23. Quick Reflection (then on to a spanking story)

I am about 14 months into our DD lifestyle and suffice to say a lot has changed and for the better.  In a way that only DD can, I have willing surrendered a part of myself, trusting Mike in a way that is unimaginable to many people.  As a result I have connected with myself and with Mike in a deeply reflective and intimate manner.  I am more content than ever with who I am as a person, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, and a friend.  Things have settled into a routine, with a “Reward” for my occasional transgression.

A few times I’ve actually gone a week without any Rewards.  It’s funny, but I look forward to the Maintenance Session on those weeks.  Yes, there is something addictive about the spankings.  They are much like a drug.

I am more organized and calm in my thoughts.  I especially feel it on the days that are particularly demanding.  Instead of feeling wiped out and emotionally spent, while I may still be physically tired, I remain upbeat, optimistic, and never defeated by the days events. That is in stark contrast to my days before DD.

Okay, enough reflection.  On my next post I will share my toughest day with DD.  It was my most severe “Reward” for a severe transgression.   Suffice to say Mike did an incredible job delivering a reward that was appropriate, but boy did it hurt.

Next – 24. Intense Spanking, my worst ever.

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