no one is home).  One of the most creative and amusing ideas he had involves public masturbation.  He had me cut out the pockets in a pair of my baggy pants so that I can access my pussy through my pockets.  I then don’t wear any panties.   I have masturbated “through my pockets” at movies, at dinner, or other events.

This all came about because we discovered we both shared a mutual desire regarding me masturbating for an audience.  In reality the only audience was Mike as no one knew what I was doing (or at least I didn’t notice anyone figuring it out).  But it was still in public and was and is a big turn on for both of us — and a challenge for me to climax as quietly as possible.

As fun as that was, and still is, it was not really fulfilling that desire we both had of actually “performing” for an audience.  That opportunity would come (pun intended).

I’ll share that in my next post.
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