21. Hubby read my posts / ouch!

Mike read all my posts for the first time yesterday.  I had been sharing the basics of what I was posting, but this was the first time he actually read them.

He was happy with what I’ve posted and also happy that it made me happy.  So, happy, happy, happy!   However, I did get a spanking for using the occasional cuss word!  Ouch!  I didn’t object, but I certainly have something to talk about that at our next Maintenance Session. (See post My Approach to My DD Contract for detail on the purpose our Maintenance Sessions).

Yes, I agreed to “No cussing” in my contract.  This was due to the fact I found myself cussing more and more and it was becoming a bad habit that needed to be broken.  I occasionally would let a few expletives loose around our son because cussing was becoming more of an automatic response to certain situations.  I wanted Mike’s help in breaking me of this, but I figured my blog was different.

My defense is that sometimes I was blogging about my state of mind at a particular point in time, or a thought that was going through my head at that time, or, something I actually did say.  So either my use of a cuss word was “necessary” to succinctly get a reader to understand my state of mind, or I was sharing a thought I had at the time, or, was simply factually reporting a time when I used a cuss word.

We’ll see what he says next week, and Mike, if you are reading this, you now know one of the things I’d like to respectfully discuss.  Unless he allows some leeway, it’s a cuss-free zone from here.  &#%*&!!!

Next – 22. Crossroads.  Stories of Sex or the Mundane?

2 thoughts on “21. Hubby read my posts / ouch!”

  1. Absolutely entranced by the way you write. You are so skilled in your expression. I feel so deprived and so aroused at the same time. I love reading and imagining. Please excuse me for saying this. The way you write reminds me of the narrative that was sometimes used in the series Desperate Housewives. You articulate the journey as well as the experience and there is a sort of expressive hanging question there as to where the journey will lead. It is like you are asking a question that hitherto was waiting to be answered deep inside you. I am conflicted. I couldn’t follow your path (and will probably never be lucky enough to explore as you do anyway). My heart feels it is oh so wrong and my head feels it is so right. I wonder what happens in the end? Does it just continue or does the thrill end somewhere? If it does fizzle out, what then? I would love you to get this on the screen as a series. It would be such a hit. It is not perverted insofar as so many Christian Americans follow a Domestic Discipline model and would be so interested to see your interpretation. It would be such a hit in the Western World. It would question our morality; what is right and what is wrong and who decides? I just wanted to be honest and say thanks. I do wish you well. Where does it fit? It is not a drug and it is not perversion – if both parties are deeply honest. Perhaps the discipline is ancillary and almost secondary; perhaps the philosophy and decision gave rise to the deep level of trust necessary to facilitate it. Absolute honesty and trust at depth brought you ever closer; the act is just the icing – well, for one of you at least and the other 90% of the time. Anyway, just wanted to wish you well and hope that both of your happiness continues. Regards, Mark.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. You pose some interesting questions. Coincidentally I am addressing some of this in my next post. I think it will give greater insight into what is going on in my mind and why I believe this has been beneficial to me (and could be for others). Funny you mentioned “thrill” cuz the working title on my next post is “I found my thrill.” Thanks again.


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